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    That was a phrase that I always appreciated from a former poster. Ya hear me, GC?

    So…I bring news to anyone who’s had a decent relationship with the WPC should know.

    Chris Combs, Associate Director of WPC, and Pack diamond 9’er, has been hit with that damned thing called ” Lou Gehrig’s” disease.

    Anyone worth their Wolfcracker salt, knows the name of his dad, and his uncle. Anyone that is a WPC member, past or present, knows who Chris is, too.

    I posted twofold. Send the boy a tip o’the cap, and if ALS means a damned thing to you…well…give what ya can, when you can, to fight another insidious bastard disease.


    Hate hearing this. Hopefully he has quite a bit of meaningful time yet.


    Wow….I attended class with Chris’ uncle, Freddie.

    Chris is a fine gentleman and is very sincere and has a great personality. He is always open and friendly at all the WPC functions and athletic events.

    We need to show support for Chris in this battle.

    Thanks, CD, for posting this.


    Dammit – that is awful. Horrendous disease that seems to target athletes at a higher rate. Boys and girls, we should be thankful for healthy bodies and minds, because we won’t always have them. Wolfpack nation is praying for you and your family Chris Combs


    Terrible news-awful disease…I remember the story of longtime WCU FB Coach Bob Waters who passed of this disease more than 25 years ago. He fought the good fight and we pray for Chris, who will fight the good fight as well.


    Heard this earlier today..Fred and Frances were from my “original era” at State…Think they were freshmen my soph year. Good people and really sorry to hear this.

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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