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    Looking to get a new truck, maybe 2017 F150. The super crew 2.7 EcoBoost caught my eye and would be plenty for what I would use it for. Was wondering what others more wise than me on this subject would recommend? Reliability is a big factor for me. I don’t want to have a truck in the shop all the time. Juggling through all the models of Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Toyota, etc has my brain spinning.

    What truck do you own? Would you recommend the same brand and why/why not?

    Also I’m not opposed to this thread devolving into a Ford vs Chevy (or whatever) argument lol.


    2002 Ram quad cab – gas engine. Not my everyday driver.


    1995 faded Red Chevy Silverado — 220K — runs like new…
    still stronger than a Ford….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Have 03 Duramax, I bought it new and I still love it. Also have 09 F250 super duty. Gas guzzling sob , 4×4 but is not as good in the mud as the GM. Just my opinion.


    I downsized to a Nissan Frontier four door when I returned east.
    Best decision of my life.
    Woooo gas mileage.


    I would look at a 2013 Chevy or GMC (or the Tahoe/Yukon). That is BEFORE GM redesigned the platform. The Truck was redesigned in 2014. The full size (on the same chassis) SUV were still OK in 2014. Have a 2014 Yukon and love it. Decent milage and good acceleration. Does what I need it to do and can be flat towed behind my MH. Driveline is solid. Has enough creature features to be fairly up to date. NOT as complex, electronically as my wife’s 2014 Caddy ATS CUE system or my 2016 C7 Corvette My-Link.

    There is really NOTHING I do not like about the Yukon. I have owned SUV and 4X4 before they became the “in thing”….starting back in the 80’s. Owned three Explorers, a Navistar (International) Scout II which was a BEAST of a 4X4….best one ever made and tough as all get out.

    I have owned Blazers and S-10’s and my last one was a Hummer H3. I hunted and used them in the woods and take them off road when we travel, so they are not your “Cars” SUV’s. The reliablity of the GMC is great.


    I’ve GOTT two. A ’07 Silverado that I bought new and has 196,000 miles on it. Still runs great and doesn’t use oil. I always use synthetic oil, which I am a big believer in, and I have never had to get any kind of work done to it other than routine. I recently bought a used ’13 F-150 Limited with the 3.5 Ecoboost. It is a very nice truck that I am really enjoying driving, and I do pull trailers with it but nothing too heavy. Time will tell which is better, but although the Ford is a nicer truck, I am still partial to the Chevy.


    1999 Ford Ranger Ext Cab
    135k Miles.
    2003-2008 my vehicle.
    2008-2010 oldest kid vehicle. Declined to take it to tOSU
    2012-present. Youngest kid vehicle. Looks bad enough that nobody will steal it even though it’s on campus at UH in the scenic Third Ward.
    We will have some sort of funeral ceremony when La Ranger goes to the great junk yard in the sky. It is the single best vehicle purchase we’ve ever made from a value standpoint


    2013 Ford F150 with the 6 cylinder ecoboost engine, full 8 foot bed, standard cab, manual transmission, 4-wheel drive.

    I drive it every day, have 117,000 miles on it, getting around 15 to 18 MPG with a mixture of high way and around town. I regularly pull a trailer with a polaris 550 4 wd 4-wheeler on it, has plenty of power for that even with the 6 cylinder engine. On the summer weekends I pull a 21 foot old Grady White Boat, again, no issues with power pulling and STOPPING that heavy boat.

    I plan to get 250,000 on this before I trade. No major issues with this truck so far, now I change oil, oil filter, and air filter every 5,000 miles without question. I know I might be able to go longer on the air filter, but I get into many dusty farm lanes. Been through one set of brakes and rotters so far, changed them around 90,000 miles. So far no issues with the suspension (have had troubles in the past with tie rod ends and upper and lower suspension bearings with the Ford trucks).

    The only thing that disappointed me was the cloth seat wore through at 100,000 miles on the driver side at the get in and out point. I blame that on the 4-legged black assistant that rides daily, I kept telling her to lift her legs and stop rubbing the seat. She told me to walk a little more and stop dragging my fat bumm into the seat.


