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    For folks that are trivia and sometimes really far out history, do you know who Gabriel Heatter was? Google him….

    His sign on for his radio news broadcasts during WWII was “There’s GOOD news tonight…” However, he had to “reach” to find some based on how the war was going. He was the epitome of optimism….sort of a Jimmy V type that never admitted defeat.

    One of his competitor quipped, probably after a few shots….”Disaster has no cheerier greeter than gleeful, gloating Gabriel Heatter.” Maybe he is reincarnated in the WPN Broadcasters….

    BUT, tonight the Louisville Play-by-Play folks are trying to put on their best Gabriel Heatter personna. I have flipped back and forth between Louisville V Houston and NO v CAR. Louisville looks like US when we went to the Card’s home.

    A 9-1 team is being shredded like boxes of freshly found archived emails in a certain candidates HQ. The announcers threw up a graphic that only ONCE out of 431 games had a team come back from being down 31 at the half….but there is still time….

    Odds are (not for betting) that HRC has a better chance of convincing enough Electors to “Vote their Heart….and NOT the will of the Voters that they are supposed to Represent”….than Petrino has in getting to 10-1 tonight.

    Houston (8-2) came out on fire. The Bang Bang sticks have bothered Lamar Jackson. At one time, Louisville had MORE penalty yardage then offense. BUT, there is sill around 6 minutes and they are only down 3 TD’s….so, you never know.

    Obviously there is no joy in G’boro tonight (Wonder if Swoff is at the game). He hopes of a Final Four ACC Team are evaporating like a certain Governor’s lead once all the REAL ballots are counted…

    SORRY for the political zingers….I could have said….Louisville has about as much of a chance of winning as Guiliani has of being confirmed….but a Repub Senate…


    I have flipped back and forth between Louisville V Houston and NO v CAR. Louisville looks like US when we went to the Card’s home.

    I was doing the same. Both games were blowouts until the Panthers tried to choke another game away. But luckily for Panther fans, NO wouldn’t accept the gifts. There are obvious reasons both teams have losing records.


    Glad to see Louisville lose. On TOS, the pp moderator made the mistake of saying that this is what was great about college football….the crazy upsets.

    He, of course is a huge DD defender. At which point someone pointedly reminded him that state USED to do those things on a yearly but hasn’t done that in 4 years.


    It had been a long time since I’d witnessed a good old fashioned whippin’ like the Coogs put on the Cardinals last night in person. That was a lot of fun.. I didn’t inflate my set of thunder sticks but the old farts on our end of the stadium still forced 5 false starts to a measly 2 by the student section. Our season tickets for UH Football for the last two seasons have been one of the best entertainment values we’ll ever be involved in. Todd Orlando is working with equal to lesser talent than Cliff Huxtable in terms of recruiting rankings so you can plainly see what coaching is worth. Huxtable has a lot more depth to boot.

    We had better hope we don’t end up in the Military Bowl opposite UH.

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