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    I wanted to do an early week “preview” of the upcoming match against UVa, but decided instead to evoke some pathos, pathos I for one have not really felt as an NC State fan or alum, even dating back to my childhood when Sheridan and V were staking their claims. Pack Wrestling will begin a schedule this Sunday wrestling 7 ranked teams in a row! The best part about this upcoming schedule is that the Pack is the FAVORITE in each of those matches. Here is the link if you would like GoPack’s version, but just to give a short run-down:

    Sunday January 17 #17 UVa vs. #3 NC State (Alumni Day — Darrion Caldwell will be the honored guest!) @ Dorton Arena (The ghost of Rufus R. “Freight Train” Jones will also be in attendance!!)
    Monday January 25 #15 The Asterisk vs. #3 NC State @ Holshouser Building (Fairgrounds)
    Saturday January 30 #3 NC State vs. #20 Pittsburgh @ Pitt
    Sunday January 31 #3 NC State vs. #25 West Virginia @ WVU
    Saturday February 3 #3 NC State vs. #9 Nebraska @ Nebraska
    Friday February 12 #5 Virginia Tech vs. #3 NC State @ Holshouser Building
    Sunday February 14 #4 Missouri vs. #3 NC State @ Holshouser Building

    The schedule is tough; our squad is tough. If you need to be reminded what it’s like to have a dominant program, here is your chance. A preview will soon follow for the match against UVa on Sunday. Go Pack!!

    gso packbacker

    Look forward to your preview and to seeing what this team can do down the stretch.


    Thanks, GSO. I might get it done tonight but organizing a move from 400 miles away isn’t easy.


    I must admit to never being a wrestling fan. Way too puny. But I enjoy Sacco’s updates and keeping up with this team. Keep ’em coming, my man.

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    Hey SaccoV, it appears that I will be traveling with my son’s wrestling team to Raleigh on Sunday…hopefully I can get some good pictures, too.

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