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    Good point re the rules. We are gonna play some 3 hour games where Cat shoots like 30 FTs. Can you imagine when we play Clemson and GT, if they call it this tight??

    Silent assassin, that our GFK. Check yo’ neck, muthaflippa…


    Was returning from Charlotte to Raleigh during the game and listened to it on three different radio stations en route. Was looking forward to watching replay on watch ESPN but it’s not listed as an option there either.

    Yes it does seem like the new rule interpretations are tailor made for Cat. Shot 22 free throws tonight, I think 14 and 12 in the previous two games. Thankfully he’s using it to his advantage and thankfully he’s got his percentage well under control where others are still working on it. He made 19 of them tonight tying Ron Shavlik’s 1954 record.

    Heelh8r he did come out of the game but only for a minute or so at the end of the half after being hit in the face. Hopefully he can stay healthy as he’s logging about 38 minutes or more per game.


    For those of you that can remember HWWNBSOHA and our games with Duke….in the ACC Tourney in Charlotte…

    We had the Dookies on the ropes….until Coach K sent in JJ Reddick and told him to assassinate us….which he did.

    Tonight, Winthrop’s #44 Guard, Jimmy Gavin, looked like a shorter Reddick. Gott had put Maverick on him for the first half and he destroyed us in about 5 minutes into the first half. Then, the assignment was switched…Cody Martin (#15) took over and he shut him down….or as best you can call it. He STILL scored 38….one more that Cat. I thought he was going to easily get 45.

    Cat saved us from the FT line. Caleb and Maverick put up some great jumpers. The bigs played pretty well. Freeman almost had 10 points (9).

    It was unbelievable how Gavin was swishing 3’s with our men on him. They were right in his face. He is, I think, around 6′-0″, so we had him on the height end. BUT, he was on a mission. He would put them up with such confidence and whatever arc it took to prevent them from being blocked.

    Gutsy game….rather exciting. We had a NICE lead (70 – 58) and then it evaporated and it was a real game to almost the end.

    If you weren’t there, you could not possibly understand how physical it was. The emotions on both teams were high and it looked like it could get ugly at times.

    Fouls….who knows….it is the “new school”.


    #44 had 30 points after 25 minutes. When he scored his 30th Gott called a timeout and told Cody to forget about playing help defense, just stick with him. He scored 8 more in the final 15 minutes. One of them was when he got the ball in the deep corner with one second on the shot clock. He just threw it up at the basket while falling out of bounds. Nothing but net of course. I was reading about him later. He didn’t play HS ball because of Crohn’s disease. Gott said Corch watched one of Winthrop’s games a few days ago and called him to warn about 44, and said the kid is a player. Even though it against us, he was fun to watch


    Sorry I missed the game. I was with family and friends. I obviously didn’t see the game however if we are constantly seeing players have their best game against us, there is a reason.


    I will be watching Gavin very closely the rest of the season…Cheap tickets at Winthrop and only 5 minutes away. I miss Greg Marshal.

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Hello Mr. Stick….

    We hadn’t heard much from you or your Gamecocks…. since they whipped the Tarholes….
    guess it’s been all downhill since then, so to speak, although they did tease the Tigers a bit last Saturday night…

    there was a ‘spotting’ of your former Head Coach several weeks ago on the porch at the Dead Peter Club at Hilton Head…

    speaking of Gatorholes and rivalry games…

    How ’bout the Noles shutting out the Gatorholes in the swamp…
    third victory in a row for the Noles in the Swamp…
    that had never been done … since FSU went coed in ’55

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    With as bad as a season as SC had, I thought Stick was hiding under a rock until the end of the ACC Championship game (he hates him some Clemmons), and the hiring of his new coach. With Jawja now in the market for a new guy, would like to get his take on what he sees going down in the SEC East going forward.

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