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    So there shouldn’t be any big surprises tonight… but a couple of good games nevertheless…

    As we speak …
    I’m watching GaTech and ‘Cuse in a very quiet Carrier Dome..
    Tech up 21 -14 with six left in the first.. against a Orange team that has not yet decided whether it wants to play tonight…

    Now.. here’s the spooky deja-vu part…

    I’ve heard the guy doing the play by play with Danny Bonner before… some where….

    Didn’t catch his name yet…


    Clempson v. Miami should be a decent game…
    Twerps should handle the Hokies…
    but who knows ..
    the Hokies gave Uncle Roy’s kids all they wanted and more and could do the same against an unpredictable Twerp squad..

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    GT might take this one.


    ..idk … Red…

    Orange are at home… could go down to the last shot…
    2:41 is a lifetime….

    win or lose the Tech kids have played a solid game… if they had played this well all season.. they’d won twenty games….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Have I jinxed ’em? They started playing stupid.


    .. not you…

    it’s more of what the ORange have done all season…
    pull the game out of the fire in the last minute…

    they know how to put maximum mental pressure on the opposition when they need to…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Tech is in the driver’s seat now…

    up 4.. shooting 2 fts with 26 secs left..

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!


    Hokies 29 – Twerps 28
    Miami 27 — Clempson 27

    Both games at the half…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    A month ago… the Orange were thinking that the ACC wasn’t as tough as the Big East…

    Now… I think they have changed their minds….

    Final Score —
    Georgia Tech 67
    Syracuse 62
    in the Carrier Dome..

    that’s four losses and two games stolen out of the last six….

    As thy say down in ‘Bama…Nothing sucks like a Big Orange..

    checking the ESPN monkey board…
    Look at this… we’re been challenged…

    ‘Cuse fans are all whining about the ACC refs…. now wonder where they got that idea from…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Bees done screwed us – unless the Holes win in Cameron…Duke will be the 2 seed. So if we win this weekend and go up to the 7 line…ugh.

    Blues and Cuse all have 4 losses. One Blue will end with 5. Cuse wins tiebreaker against Holes. Duke wins (by virtue of its win over UVA) against Cuse.


    ^Damn, BJ.

    I don’t really want to face Duke again. We’d have to score 100 pts to beat ’em.


    Finishing 8th is now what we hope for. To make that happen, need Florida State to win out (at BC tonight, home vs. Cuse over weekend). We hold tiebreaker over FSU and MD. Of course, in this weird year…that will come back to haunt us, in all likelihood.


    ^ya’ll ‘assuming’ a victory over BC right ?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Yeah. For “other ACC games rooting for seed benefit” purposes…kinda have to.

    Even at 8-10, it’s almost mathematically impossible for us to be seeded worse than 9th (and would still have 50/50 shot to be 8th because of MD tiebreaker).


    .. I guess we’ll have to pull for the Holes in Cameron then…
    that could be tough…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Of course, the worst case is that FSU craps the bed at BC tonight, then beats Syracuse. A Blue is definitely 2 at that point, and we are definitely 7 with a home win over BC.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    Tuesday Night Finals:
    GT 67 SU 62
    CU 58 UM 54
    MD 64 VT 47
    FSU 74 BC 70

    With the Miami loss the bottom 6 can’t get higher than 10th. With the Clemson win they can’t get worse than 6th. That leaves FSU, NCSU, and MD playing for 7-9 but all will be playing on Thursday.

    At least the weekend sets up nicely for us to watch games with interest to see how the seeding will unfold:
    Sat: 2:00 Wake @ Miami (miami win equals 10 seed)
    Sat: 4:00 Pitt @ Clemson (winner gets 5 seed, loser gets 6 seed)
    Sat: 9:00 UNC @ Duke (ESPN)
    Sun: 12:00 UVA @ MD (CBS) (a MD loss locks them in the 9 seed)
    Sun: 2:00 SU @ FSU
    Sun: 6:00 BC @ NCSU (ESPNU)

    Need the following if UNC beats Duke:
    SU over FSU, NCSU over BC
    (2) SU, (3) UNC, (4) DU, (7) NCSU, (8) FSU, (9) MD

    Need the following if Duke beats UNC:
    FSU over SU, NCSU over BC
    (2) DU, (3) SU, (4) UNC, (7) FSU, (8) NCSU, (9) MD
    This scenario would give NCSU another Top 50 RPI win because FSU should be in the top 50 heading into the ACCT.