    Spend over 300 days a year towing a boat across this great nation. Used them all, seen them all in different situations at boat ramps, different weather conditions and rode in most. I always laugh when someone brings up gas mileage when looking a truck. If you want good gas mileage, get a corolla. If you want a truck, look more what you will use it for. Towing, hauling or mud slinging. I use one mainly for towing. Own two now, a z71 Chevrolet and a Toyota 4×4 Tundra. The Tundra is a power beast. It does love gas but again, a corolla won’t pull a 3000 lb boat. The Silverado rides best, seems more roomy but its more open than my Tundra. Some of my fishing Buds have gone to the Ram truck. They all say it was a good move from previous Ford or Chevy. Used a Ram a lot last year, I was impressed with it but something about the front end view while driving just didn’t seem pleasing.

    A couple Buds use Fords, they all swear by them. They are diesel and from my experience, if you want a diesel, stay away from the Duramax. Seen several Chevys have transmission problems when towing like we do. Not knocking a brand, all have problems. I had a Ford truck few years back. Had problems with the brake calibers from the day drove off lot. Dealership never could figure out why. Finally said it was because I pulled a boat long distance, heating the calibers, then while backing up my boat to launch at ramp would submerge the front calibers causing them to cool quick. I just shook my head because if my back tire is even touching the water while launching the boat, I’m too deep. Traded for the Silverado, never looked at a Ford again.

    Point is, consider truck more for your needs. If towing, check gross weight with what pulling. I will never own another truck that is not four wheel drive. Don’t use it much but times its nice have. But if not 4×4, get one with anti-slip differential. Price can really vary too. The Tundra’s are nice, but they are by far the most expensive. Alot of bells and whistles now in all trucks. If I had to pick one truck overall for performance, ride, towing and maybe gas mileage, it would be a 4×4 Chevrolet Silverado either LZ or Z71.

    Edit note: All my trucks are crew cab, its well worth the extra money and room. My wife loves it and we can haul all our tailgate gear and family to Carter with ease. Only issue seen with 4 door truck is shorter bed but I’m not using trucks for hauling as more towing. Its really not that big difference in bed size compared to the luxury of having 4 doors. Good luck !!


    FORD- forget out running Dale

    wirogers of Summer Erb fame is right on his trucks. He throws the miles down and if it isn’t working he beats the hell out of it.

    Personally, anything made by the Japs.



    2016 F150 8 ft bed, v6, ecoboost, automatic, emerald green, 33k after a cluster at the dealership. Drives like a car in terms of acceleration.

    Got a line on a F100 1965. Drop a new engine in it and change my SFN name.


    If you are really looking at new trucks, I vote for the Chevy. Just remember that 10G’s fly out the window when you drive off the lot no matter what you buy.


    @ Mr. Roo,
    Did you like your H3? That’s an SUV I’ve long wanted but never pulled the trigger. Might have to look for a used in good shape at some point (out of production now IIRC).


    McCallum, does not know trucks. He is still morning the loss of his favorite surfing building, Harrelson Hall. He just seems to not understand the ‘wide stance’ question.





    Currently drive a 15 F250 Crew Cab Lariat, gas burner. Love the truck for me diesel wasn’t worth the money. I’ve had several trucks, Dodge Dakota, Ram 1500, F150, Chevy Suburban, my wife says I have a problem! I have been most pleased with Ford products, have also had a Ranger and 3 Mustangs, all have given good service. With the money trucks cost these days, you get a lot more truck with the F250 for not much more than the 150, as long as you stick to gas. I only pull a ski boat a few times
    a year so gas is fine for me.

    Class of 95


    I had the H3X…Lots of bling. It was OK. Lots of low end torque. Did not have the V8.

    I always had folks admire it and comment…Almost as much as my C5 convertible.

    It is probably more off road capable that the current round of SUV. Obviously a high rise 4×4 full size PU has more. But those puppies have 6 as the first digit.

    We take 5 on vacation and Hummer back seat ain’t that wide.

    Loved owning it. Noisy, but cool. No regrets in trading for Yukon.

    I towed, at least monthly. 20 ft ski boat and a 10 ft utility. The rear fender flares made it the most difficult vehicle I have ever had to back a trailer with. I have been backing boats since 1963 and trailers since the 70’s. That includes owning 3 pop up campers. So that is a condemnation. The rear spare and swinging TG add to the frustration. Extremely small rear view area.

    Have towed with 2 cars, 4 SW, 7 SUV. Delivered cattle in 5W horse trailer for many years driving several PU that my File had, so I have a few miles of towing and backing.

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