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    WBS transfers to a mid-major who lost its coach last year (who pretty clearly saw the writing on the wall, talent-wise), and finished 14-17 last seaso
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    Please, for the love of God let this be the last revisionist history and knob slobbering over this decent (but not great) player. Constant pining over a guy who’s gone out of his way of putting down our coach (whether he’s right or wrong, it’s a dick move) only undermines our program.

    His ultimate landing slot should make it absolutely clear he’s no basketball messiah. Time to close the chapter and move the f-ck on, already.


    Considering some of his recent quotes, I personally think he should also be stripped of the WBS moniker.

    But maybe that’s just me.


    He did not go quietly, that is for sure.


    Does he really think this will help him land on a better continent when his college days are over?


    Agree with bjd, I wanted him to succeed but time to move on. Future is bright with Cat and others.


    Kid’s got a quick Twitter finger.


    I give Lewis credit for the self awareness that he realized as Cat improves he was being regulated to a second string ACC point guard given his lack of speed and liability as a defensive player, which most recruiting experts had him pegged as an at best second string ACC player anyway. I don’t feel we lost anything and clearly the coaching staff was straight up with him. Maybe he pissed that Gott and Staff just didn’t see in him what Sidney Lowe did, but Gott did the honorable thing and honor his scholarship offer made by Lowe. Lacking an outside shot and he couldn’t keep up with other ACC point guards, a mid major is where he belongs. Good Luck to him.


    Not a very subtle quote …


    Maybe my post should have been: “If only he had been as quick on D as he is on Twitter.”

    I like the kid, but he’s moving on, so he should just move on.


    BJD, I don’t get your point. Butler just became an instant national champ contender in 2 years.


    Try this again. 4 Four year scholarship players…no 3rd year players. Half call out coach….gott may be great 3 years 3 bids – nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t doubt what these kids are saying. Remember, great coaches aren’t always fair or other things.


    BJD, I don’t get your point. Butler just became an instant national champ contender in 2 years.

    With Brad Stevens out of the picture, my guess is they will regress to the mean (and possibly beyond, if this past season is an indicator)


    To hang all this on playing time and competition among team mates may be a little short sighted…

    1. Tyler saved our season which GOTT us the dance ticket LAST year starting in Charlottesville when Lo Brown was injured …

    2. Tyler saved our season which GOTT us the dance ticket THIS year after ANTHONY ShowTime went 1-13 in the Dean Dome …

    3. Tyler had more than a few team mates who couldn’t find the right spots on the floor on Offense, couldn’t catch his passes ready to make their shot and couldn’t help on Defense and yet still led the team in Assists…

    4. Tyler’s outside shots were late in shot clock, were consistently rushed, off-balance and well-defended because other than CUZ we had few other serious offensive options for our opponents to worry about — (review #3 above)…

    This is clearly enough to make any kid ask himself grown-up questions in the middle of the night…

    Obviously there was something going on between Tyler and the Coaches that just wasn’t working and it may well have been that strong outside influences were also at work as the season progressed…

    Coaches say things to kids like… “Here’s what you need to do to play more…”.
    And I’m doubtful that Coaches ever told Tyler “you ain’t going to play…”. ( review #1 & #2 above)

    On the other hand… do you think the Coach heard this…
    “Coach.. I need some help… but I ain’t getting it from anybody but TJ..”.

    In any event…. there was a “process” and things have worked themselves out…

    Tyler gets a fresh start, after a season off…
    …and GOTT & Company GOTT a hell of a a lot of work to do get a point guard ready for next season…

    Good Luck and Best Wishes to both parties…
    That is all.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    @bill.onthebeach – Well said. Lewis did save our butts on more than one occasion. That said, he had some deficiencies on defense. Good luck. Now Gott needs to develop Cat. And that’s gonna take a helluva lot of work because Cat’s game as a true PG was not as consistent as Lewis’. But that’s why there’s an offseason.


    Good grief, just GO ALREADY!!!!!!
    Let’s consider this the last we hear about ‘him’. After a year on the bench, I certainly don’t expect to see him leading a team in the tourney.


    1. Tyler saved our season which GOTT us the dance ticket LAST year starting in Charlottesville when Lo Brown was injured …

    Once again, this is a gross overstatement. Are you trolling again, Bill?

    Last season, Brown got hurt against UVA and missed the next two games against Miami and Duke. While Lewis played well in Brown’s absence, the fact is that we lost all three of those games.

