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    Sorry but Cat is not great, he’s good but no confidence. Not a pt guard. Can’t shoot or create shots either. Pt guard does not mean ballhog. This team needs to learn to pass, left a lot of back doors open in this game. Let Lacey run things, has fire and can shoot, doesn’t turn the ball over as much.


    ^^ yep, Lacey run the point. Cat can rotate in like everyone else. Patience is the theme word for ALL of Wolfpack Athletics…lol. Sorry but unless Cat does find some urgency and some offensive skills that boat is headed to Gilligans island.

    With a true PG and a strong Leader this team would be tough. Even with the Ghost offense.


    I agree that Cat needs more bench time. Our whole O just seems to me to run better with Lacey at the point. The twin 1 and 2 take more of Cat’s minutes.

    On the flip side, I can see Cat making a big jump over the next couple years but Gott will have to be very patient with him and Cat will have to be willing to take a seat back for a while. Cat HAS to work on his outside shot. With his quickness he can get open, he just can’t plant his feet and make the basket. Seems to me that every time he takes his shot, he looks like he is off balance.

    On another note, KW, what in the Hell is up with those crazy looking hook shots. I saw at least 3 in the first half that had no business, none, in going in the basket. It looks like me playing Horse as a kid with my cousins. We would do some time of jumping, twisting, half-blind hook shot. KW must have more confidence in his shot than anyone in the history of the team.



    We just need to be patient with Cat. He’s clearly trying to figure out the right way to play, and is struggling with it. If you watched Cat in high school, you would have seen his tendency was to go 150% speed all the time. He would drive and score with ease. Gott wants him to be a facilitator, as well as a shooter, as well as a game manager, as well as push the tempo, as well as drive the lane. That’s a lot to process, but I think he will get there.

    It’s been a year and a half, he has become more unproductive as time has passed. I believe you’re the one who informed me Cat was probably the best on ball defender in the ACC…how many turnovers has he created? Duke shot miserably, that wasn’t because of Barber. Finally others on here are stating their distaste for watching Cat “run” the offense.


    We played the 15th ranked team in the nation, we were never suppose to win, but what an effort, by this team. They played very well against all odds, we have turned a corner, we just need to come out and play this way every night and we will win more than we lose. 2cts worth.


    red: At what point is it square peg/round hole with respect to Barber.

    He reminds me a lot of Harrow. He was a great scorer in high school in a fast paced, open court offense. That doesn’t necessarily equate to a great point guard at the college level, particularly in the era of high major games being played in the 50s to low 70s.

    It’s time to move him off the ball and see what he can do. It’s also time to be going heavily after PGs in recruiting.


    Also agree ^^^ we need to be recruiting hard for a true PG! Cat’s offensive game continues to get weaker as others are significantly stepping up their play. We all want CAT to do well for obvious reasons. Fact is Lacey runs the point much better and Cat really can’t shoot or pass very well so the 2 guard is still a struggle for him. He is not aggressive with the ball at all. Bad thing is Gott put all his eggs in Car’s basket so we have limited options. Please recruit a terrific PG Gott….please.

    Again I would love to eat crow with Cat if he somehow wakes up tomorrow a driven ball player. I just don’t see it happening though.


    Totally agree Mak4, Cat needs to start breaking down defenses like a ‘Cat’, instead of a scared mouse, or he should sit and let someone else play. He has no heart on offense or defense right now and only shows that ‘cat like quickness’ one play per game…

    And my other observation of the game was the ‘gracious’ comments Coach Roy made… Saying they were ‘lucky’ and giving props to all the Pack players using their first name, like he knows them personally… IMHO, it’s too orchestrated, confirming to me that ‘Roy knew’ what has been going on at UNC for a long time…



