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    Deo vindice



    Veni, vidi, vici


    Catholic boy says, “Dominus vobiscum.”


    Deo confidimus


    This thread approved by Calvinist Presbyterians…


    Yesterday was the anniversary of Lepanto.


    I love hard line Catholics.



    Pulled for ND for first time in years. Loved it!

    Watched Vikes-Bears:

    12-25 128 yds 1 TD/1 INT with the INT costing Bears the game and best pass of night for Bears being from the punter yet someone at CBS Sports named Mitch Turd as the Bears POG and wrote:

    Called on after Mike Glennon struggled in the first four games, Trubisky played like he belonged. The No. 2 overall pick was 12 of 25 for 128 yards with a touchdown.

    The interception came after the Bears (1-4) took over on their 10 with 2:32 left in the game. Smith picked off a pass intended for Zach Miller on the right sideline at the 22.

    WTH .. played like he belonged?? Seriously?

    Double WTH .. the second paragraph does not even tell one what interception it references, unless your a mind reader, and then totally ignores that the Turd cost them the game.

    Is the entire sports new media filled with UNC homers?


    ^ and I love how he was 12 of 25 (48% completion percentage) for 128 yards (not much at all) with a touchdown [and a very costly pick].

    Truly, Glennon wasn’t getting it done, but come on here….


    Turb in for Glennon was a change was going to happen, regardless of what Glennon did. He would have had to play lights out to prevent it, which he didn’t and I’m not sure that he can. I’ve never seen him as a NFL starting quarterback, even when he was at NC State.

    Of course, Turb didn’t show me that he was a first rounder, much less a top 5. That was a reach and a head scratcher by the Bears, and I doubt Turb is going to do any better than Glennon.

    For Glennon, there’s no shame in a 10 year career as a NFL back up. It’s the best thing for the body and the brain long term. He’ll have generational wealth, and hopefully still be able to spell his name and walk to the end of the block in 20 years.

    I’m sure Glennon wants to compete, loves the game, wants to be out there with his teammates helping them win, and all of that, but the guy got paid. That’s the reason every single one of those guys in the NFL is playing. I’m happy for him.

    As for Chicago, there’s a reason they’ve been a doormat since the 1980s. It is just a poorly run franchise. This series of moves is just another one. I’m glad I’m not a Bears fan.

    gso packbacker

    I watched the first three quarters and I noticed the following.

    – was a welcome change of pace to the Bears fans and a hope for something better
    – “looked good” to start off the game
    – didn’t guide them to a victory
    – didn’t perform any better that what Glennon has done in the first 4 games
    – will have to completely tank before Glennon gets another start in Chicago

    I give him 3 more games to show me that he has any hope of becoming worthy of the 2nd overall pick.


    Agree with all of you .. I never thought Glennon was a NFL starter but I am mystified by the love affair with Turd from college to now … I don’t expect him to show anything more than Glennon did. Yet somehow he played like he belonged …

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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