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    We constantly expect our coach, our coordinators, our assistants and our players/recruits to be better. The results at Wake Forest have been dismal and as a result there is a constant, negative drone of “we suck since we can’t beat the deacs on the road” across multiple State websites. AND I do mean constant moaning about WFU & BC every where. Is it too much to ask our fan base to get off their —– and fill BB&T stadium. Do you realize it is an empty stadium? Last time, I heard the lone wake fan say “same old State, same old State” during the game. I’m going back with some Wake grad friends who are top notch people by the way. I’ll make it a point to say “Not the some old State” whenever possible. I expect a Win for the Red & White. If I didn’t, why even bother with the rest of schedule.

    I wish State was an equity on the big board. Too easy.


    “Khan, consider going back and telling us what you really think inside the new Karma. I’m going out on a limb and saying 9-3. And I feel like I’m chicken sh!t for not saying 10-2.”

    My man, my Karma is Prove It. I’m not down on the team or the program. I think we’re moving in the right direction. I think at some point they will prove it. But until we prove that we can start taking care of business at Wake and against BC, when they are inferior teams and get through some seasons without major injuries or transfers of key players or whatever, I’m in Prove It mode. I’m looking forward to the season, though. And IMO, if there’s a risk to me being wrong with my 7-5 call, it’s definitely to the upside (barring any big injuries, suspensions, NCAA hammers, etc.).

Viewing 2 posts - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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