    Of course all of this seed watching is predicated on NCSU playing, and winning, on Friday against UVA or SU.

    Just a refresher on new ACCT format:
    7 vs 10/15 winner
    8 vs 9

    So if the Pack finishes 7th then 10th could be Miami/WF/ND/GT (VT has locked up #16 and IF NCSU beats BC then BC will be #15) but likely Miami will be 7th and we’ve all seen how bad NCSU plays against them, even without the hangover.

    If the Pack finishes 8th or 9th they’ll be playing MD on Thursday, Unless FSU loses to SU and MD beats UVA then MD has the tie-breaker over FSU for splitting against UVA so then it would be (7)MD, (8)FSU, (9)NCSU.

    Hey, we have to have some reason to care right?


    Making two highly probable assumptions, in order to simplify things – Duke beats Wake tonight, State beats BC Sunday.

    Scenario 1 – Holes beat Duke. If this happens, State is guaranteed NOT to face a Friday Blue. State will finish 7th, and Syracuse 2nd if Cuse beats FSU. Holes are seed 3, and Duke 4. An FSU win keeps State on the 8 line, with Holes 2nd and Cuse now dropping to 4th. This is the only way to avoid any potential Blue matchups until Sunday.

    Scenario 2 – Duke beats Holes. In this case, Duke locks up the 2 seed. If Cuse beats the Noles, State gets the 7 line and a nightmare Friday matchup. Cuse is 3 seed, Holes are 4. We will need to pull hard for the Noles to win, keeping State on the 8 line and in Virginia’s side of the bracket. Unfortunately, the Holes remain the 4 seed thanks to their regular season loss in the Carrier Dome.

    It is now 100% mathematically impossible for State to finish higher than 7th, or lower than 9th. No Wednesday game, thank God.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    SU could theoretically fall to the 4 seed with Duke over WF, UNC over Duke, and FSU over SU. That would give SU and DU 5 loses each and Duke with the tie-breaker.

    So many possibilities with everyone but each game, starting tonight, will help fill in the puzzle. The funny thing for NCSU is we’ll know before the BC game even begins if a win matters or not.

    Here’s some NCStateShit for you.
    UNC wins. SU wins. NCSU loses. Either that or SU is #2 and State is #7 and the Pack loses on Thursday.


    Agreed, and that’s probably the very best setup we can get. UVA = 1, Cuse = 4, State = 8.

    If you want to get really deep in the weeds, I’d prefer Pitt as the 5 rather than Clemson.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    Got to find a way to make this weekend worth watching, who to cheer for, and I think we just did.

    Duke over WF
    WF over Miami
    Pitt over Clemson
    UNC over Duke (I still won’t cheer)
    UVA over MD
    FSU over SU (highly dependent on the UNC/DU outcome)
    NCSU over BC

    Strange how the majority of the games is needing the away team to win which is never a good start.


    100% agreed. Fortunately, the Blue game is a late tip, so I will just go to sleep and hope to dream of my favored “giant earthquake.” I can’t cheer for the Holes under any circumstances (after all the shit of the past 2-3 years), but I can read the paper and be mildly pleased that ytheir win helped us.


    So, apparently we loosened ‘Cuse up enough that pretty much anyone can beat them now….aaargh


    I once saw a list of things to pull for in a Duke/UNC game. But I only remember two:

    – Pull for a sinkhole to open and swallow the auditorium
    – Pull for the visiting team so that you can get the sideline shots of the students crying at the end of the game.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    Mine has always been they need to build a giant wall around each campus to keep everyone out…then fill it with water.


    Mine has always been they need to build a giant wall around each campus to keep everyone out…then fill it with water.

    Cause I’m praying for rain
    And I’m praying for tidal waves
    I wanna see the ground give way.
    I wanna watch it all go down.
    Mom, please flush it all away.
    I wanna see it go right in and down.
    I wanna watch it go right in.
    Watch you flush it all away.

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