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    Dan Wetzel (Yahoo!): North Carolina’s sins here go far beyond the scope of a traditional NCAA case. This isn’t about fancy cars in the player’s parkin
    [See the full post at: Wetzel on UNC: NCAA, Emmert’s chance to punch back]


    The article is brimming with absolute gems … my favorite is the not so subtle jab at Vitale:

    “(part of your defense is) The TV announcers always said we did it “the right way”?”

    LOL! 🙂


    From the NCAA’s bylaws:

    10.1 Unethical Conduct.

    Unethical conduct by a prospective or enrolled student-athlete or a current or former institutional staff member, which includes any individual who performs work for the institution or the athletics department even if he or she does not receive compensation for such work, may include, but is not limited to, the following: (Revised: 1/10/90, 1/16/10, 1/9/96, 2/22/01, 8/4/05, 4/27/06, 1/8/07, 5/9/07, 10/23/07, 5/6/08, 10/5/10)

    (b) Knowing involvement in arranging for fraudulent academic credit or false transcripts for a prospective or an enrolled student-athlete;

    As I said earlier, it doesn’t matter if you can prove that Roy knew or not. Why the Carolina faithful think that having regular students involved in the cheating helps their situation is beyond me.


    Here’s another one:

    Title:19.1.1 – Severe Breach of Conduct (Level I Violation).

    A severe breach of conduct is one or more violations that seriously undermine or threaten the integrity of the NCAA Collegiate Model, as set forth in the constitution and bylaws, including any violation that provides or is intended to provide a substantial or extensive recruiting, competitive or other advantage, or a substantial or extensive impermissible benefit. Among other examples, the following, in appropriate circumstances, may constitute a severe breach of conduct: (Adopted: 10/30/12 effective 8/1/13, Revised: 7/31/14)

    (a) Lack of institutional control;

    (b) Academic misconduct;


    I’m still betting on the “too big too fail” scenario – a slap on the wrist accompanied by hand-wringing and cries that If UNX was reduced to this then the entire system needs to be overhauled…


    Why, Plywood? You could wipe out all of UnC and no one would notice or give a crap except for a few fools that sold their souls. I’d even bet if you nuked Chapel Hill, no one would give a rat’s behind except for those who bought and drank too much Kool Aid. Too big to fail? No, just banish them to the Klondike north of you!!!!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Why 1992? Why stop there? Wainstein would have us believe that this is when Crowder started “The Program.” Really? No. That’s as far back as he was paid to look.


    Too, Wainstein would have us believe that this whole thing started because Crowder wasn’t given enough attention when she wasn’t smart enough to handle the academic rigor when she was in school at The Ewe, so she proceeded to infiltrate the administration and single-handedly circumnavigate the NCAA rules and UNC bylaws in order to create the largest systematic program for keeping student athletes eligible in the known history of the NCAA.

    I’m almost offended for her.

    Hawkeye Whitney

    I have tried to step back and look at this scandal as objectively as I can. As a lifelong Pack fan, a State alum, and also someone with a graduate degree from UNC-CH, I truly want State to compete at the highest level, against the best competition (including the Heels), and in a league with high academic integrity. I obviously spend a lot of time being disappointed. Yes, I remember a few classes at State that were easy and attracted more than their fair share of basketball and football players. One anthropology class, in particular, featured so many classroom films (who doesn’t enjoy watching “Nanook of the North” for a grade?) that the professor should have wheeled in a popcorn popper. But, the fact is, the classes were real, just not very challenging.

    What UNC has done is a disgrace, and there is no way that it continued for eighteen years without EVERYONE in the athletic department knowing about it. They have no excuse. I don’t know what additional punishments are coming, but let me ask this: If the “death penalty”, being the loss of revenue sports, isn’t appropriate when a university has defrauded its donors, fans, students, parents of students, the NCAA, the ACC, and its alumni by pretending to educate athletes and giving them grades that were in no way earned, then when would it ever be appropriate?

    Believe me, I yearn for the Pack to excel on the court and on the field, but I do not want our beloved University to lose its soul in the process. It was always somewhat fun to hate the heels, in as friendly a way as possible. Now I am thoroughly disgusted by them, with no friendliness at all. They have irreparably tainted not only their athletic department but also what was once a fine public academic institution. I wonder if they think it was worth it.

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