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    Comments from the cheap seats…

    Then N&O’s front page reminded me of the JTV Witch Hunt. If you haven’t read the article, it talks about Mary Willingham’s numbers…..

    Second…there is an “open” letter signed by everybody on the 2005 NCAA team except the girlfriends….FUNNY…how did “THEY” (whoever initiated it?” get THAT done in jig time….? UNLESS they knew, in advance, that RW was miffed and was going to “spill” the beans? OR unless they knew he might “exaggerate”, had this one in the file?

    Third….I am NOT paranoid. I am NOT gullible either. If you follow the history of this whole AFAM deal….Dean got it started. Swoff got it put in. When ORW came, he brought Wayne Weldon, the CHIEF Academic Guy from KU and stated in his book…he is MORE important to me than any assistant coach.

    ORW may have NOT know the specifics of the Paperless or whatever classes, but he knew enough to have Wayne make sure that the KU model was in place.

    For the trivia buffs here….Wayne was the very FIRST Casualty of the implosion. He had been Roy’s main man for YEARS….but, out of nowhere, he up and resigned…I would LOVE to see the $1000 per hour UNC Investigator call him in or have Wayne appear, under oath, before a congressional committee.

    THAT would let all the ghosts and goblins and dead bodies OUT…

    Someone….perhaps here….stated that the UNC 2005 NCAA Banner had turned into a “Shroud of Shame” for UNC…from both an athletic and academic perspective….and it was a sad day indeed….regardless of who your cheered for in the ACC…”


Viewing 2 posts - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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