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    #17 Michigan in OT with Indiana. Go Hoosiers! We would jump ahead of Michigan if they lose.


    BC wins


    If you look at all good college teams they win one when they are not quite “on”. So the Pack lives for another day.


    Our signature wins have become Xs


    Bowl eligible

    Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl… at this point in the season…nothing less should suffice…

    bill.onthebeach wrote:

    And that’s your BALLGAME…

    Smoke If You Got ‘Em….

    When was the last time…

    1. The Wolfpack was 6-1 ?
    2. 4-0 in the ACC ?
    3. Sitting in FIRST PLACE in the league ?

    GO PACK!!!

    The first question, 1991!

    Great win pack

    #2 & #3 — 2002 as reported by Gary, Tony && Johnny…


    In the South’s oldest ONGOING football series, which included an appearance by my GrandDaddy one year between 1911-13, the politically correct WaHoos ain’t punishing the HOLES… just up 3 – Zip with 9 minutes left in the 2nd qtr….


    Baseball Tonight…

    Troll — let’s move the MOJO back to West Addison Street…

    although I would like send some, if we have extra to Houston for the Yanks, just for our friend, Richard, the Mater Man….

    I grew up a passionate Yankees fan but … George ruined that sh#t, then there was the DL, then I had the opportunity to work with the Atlanta Braves for two years 1980-81… been in the Senior Division ever since…. but I still love this picture and have a framed copy for myself….

    just for you Mater Man….


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    This is getting very interesting. If you thought that going to Pitt had the possibilities of being a trap game, and that it was a game that lesser Pack teams might have tripped upon, well, you swung and missed this time,but then consider that despite a week off next week, we still have to shuffle off to South Bend and play traitor Lou Holtz’s self anointed God’s team. Piss on em. And then, if we pull off another stunning upset there, then we have to return home and face a team that was ranked #2 in the nation until they lost to a team last night that we had already vanquished . Keeping it all together against Wake and BC will be hard if we win our next two games.. Disclaimer: if we win out until the Holes, and then lose, it will be the worst of seasons..May those cheating bastards that pay enough lawyers to evade the intent of the law have buzzards savor their intestines and their testicles for dessert.. The whole world knows..


    You’re dead on the money and this is the key to the rest of the season for THIS team…
    Learning how to handle Wins is just as important as learning how to handle Losses…

    On a larger, more long term, scale… success can be more deadly than failure, in many cases….

    Folks spend a lot little dealing with the “Fear of Failure”, not so much with the “Fear of Success” which is a mistake, imho….


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    What Did Columbus Actually Say When Approaching Pittsburgh?

    Maybe something like “Damn the torpedoes.”,”Four bells, Captain Drayton, go ahead. Jouett, full speed.?


    OK… so the politically correct ‘Hoos, who have Statue issues of their own, subtly subdue the HOLES, although NOT without some controversy…

    ‘Hoos — 20
    Cheaters — 14

    lot’s of other games too close to call around the country which could impact our ranking next week…

    just want to print it…

    cheaters………………………….. — 1-6

    DAMN that looks better than I thought it would !!!

    Would it be too much to think that we can hang 50 on the cheaters and shut them out in CARTER on November 25th ???

    On the Diamond in Houston

    Heading to the bottom of the EIGHTH Inning…

    YANKS — 1
    Astros – 1

    I hope the Mater Man took his heart pills….


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    but I still love this picture and have a framed copy for myself

    BOTB, I have the same picture. Look to the far right, that’s actually where my nickname came from. In 64 was a catcher in little league and my grandfather gave me the Yogi nickname. He was also a big State fan. My first big time BBall game was the Dixie Classic when I was 5. Took us 3.5 hours to get to Raleigh back then. He talked of Case all the time and that’s what bore out my love of the Red & White (He really didn’t like Frank or Dean). He would have loved today’s game. And DD would have captured his attention with his “blue collar team” after that UNX win. That seems like eons ago.

    And in spite of the one loss I still feel this is a better team than the 2002 team was. And TODAY they became a team that can turn it on in the second half. Might not happen that way again, but today IT DID!

    Smarter than the average bear


    Just to show my ignorance..who is on the left of #7.


    For real, Mater Man? That’s Moose Skowron.

    ….Not to belabor a point, but I caught Mark Thomas’ post game take. He used the word “belief” in relationship to the Pack within themselves and system, approximately 3 times over what I have over the past couple years. And I’ve used it so much that it’s caused screen burn.


    Major props on the win. We got game.


    Astros win!


