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    A nice event summarized here in Technician. (Thank goodness they weren’t trying to write about sports). Woodson said when he arrived at N.C. State aft
    [See the full post at: Woodson: Your best brand is the graduates]


    I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again:

    I love me some Randy.


    Proud to be a NC State Alum.

    What is the ROI on a NC State degree? 13.9% – 11th in the nation

    Payscale College ROI Ranking.

    #1 in the State of North Carolina!


    Just a side note about the good Chancellor – apparently he is a bit of a homebrewer. I ran into him at Atlantic Brew supply a couple of weeks ago (ACC Tournament Weekend). Just spoke in passing with him, but he sounded like a super nice\down to earth guy.


    Great article.

    Woodson seems to be doing a very good job.


    Having had the great pleasure of personally speaking to Randy Woodson on several occasions in several different settings, I can tell you that he’s a hell of a (Renaissance) man. He’s exactly what our University needed. He can talk to anyone on their level and he’s personable and sincere.

    I’ve said this before but when we hired him I reached out to the Purdue golf coach who was once at Chapel Hill through his son. The assessments of Woodson as a University administrator and leader were something you don’t hear often from anyone critiquing anything: completely 100% positive.

    With him at the helm, the golden age of NC State University is ahead. It’s an exciting time to be an alum.


    Looking forward to meeting Dr. Woodson next week as the Houston Chapter of the NC State Alumni Association hosts a reception for him at Space Center Houston. The head of the Physics Department is supposed to speak. Let’s see how many of the 600+ Alumni in the greater Houston slug their way down the Gulf Fwy for the event.

    As for the brand, our neighbor, who thinks she wants to major in Bio-Medical Engineering is strongly considering NC State even though her mom went to Wake and her dad is an Aggie.


    I had the privilege of attending NCSU when John Caldwell was Chancellor. Randy Woodson reminds me very much of John. And, to me, that’s saying quite a bit for Randy.


    For the first time in the past 20 years, we have a Chancellor who actually is focused on the right things, has a plan and has the leadership abilities to actually bring it to reality.

    We need to keep Woodson a long, long time.


    Or in U*NC’s case, the “graduates.”


    So did the University have to kiss the ring of the NSA in order to get the semiconductor deal? Not at all happy about having the NSA running their crap on my alma mater’s campus.

    Excuse me while I turn my Rockwell/Paul mode off…


    Ha, I can remember a day when I was significantly to Wally’s right! 😀


    I have bookmarked the ROI page and will happily trot that out whenever a *nx student, alum or fan has anything to say about the quality of one education vs another.


    Grads are the best brand, love it! NCSU grads are proud of our school and we know our degree is worth more today than yesterday.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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