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    When Debbie Yow was introduced as AD at NC State in June of 2010, one of her main goals was to get the athletic program to finish in the top 25 of the
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    Until State becomes a factor in the race for an ACC title in football and men’s basketball, I just won’t be able to see any significant improvement in the two sports that really matter.

    I don’t give a crap about the Director’s Cup. 1979 and 1987 matter more to me. Football continues to finish in the lower half of its division, and men’s basketball remains well outside the top 4 finishers in the ACC standings. This is longstanding.

    These are the 2 hurdles that Wolfpack sports needs to get past, not simply moving up 2 notches in the DC standings or just making it to any bowl or being one of the “last in” to the Dance.


    The significance in the Director’s Cup Standings is that it was another indication that Jed didn’t have any hard, meaningful standards for the athletic dept as a whole OR the two sports that most fans care about. Clearly that is no longer the case.

    The open issue right now is how “good” do the two main sports have to be to qualify as “good enough”. But since the overall standards are higher, then there is at least reason for optimism that football and basketball will be held to higher standards moving forward.

    But as I move into the realm of pure speculation, two S-16’s in four years probably falls into the “good enough” category.


    Did someone snap the picture of Debbie at the wrong time or did she forget what the “wolf sign” looks like? It seems too close to something I see way too often here in the state of Texas!


    Count me in a proud of the effort and most of all the continued effort from the administration, AD, coaches and plays of all sports. The improvement of all olympic sports will eventually help both football and men’s basketball as well as the university as a whole.

    The positive press we are getting vs the cheaters is killing the fan base over at the hill….thank you D. Yow.


    First you build an attitude of success. That is what is happening across the NCS sports spectrum. Good is no longer enough.
    I think this is the right way to get what we all want, quality is all areas.

    We’ve had spikes of success in the past, but we haven’t sustained quality in any sport in a very long time. It feels like we have coaches in both key sports that want to stick around.We have an AD that is demanding success and is spending to support it.

    I don’t know if this will translate to championship banners immediately, but it really seems like a strong, positive direction.

    Well done Ms Yow.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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