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    There has been a lot of discussion on the site about the disappointment in play by this year’s Wolfpack squad so I thought I’d take a deeper look into
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    Very cool. Look forward to your next entry.

    Alpha Wolf

    At the end of the day, I think it comes down to coaching. We have a mediocre practice and game coach, but one who is a pretty solid recruiter. Team defense and ballhandling at the college level come down to coaching, especially when you have enough players with enough talent coming in to the program.

    Despite eaking into a couple of NCAA tournaments, I think at some point we’re going to have to make a decision about whether the program can be taken to the next level and who the man is that can do that.

    No, I am not trying to ignite another Herb-esque debate, but the facts are speaking for themselves.


    Great analysis 1.21.
    I’ve only seen the Pack play once this year against Tennessee. I was underwhelmed. It seems we have plenty of firepower, especially from outside (Turner, Lacey) and I think by the end of the year we are going to have a beast in Abu inside. The support players are there in Washington and Martin. However, as in most chemical reactions, you need a spark and/or catalyst. His name is Cat Barber.
    I’ve been most amazed at how timid Cat is. He is typically the quickest person on the floor yet hesitates to slash. He also passes up seemingly easy 10 ft jumpshots that a point guard should look for all day. His defense is good but only if we get a chance to play in a half court set.
    Is he afraid of getting pulled? Is this some type of hangover from last year when he was splitting time with Tyler? Maybe. Cat has really only been THE MAN for this year and is still learning.
    If he doesn’t improve I don’t see us improving much. The unorganized looks we’ve seen will continue. If that does occur then Alpha nailed it. The question will have to be asked of why is the talent we are bringing in not improving? A lot hinges on this year and one young man.


    The really scary thing to consider is next year when we will be plus the transfer Henderson and minus Lee and Turner. How does it get any better?

    The bigs MUST develop or this program may be in trouble.


    The really scary thing to consider is next year when we will be plus the transfer Henderson and minus Lee and Turner. How does it get any better?

    The bigs MUST develop or this program may be in trouble.

    Dez basically isn’t playing any more, and Henderson is supposedly better than Turner. We’ll be fine on that front, but you’re right, we need the bigs to get better.


    … hmmm…

    Tell me again… exactly what the “problem” is ??

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    1.21 Jigawatts

    The problems are still the same bill…

    On offense the pack struggles against a pressure defense and during their losses they struggle to rebound the ball as well.

    On defense when they lose they aren’t creating difficult shots and they struggle at defensive rebounding.

    Saturday’s game against Pitt showed they still struggle at all aspects even in the win. The strong halfcourt defense that prevented easy shots for Pitt is what allowed State to comfortably win.

    So what’s wrong with the Pack is still there, if they don’t fix the problems then they’ll struggle. Today they fixed one area and it benefitted them.


    Today’s game could be a nice start to the fix. The intensity on defense helped all way around. Still some issues of course and if playing against a quicker team other things have to happen. Step one is intensity and focus which playing good defense brings. Now the team has a brutal stretch of games. Come out at .500 or better and I think they are the winners the rest of the year. The gauntlet has been tossed …


    The effort was much, much better today. It manifested itself in better half court defense but it was running the court, getting steals, getting the 50/50 balls, etc..

    Good game by the team today. Still some glaring issues.

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