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    I don’t know how much credence to put into commentary that doesn’t realize that TJ Warren is a wing forward and that he is a bull inside, but I thought I would share this anyway.

    This is a potentially favorable draw for Xavier for two reasons. One is that NC State is a deplorable defensive rebounding team, ranking 338th in the nation in that department. One B is that they don’t force turnovers very well. The other is that the Wolfpack shoot 30.3% as a team from behind the arc and only take a quarter of their shots from deep. If you were going to draw up a team that was a good matchup for Xavier, you would want someone who can’t shoot, allows offensive boards, and doesn’t force turnovers. Superficially, NC State fits the bill.


    I suspect each team is happy with the draw. A coinflip first game, and a soft 5.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    Nothing inaccurate about those 4 things in describing the Pack: defensive rebounding, creating TO’s, poor 3pt shooting, and shot selection. Though I would point out that when the Pack does press they are pretty good at forcing chaos and TO’s and if you know you are a whole lot better at shooting 2’s wouldn’t you want to shoot more of them instead of the low percentage 3?

    We’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see my advantage chart to truly see who has the better matchup. 🙂


    I think you have to look at it that way id you are Xavier, and same for us. Winner gets a very weak 5 seed in St Louis, that has not been playing well.


    One of Xavier’s bigs has an MCL and is 75%. That should help us on the boards.


    Tex you kidding? Those are the guys that score 30+pts on career night against the Pack.


    I saw Xavier and SL and felt good. I haven’t seen them play, but they don’t play the caliber teams we play.


    One of Xavier’s bigs has an MCL and is 75%. That should help us on the boards.

    I hope he has two of them.

    I keeeed I keeeeed



    They look like a bad superhero team. Especially the goof on the left.


    oh… #40 is X’s version of the VANDWAGON ….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I guess they have a good optometrist.

    Are those Oakleys?

    I wanna see someone bring back the Chris Sabo’s.



    When the Musketeers took the court for practice on Monday night, three red-shirted Flyers fans stood behind the basket chanting: “Let’s Go Wolfpack!”

    hahaha this should be fun



    That makes N.C. State a dangerous NCAA draw if you buy into the theory that one superstar, surrounded by adequate role players, can carry a team deep into the tournament as long as he stays hot. Many people do.

    I had also forgotten that Xavier and Tennessee went 1-1 against each other earlier in the season, and Iowa also beat Xavier. Of course, the Pack played and beat Tennessee earlier this season as well.

    Dayton was #41 on the seed list (http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/eye-on-college-basketball/24487953/official-ncaa-1-68-seeding-order) slotted just ahead of Nebraska and auto-qualifier Providence; however, I have a feeling that the committee likely wanted to avoid Dayton playing at home in the ‘First Four’. Given the Dayton info and the fact that all the other likely first four participants had pretty much played each other then the draw more-or-less had to shake out this way. It’s not a requirement anymore to avoid early rematches, but it is preferred …

    I love how the NCAA Tournament is always so full of storylines and data like this … it really does culminate into a great event.


    Pretty cool video by the BattleCannon … guys seem relaxed and ready. Can’t wait for tonight!


    Wasn’t Humpty Dumpty an “Egg-Savior”?


    Xavier fan here. Thought you might like to have the perspective from one of us.

    First, you seem to be surprised and ecstatic you made the field. Most of us thought we did enough to avoid the play-in game, but are moving on as we know we had opportunities to remove any doubt.

    Second, we don’t consider this a home game in the least. (Kenpom considers this “semi-home”.) The reason is the mutual revulsion between Xavier and Dayton. Let’s put it this way: our coach’s wife was a HOF women’s basketball player at Dayton but that did not keep her from ugly verbal attacks a while back when we played them up there. What most casual observers don’t know is that Dayton fans with season’s tickets are required to buy the play-in game as part of their package. Many of them, if they go, and most do, will loudly support you, because they hate us. So there will likely be a raucous crowd of our fans, opposing (I suppose) a smaller number of your fans added to a lot of Dayton fans who hate us.

    Third, yes we think we got a decent draw, but not because we disrespect you or in particular Warren. The feeling derives from what little we know about you from the raw stats, which supports that you are not strong in the areas we are weak. Let’s put the Warren question to bed right away — we don’t have a special defender or defense for him, so he should get his points. We may try some doubling and hope he does not make us pay with good passes. We generally don’t like to zone (but more on that later). As for our weaknesses, those are defense of the 3 pt shot (because we play the packline defense — think Virginia in style if not result), which does not appear to be your strength, and turnover rate, which again you do not seem to cause at a high rate. On the other hand, we rebound well (not your strength, we are told). Our identity year to year is tenacious defense (packline, hedging) but we are not as good this year because our bigs are not particularly mobile. Our 3 pt % on offense looks good, but we don’t take a lot (just like you) and (usually – more on that below) we are at our best attacking the rim (Christon) or pounding down to our bigs. Our offense does not feel great to us, but the efficiency stats say it is pretty good. One guy you need look out for is our 3, Justin Martin, who can get hot from 3 pt. He can score 6 or 18.