    Anthony has the Sophomore FUNK…

    nothing more… nothing less…

    some of ya’ll had that Freshman year…
    some of ya’ll had that Sophomore year…
    some of ya’ll had that all FIVE years…

    some guys didn’t have it any year, but they’re less than 10% of us…

    If you EVER changed your Major…. you know what I’m talking about…

    Anthony’s gonna be fine… and putting him on the bench ain’t what he needs…

    Anthony’s just GOTT to play thru the Sophomore Funk… just like the rest of us did… and NOT playing Top Ten Teams for a few games ain’t gonna hurt either..

    just like a few of ‘easy classes’ mixed in with English, Calculus, Chemistry and Physics didn’t hurt us either…

    Just relax… Coach has GOTT this under control…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Agree with eas that we need a point guard.

    And when we do get another one, we need to do a better job holding on to him than we did in holding on to Tyler Lewis. Losing Tyler has had a far more negative impact on our program than many want to admit.

    If someone doesn’t step up in this position real soon, the second half of our schedule, mainly road games, could spell disaster.


    I’m hoping that Cat is in the Soph funk as Bill noted… I had it, failed my 1st Engineering Class because I couldn’t understand the Chinese GA who was teaching it and too naive to drop or take an IC (It was the 1975 year of A,B,C, No-Credit and I had a solid D damnit!). Got an A my 2nd Soph Semester and the rest is history…

    Also agree with 13OT (sorry, can’t do that low-high thing), the one thing Tyler Lewis had was HEART, that nobody can coach. GOTT made his decision to back Cat, and GOTT will live with the results, bad or good…



    Cat still has it, just in a slump. He will fight his way through it. And he is a far better defender than Lewis ever was.

    Lewis could really handle the rock and had a knack for getting the offense kick started. He could really zip off some stellar passes, too. But remember part of that was having Warren.

    We’re going to be ok at this position. Cat will get in the groove in due time.


    Timbo, you must be trolling. I don’t buy the sh8t you are selling. Not supposed to win? That is load right there.

    As of the many that have sold Cat down the river, please remember these posts. He is struggling right now. He will get on track. His defense is constantly better than most. Just give the KID some time. He will be just fine.

    We don’t need Lewis. His defense liabilty was much greater than what he could give on the offensive side. Please guys don’t act like the jilted lover when she wants nothing to do with you. It’s sad and unbecoming. Have some pride!


    I am not selling Cat down the river as I really do want him to do well (and he can). Call it the funk, rough patch or whatever term is best. This is year 2 of those same issues with even less urgency.

    Can or will he get out of the “funk”? Who knows….However, you can’t get out of a shooting funk if you don’t shoot. Can’t get out of the funk if you don’t look to pass aggressively, can’t get out of the funk it you don’t drive etc…His “funk” is currently driven by his drive to change it. Play motivated, hard and aggressive and the funk can be broken. Play the same with the same scared to do anything attitude and nothing will change.

    Play hard and fearless Cat and this issue will resolve itself. You have the physical talents all there.

    As for Lewis, yes I was a big fan and loved his heart/offensive skill set. That ship has sailed so no need to compare anymore. That’s that…

    It’s just strange the fastest guy on the court continues to play the most easy going slow offensive game. I am going to pull for Cat no matter what but right now he is not one of the 5 best on the offensive side of the ball. So let’s continue to hope it is the Fresh & Soph “funk”. In the meantime let Lacey handle the rock and hound Cat to play with a fire under his a$$.


    Totally agree with all the pro-Cat posts… Here’s to hoping that the real ‘Cat Pack’ finds his groove the 2nd half of the season, starting tomorrow at FSU! I’m all-in…



    Here’s the thing that’s really starting to bug me…

    Used to be … Coach had three – four years to develop a good player at any position if he needed that long…

    Over at Dook… just five years back..
    .. a freshman’s feet never touched the hardwood with the clock running in Cameron…
    5 minutes a game his sophomore year and 15-20 mins his Junior , start his Senior year for Coach Rat…
    (Oh yeah… I forgot … Rat was teaching ‘slapyourhandsonthecourtDefeense’ back then… opps… )
    Anyway… you get my point… it’s NOT the same these days…