    OK! Let me straighten you OLD MEN… put your reading glasses on….ya’ll are dyzexic…

    LEFT to RIGHT looking at the image…

    Bill Skowron, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra

    try this, if you want to argue…


    Mater Man…

    In 1964, I had already spent too much time on my Granddaddy’s ‘BaccaFarm, but I stayed in town just enough to play my first year of little league baseball… Coach John Chambers asked me to play outfield, but I told him I wanted to be a catcher… knowing I wouldn’t play much as the kid a year ahead was “pretty good”…

    I played more than I thought I would… did pretty good, especially with the bat… The next year I started at Catcher, was as good at my position as anybody on that team, who finished in First Place for the second, or third or forth straight year… AND went to the ‘BaccaFarm…

    The next summer… my Mom said we needed to talk… She told me that I needed to decide… play baseball or go the ‘BaccaFarm… the back and forth (25 miles) was too much…

    Without hesitation, I chose Granddaddy and the ‘BaccaFarm and as they say… the rest is history…

    On that little league team, there were 7 kids who played College Baseball and one who signed with MLB straight out of High School… no sh#t….


    Now I tell this old what-if story for another reason….

    To me… this is SFN and this what we’re really all about…
    Brothers of a sort, with far more in common that we remember…

    Two little league Catchers who loved the Farm and who grew up 4hrs from each other, albeit MaterMan is a whole lot older than me….

    Yeah… we disagree, we argue, sometimes we say too much… but we’re still State Men Who Need No Introduction…

    Thank all you Guys for being who you are….

    AND to Bro ‘Roo, Alpha, Beej, Coach Rick and more than a few others…

    This is your House TOO!

    I’m not the only one who misses ya’ll… SFN is a better house with ya’ll…
    so get your heads out of your a##es and let’s hear from ya’ll….


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I feel like we are pretty good, will be a fun bye week then a big game without pressure of having to win to secure a title. If we can get past Clemson we’ll have to lose the last 3 not to make the ACC championship game. Wow!


    Did anyone besides me hear the announcers say today that Carter-Finley stadium was one of the great venues in college football? I heard that. We are getting a reputation. I would agree, that when our stadium is packed…which it will be for the Tigers, we have a great atmosphere.


    Had no idea Heinz would be so empty. Bet that was less than 30K yesterday. And for the record State scored more in the second half than the first. WOW! I gotta say I was worried after that first half. Too many dropped passes and the defense wasn’t stepping up. It was like they were playing scared. Whatever was said in the locker room at halftime sure did the trick. They blew them up in the second half.

    And yes BOTB, I miss those guys too, especially alpha.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Would it be too much to think that we can hang 50 on the cheaters and shut them out in CARTER on November 25th ???

    You know they’re saving it all up for one game. They’ll bring their A+ game. Fortunately we know they’re A+ doesn’t carry weight in the real world.


    I would imagine that their A+ game is similar to the A+’s received in the “equally” available non work classes.


    Cow. You have brought up belief in the past.

    And I think that’s critical that this program has won 4 straight vs teams that could beat us. It’s a huge differentiator vs his previous teams, TOB’s, and MOC’s teams.

    Like I said earlier today – today’s win was very important one.

    And like. I said a couple of weeks ago, big wins create more big games….and halfway through the season, we have nothing but big games left the rest of the way.


    Yesterday’s reachback-digdeep-second half by the WOLFPACK, combined with a couple of losses and a postponement elsewhere across D1 football, pushes the WOLFPACK to Number 17 for week 8….

    Clempsom falls to #8
    Auburn falls to #21
    Miami moves up to #7
    Notre Dame holds at #16

    GO PACK!!!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    He probably said something like “Swap two T’s for an S, and it’ll be a pretty good description”.

    GO Pack!


    Good win yesterday. It was clearly a trap game. That last one before the bye, with two huge games afterwards, coming off a big win, and going on the road at noon in what clearly was going to be a 2/3rds empty stadium (no crowd to create energy). We played in the first half just like I feared we would, but came out much more aggressively focused in the second half.

    The game ball goes to Hines. That was one of the better displays I have seen in a Pack uniform in the first half. He seemed to go out with some sort of injury so I hope he is okay.

    We have two huge games coming up, but I think we have to get focused on that first one. I wish Clemson were up first, but so be it. Go Pack!


    Rye – I agree. There aren’t too many examples of a pack team thriving in similar situations.

    Going back to our last “great” season…we went 5-3 after starting 4-0 in the ACC. If memory serves correct – that year we had at home Wake, Georgia Tech, FSU and Duke @ home. UNC-CH, UVA, Umd and Clemson on the road.

    The Clemson game was a Thursday night game and pretty intense.

    We started out 4-0 vs Wake, Duke, Unc-ch and Clemson. To be fair, there wasn’t anything really similar to Pitt that year. Both UMd and UVa were solid and the atmosphere both games was definitely above that of Saturday’s game.

    We will face a similar environment in Boston in a few weeks, hopefully with the same result.

    Very glad we have a bye this week as we get ready to what I believe constitutes the 2 biggest consecutive games in our football history since 2003 we went to Tally with a 4-2 ACC record and controlling our own destiny for the ACC title with just 2 games remaining. We failed in 2003, like we failed in 2002 and so many years before when greatness was within our grasp. However, I have come to believe that the pain of last year and to a certain extent the bitter frustration of our first game this year has served us well.

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