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    Not surprisingly, we’re currently ‘Bubble…but OUT’

    Bubble But Out

    (86) NC State (9-3) (0-0)

    Last 10 – (8-2)

    Good Wins – (81) Tennessee

    Bad Losses – NONE

    Notes – I hold signature victories and road wins in high regard. NC State has neither, and that’s why Georgia Tech got the nod despite a worse RPI. The Wolfpack let a golden opportunity slip away, when they couldn’t finish off Missouri in Raleigh. All is not lost though, there is a game at UNC-Greensboro which shouldn’t be overlooked, then a must win game with Pittsburgh at home. Win both and Wolfpack are on the right side of the bubble.


    Yeah, way too early … All of his ‘bubble’ teams and a couple of his ‘locks’ need significant help/work to sniff a bid. Virginia and Pitt are far from ‘lock’ status. UVa hasn’t beaten anyone, and Pittsburgh hasn’t played anyone (Stanford? No. Lost neutral court to Cincy – that’s not even bubble worthy).


    I found it noteworthy that NCCU is not listed as ‘bad loss’.


    Yeah Central is pretty solid, but their RPI will be such that it has to be listed in the bad ‘L’ column.


    I found that interesting too. The best thing that can happen to us is if they keep it up.


    The Mizzou game was SO BIG for so many reasons — one of the biggest was how much a win (with Jordan Vandenberg in the line-up) would’ve stated the case that our two losses (that happened with Vandenberg injured) should be completely overlooked.

    Why oh why did Bobby Lutz let Gottfried start talking to the team in the last five minutes of that game!?


    Similar to this topic, here is a look at how the current conference shapes up based on NCAAGameSim.com as of today.

    Pitt is a surprisingly second in the league ahead of Syracuse. Another huge opportunity for State at home this weekend.

    1 12 Duke 127.4 91.6
    2 17 Pittsburgh 120.7 88.6
    3 18 Syracuse 123.1 90.6
    4 28 Clemson 108.2 82.3
    5 34 FSU 109.9 85.2
    6 35 UNC 112.5 88.1
    7 58 Virginia 105.8 86.2
    8 71 Notre Dame 115.4 97.4
    9 73 Wake Forest 106.1 90.6
    10 75 Maryland 110.6 94.8
    11 81 NC State 113.2 97.8
    12 122 Miami 102.3 94.2
    13 126 Virginia Tech 104.3 96.3
    14 141 Georgia Tech 102.6 95.8
    15 201 Boston College 111.0 110.1

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