    Fourth, Christon (Warren’s roommate at Brewster) is the real deal, unanimous 1st team Big East as a sophomore. Does not put up eyepopping numbers but is very efficient. He is unstoppable in transition and gets to the rim almost at will. He does not like to shoot from outside. If you have an elite off-guard defender that would be a major plus. Some teams have gone to zones to try to neutralize him, sometimes with success (more on that below).

    Fifth, why the caveats and annoying references to “below”. Well, our relative optimism assumes the health of our center, Matt Stainbrook. He may look like a doofus and lumbering rec player, and whines a bit much, but he was Hon Mention Big East and is a big part of our offense and defense. On offense, he has an old style back down game with funky half hooks you don’t see any more and the ability to get your bigs in foul trouble. Equally important he is a superb passer so you double at your risk (he will find the slashers or open 3s), and he goes to the high post to break the zone as the recipient of entry passes. On defense he is the only guy we have to handle bulky bigs and is our best rebounder. However, he strained an MCL two weeks ago, pretty miraculously played limited minutes at clearly reduced capacity in our league tournament, and can’t have improved that much since Friday. (Another reason we are upset about the play-in game.) If he can give 25 minutes at close to his normal efficiency the prognosis changes for the better.

    In summary, as befits a play-in team, we are good but inconsistent. We win if we dominate the boards, limit turnovers and shoot OK from 3 pt. If Stainbrook is effective I like our chances in a close game. If he is obviously limited in minutes or capability, the odds go down.

    I would wish you good luck, but really ….


    Thanks for the Xavier perspective.

    we are good but inconsistent.

    Damn, this sounds familiar.


    “We win if we dominate the boards, limit turnovers and shoot OK from 3 pt.”

    Damn, this sounds familiar.


    Hey profson, I for one, really appreciate this. I’m assuming accuracy coming from a fan, and it’s a lot better information than we get from the experts at the entertainment sometimes sports networks. Thanks.

    And yeah, like you, I can’t exactly wish you luck … Although if y’all win tonight, go ahead and take the next 6.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    … somebody send ProfSon a red ballcap for the offseason !!

    Yep… let’s do that..

    Now… ProfSon.. GOTT a couple of followup questions if you hanging nearby…

    1. Is the floor level in that Dayton gym and are the rims equally bent and tight on both ends of the floor?
    2. You guys ever have any problems with zebras playing favorites up there in O-hi-o ?
    3. Which one of your kids likes to talk too much while running the floor?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!


    1. Even our conspiracy theorists haven’t come up with that one
    2. It will shock you to know we think we get more bad calls than good. There are a few zebras that make our blood boil, mostly those that did U Cin, Ohio State, Dayton and Butler games.
    3. I am old school so the in-your-face style is not for me. Other fans think we need more barking. If I were on the opposing team Stainbrook’s whining to officials would annoy me (he has gotten better). Martin occasionally does the holster and smoking gun thing if he hits a couple of threes. But each is basically a good kid. Reynolds, a freshman with freakish athleticism who will be very good some day, is very exuberant which can be misread. Christon, D. Davis and Philmore are under control at all times. I am sure all your guys are choirboys.


    I am sure all your guys are choirboys.

    ^Without exception, this is actually a really good bunch of kids. Honestly. Of course there’s always some in-game antics or heat of the moment type reactions that might rankle opposing teams’ fans, but that exists pretty much everywhere.

    Definitely no ‘Marshall Henderson’ wannabes.

    An overwhelming majority of Pack fans have had a lot of fun with this group due to their work ethic and perseverance – almost a 180 from last season’s talent-laden yet emotionally-challenged team. Definitely some frustrating ‘youth’ moments, but this squad has been a ‘team’ throughout, and it was thrilling to see their name called on Selection Sunday.



    #3 was the trick question… I was trying to see which of your guys I wanted to “mess with” if I was coaching…
    I’m old school too… and always looking for the ‘angle’…

    If you were going to ask the same question of us… it might go this way…
    “Which ones of your kids … If I knock the Sh^t out of him … disappears and which one gets up and hits me back twice as hard?

    should be a good one tonight…
    you holler back after the game win or lose…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!



    Xavier tonight:

    I just had to find a way to get this image in here … can’t stop laughing.

    Oops – wrong thread 🙁

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