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    What a fantastic testimony to one of my favorite NC State football players of all time!!

    Link to Former NFL player finds purpose in training kids physically, mentally, spiritually

    Most people know Tremayne Stephens, 37, as the star running back from N.C. State who went on to play professional football for the San Diego Chargers and Indianapolis Colts during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

    For those who have followed his football career, it comes as no surprise that he ranks third among all running backs in N.C. State’s history in yards rushing, touchdowns and 100-yard games.

    And it’s hard to forget his performance at the 1998 NFL Scouting Combine, when he awed coaches, scouts and onlookers with his powerful display of athleticism by delivering a 42-inch vertical leap and bolting through a 40-yard dash in less than 4.4 seconds.

    There is no denying his athletic abilities, but his football stats don’t scratch the surface of who he really is and how he became a person of such strong character and faith.

    Today, Stephens lives in Gaston County with his wife of 12 years, Andrea, and their 9-year-old daughter, Ashlynn. He is the CEO and speed development trainer for Athletic Development Systems, where he trains athletes of all ages – both amateur and professional.

    He said he is more satisfied and happier than he’s ever been because, according to him, “I’m living a purpose-driven life. Influencing young lives is my passion. It has been ever since I can remember. To be able to do that through sports is just a bonus. I get a chance to not only change the body, but I get a chance to mold the spiritual and mental mind, as well.”


    One of the most memorable plays of my youth, in the 1994 regular season finale at Virginia (Thanksgiving Friday as I recall) his freshman year he broke loose a 95-yard TD run to put us ahead…and into the Peach Bowl.

    WV Wolf

    I was at that game at UVA but wasn’t sitting in the visitors section, I think I was the only person on my half of the stadium standing up going nuts during that run!


    Wow…I had actually forgotten about that. Damn, I am getting old.

    Tremayne was very supportive of coming to some events and reaching out When I was the NC State Club Young Alumni President in Raleigh in the mid 1990s. Couldn’t have been a better guy.


    If my memory serves, Tremayne Stephens was from Greenville, SC, and Clemson wanted him badly, but State got him to sign. Always one of the nicest and most approachable athletes from my time on campus (him and Danny Strong were both great with regular people!). Great for him and for State alums!


    He always seemed to play under the radar on very bad teams with inept offenses (3-8 in both ’95 and ’96), but he did rush for about 1,200 yds his senior year in ’97.

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