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    Bama is known for its great defense, but they weren’t able to stop anyone the past two games – the most important of the year. Just a bump in the road, or a trend?


    I think 2 things:

    (1) Bama has been the beneficiary of a weaker schedule than you may think over the last few years. Go back and look at who they have actually played since 2010 and you’ll be a little surprised. LSU is always tough, but they haven’t had a monstrous offense in recent years. Teams with high octane offenses have been able to score vs Bama (UGA in SEC title game last year; Auburn this year and the year they had Cam Newtown; etc). I think there is a more little to this than people think.

    (2) I can’t imagine those kids cared as much about last night’s game as they needed to put in their top performance. They are down in New Orleans with a chance to party and playing for nothing.


    I think it serves as a perfect example of why so many folks thought Saban would go to Texas: he seems more geared for building than maintenance.


    Bama Fan’s #1 excuse in regards to their “weak” schedule: Of course it’s weaker than the rest of the SEC. We don’t have to play ourselves.


    Gus Malzahn > Saban? Could be.


    Bama’s OOC is worse than ours.


    Speed Kills….

    especially when you are more or less sixty years old or better.

    Right Mr. Stick ???

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Speed kills. I remember hearing Kevin Sumlin saying that when he was facing LSU that he was much more concerned about how Manziel and company would handle the Tigers defense than during Alabama preparations. He mentioned how much more athletic the LSU defense is. Bama’s defense is big and strong. LSU’s defense is long and athletic.

    Also, not being in the title game clearly made this a glorified exhibition.

    Personally, I would love to see Saban go to Texas (or anywhere). Bama fans would destroy the internet if he left. It would be so priceless.

    Case in point. I saw this on Facebook today:

    “If Alabama lost y’all already know Auburn finna get slaughtered come Monday! Alabama only lost cause it was cold”

    First comment is gold: “They was in a dome. It doesn’t get cold in there.”

    Bama fans. Awesome.


    I think the “we’re not playing for the championship” excuse is pretty lame. Man up and pound your opponent no matter what the situation. Had Bama beat OK soundly, then they’d at least be able to say they belonged in the final game and would still be in the conversation. Now they face the speculation that they’ve been overrated.

    BTW, yay edit button.


    Just another example of a grossly inflated ranking of a team because they are from the SEC.


    It will be interesting to see how much longer Saban hangs in there. I do think he is itching for one last challenge. And he can’t be happy with all the Malzahn praise. Simply put if he doesn’t win it all it is a bad season. That is tough to live with.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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