    Now a days… you GOTT 1/2 season minimum to 1&1/2 seasons maximum… before the “guyswhoneverbeentopractice” go bi-polar …

    Fact is that 99 out of 100 kids that play Upper D1 College ball… are totally deficient in one important area of the game when they get to college and GOTT to be “developed”… The other “1”… he’s probably playing for Cal up in Lexington…

    So yeah… Anthony is one of those… duh…
    So was the other kid that played a little guard and no D last season… duh..
    so is KW…
    so is Anya…
    so was TJ…
    so is ABU…
    so was CALVIN…
    so are M14 and M15

    and the list goes on …
    and next season the only thing that will change is the new names added to the list…

    No point in crying about who ain’t here…
    No point in bitching about who can’t do what…

    At the most fundamental level, this is a “Player and Team Development Business”
    and you GOTT to work with the ones that are in front of you…
    because you can’t just wave a magic wand, call down to your AAA farm team and pickup 3 new players ready to get on a plane, and change your roster in mid-season…

    Then after Coach has given everything he’s GOTT to give…
    Some make the cut and some don’t…

    Get over it…
    It’s just the way it is..

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Where is Calvin these days? So much raw athletic talent…




    CALVIN was spotted in Raleigh at Christmas, shopping… with a new baby…


    And one more thing for those feeling jilted or betrayed …

    The kid that played a “little guard” and no D last season left because of Lacey, not Anthony…

    Lacey didn’t say a word. But undercover, he had been killing both of them – Anthony and the kid – with the “scout team” during practice all year.

    The kid didn’t flunk math… He did his math and came up with what appeared to him to be ZERO minutes for the next two seasons. So he said ‘Adios Amigos’… last seen headed North on Hwy 501….

    Just the facts…

    I feel better.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Good post Bill… Whatever GOTT did (or not) for BJ and KW between their Frosh year and this season – it needs to be trademarked and/or patented, because it is the Holy Grail of CBB player development… I also think his ‘recruits’ from AL are taking it to a new level as well… I thought AL was CFB country? GOTT is well over 60% in his PD skills which is in the elite CBB Coaching category imho…

    And I have to respectfully disagree about ‘the other 1’ – Coach Calp has 2-6, but the 1 is jumping straight to the NBA show a la Lebron James and Moses Malone (showing my age on that last one)!



    Thanks Bill – Good for Calvin and his new child!



    ^Rox… you left out Kobe … :>}

    But the point is… the “1”s ain’t coming to State… never have… except David and Kenny…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Sorry Bill, I did forget Kobe…no disrespect intended. David (Thompson) and Kenny (Carr) stayed all 4 years and I was attending State during that time.

    I’m old, but I also think we did get one “1” and his name was Chris Washburn. Last I heard about him he was pan-handling in Atlanta off of Anthony ‘Spud’ Webb, also of Wolfpack fame. That little kid…, had HEART, and he totally invented HOPS! (NBA dunk champion as a rookie).

    TRIVIA QUESTION FOR ‘PACK FANS: Who was the Wolfpack player opposite Spud Webb to nab the Sports Illustrated ‘Shortest and Tallest’ players on one CBB Team? Hint: His surname is one-syllable and contains only one vowel.



    duh… Chuck.

    Rox… where are you from and what year did you graduate?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Nope, not Chuck Nevitt, who was from near the same hill country as Tommy Burleson. Chuck has at least 2 NBA Championship rings and probably has the distinction of ‘playing the least minutes but was on the roster so got a ring – twice’.

    The answer is: Mr. Manute Bol – look it up.

    1974-1978 (1974 ACC Football Champions, NCAA BB Champions, ACC Baseball Champions my Freshman Year) Still searching for that ‘Pack magic 40 years later!



    check that…

    ’74 was my Junior year… :>}
    but I ain’t old .. yet…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
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