    Brown returned in the next game against Clemson and completely outplayed Lewis; it wasn’t even close. Lewis averaged 12 minutes per game from the Clemson game forward; in those 12 games, he totaled 47 points, 13 assists, and 8 turnovers.

    Lewis performed well with Brown out last season, and we lost all three games anyway. After that, his contribution was minimal the rest of the season. He didn’t save anything last year.

    He certainly made a valuable contribution to our team and our NCAA tournament selection this season, and I admire him for that. But he would have been the second best PG on the team going forward, and probably would have been fortunate to log 15 minutes per game had he stayed.

    I’m sure he knew that and it figured into his decision. I don’t blame him, I like him, and I wish him well. But it’s not going to have a significant negative impact on our team going forward.


    Well played, Packer in Russia!!

    We’ve entered the realm of Colbert-style “truthiness.” No matter the 0-3 record (NOTE – I’m not even saying the losses were his fault), he “saved the season.”

    He was and is a very good backup PG. Better in small doses, or starting for a handful of games at a time. Too much PT and weaknesses are exposed.

    One could say that MG did another bang-up job triaging a locker room, with a backup guard constantly bitching about minutes and in the star player’s ear enlisting his aid in said minutes bitching.

    Makes me appreciate KH’s constantly upbeat, team-first attitude all the more. That dude really DID deserve more minutes, LMAO. He will get them in 2014-15. Or if we don’t – I suspect he will nonetheless stay out of the newspaper.

    It sure was nice of The Artist Formerly Known as WBS to heap public praise on his brother’s boss, too. Total class, selfless move. Amirite??


    Tyler Lewis lost this game of transfer checkers. Midget bowl his a$$ right outta here, BJD.


    Tyler’s “get the ball to TJ” style worked well this year. No TJ means we will need a PG who can create off the dribble, and Tyler ain’t it. And contrary to certain opinions, I think we are blessed with a damn fine point guard for next year. Oh, and we still have a 5 star McDonald’s All American to back him up when he needs a rest. I’m happy with that.

    I don’t know if anyone had a chance to see the National HS championships at MSG these past few days, but if you did, you know the Martins are stars in the making for us as well.


    Best of luck Lewis. I think he will do well in the Butler system and will develop a better shot in the year off.

    I don’t think he has been a dick or constantly put down Gott. He has voiced his opinion and now it’s well known (good or bad). I think he is a good kid (remember the key word there…kid) and was really frustrated. Prolly had people in his ear constantly swaying him to do this or that. I don’t think Gott was a dick to him either but it was CLEAR that Gott wanted a different direction.

    Two parties that wanted different routes and seemed to disagree. That’s all it is and of course Lewis will voice his opinion more loudly now. Why? Because WBS is a kid venting and Gott is a coach/employee/professional
    I liked WBS and am happy he found what he wanted. However, I’m also happy the drama is in the past now. Nothing more to see here….move along.

    Go Pack


    I wish Lewis the best but I am very disappointed in his recent behavior. Just because you don’t feel at home in a place does not give you the right to trash it either…..apparently staying classy is not his style and he must enjoy burning bridges. I hope he learns that burning bridges will burn you ass at times too.


    Funny how we expect more from kids than we do adults. As for this ending drama, does anyone really think that’s the case? Drama and churn are constant in college basketball. However, our case thus far is a bit extreme. Hopefully, things will stabilize now, but expecting that is incredibly naive.


    First, TAFKAWBS is not exactly a child. 20 years old, it’s fair to expect more.

    Second, our adults HAVE been adult about it. MG wished TAFKAWBS all the best and has kept his mouth shut otherwise. Haven’t heard word one about him trashing the departing player to other coaches (that was a “greatest human ever” HWSNBN specialty).


    Plywood is spot on-“Maybe my post should have been: “If only he had been as quick on D as he is on Twitter.”
    I like the kid, but he’s moving on, so he should just move on.”

    REALLY glad he stayed this year- fun to watch run the offense and he saved our asses by switching off for a not yet ready Cat. Cat has all the PG tools and just needs to progress, as players under Gott do (CJ doesn’t count). Tyler knows he belongs at a mid major and can excel in such a situation. He should know he’s not big time ACC starting material due to his lack of athleticism and length; at least he should know considering the schools that comprised his transfer list.
    I will miss Lewis, but it’s a much smaller loss now than it would’ve been last year. Anyway, he needed a Warren level teammate to shine as he did.
    I wish him well and will follow his career, but I really wish he were leaving in a classier manner- stop the tweeted excuses/gripes/whinges. The staff did right by him and he needs to chill.

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