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    Sam DeGrave, Editor-in-Chief says…
    “… the tradition of The DTH is one that will always be rooted in hateful humor. “

    Ok… I get that… now… tell me again what the problem is…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    You beat me to it Bill. So the guy is admitting that he can’t do any better, he can’t raise the bar above jokes based on “sexism, racism and homophobia”. Good lord, if you can’t put together a spoof paper with all the material that uNX has provided over the last few years you might as well give up, and it appears that is just what he did.

    Over the years I have read many smart, funny and non-sexist-racist-homophobic publications from Mad Magazine in the 60’s to Spy magazine to The Onion. It can be done.


    ^Nail hits head — Ply…

    just sitting here thinking….

    They (Mr. DeGrave and the Technician ) ought to sponsor an intra-campus “Love && Peace Weekend over in Pullen Park” …
    Five Bands
    Five Kegs
    Food Trucks
    Tents && Chairs

    Celebrate the “END of the RIVALRY between NCState and *NC”

    Complete with a formal ‘burying of the hatchets (with red and blue full size axes )’ with Drs. Folt and Woodson leading the procession…

    And Proclamations by the Governor Pat and the General Assembly proclaiming “peace, harmony and cooperation” throughout the 100 countries and their surrounds…

    And a BOG proclamation allowing students from either campus to attend classes on the other campus for full academic credit absolutely free of charge.

    They could give us all a dollar for each piece of our hate (the other school) swag…( bumper stickers, cups, t-shirts, caps, etc… ) if we turned it in to the Hate Police…. and use the proceeds for weekend sensitivity and 12 step workshops for old wolves and old heels who just can’t give up their A%%hat ways…

    And of course it wouldn’t be complete… if EVERYBODY didn’t hold hands and sing KUM-BY-YA lead by James Taylor on the main stage!

    Ya’ll can run with this…. the rest of the way…

    Really … just how hard is it to be sarcastic and funny in a positive way ??


    Kids all GOTT a lot to learn….
    And that’s the only thing that saves their A%% from old men like us…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    If I could buy the world a coke and…… snnf, snnf, that was touching Bill. Don’t know what to say.


    I have decided to offer a few ideas for articles, just to help get the Technician staff started for next year.

    “UNC Hires Rob Ford to Conduct Independent Review”

    “Branding Firm Contracted to Develop the *NC Logo Design and Marketing Strategy” – “Hey, it makes perfect business sense,” said Chancellor Folt.”If we can leverage the asterisk and sell some more swag, why not?”

    “WalMart Buys Naming Rights to the Dean Dome”

    “No Show Classes Proven to Reduce Student Anxiety” *NC students have already proved that they are the cream of the crop, why burden them with actual work?


    … Good ones Ply…

    But I’m smelling a Rat…

    Nobody reads the Technician except students… right ?
    Nobody really cares what the Technician prints (online or otherwise) except 10% of students — 10% of the time…right ? In other words, nothing’s changed since you and I were at State….

    Truth is… all negative feedback from alums, especially old ones.. has nothing at all to do with the Technician and the DTH and everything to do with living in a world that in few ways resembles the world one grew up in….

    I wonder if Mr. DeGrave thinks his “Response” will end his time in the “Nineth Circle” or if being smarter than he looks…

    The deal really works like this…

    1. I’m graduating this spring..
    2. I have no good job prospects in journalism….because nobody reads my paper…
    3. The DTH the way it’s been done… is a piece of archacic Sh%t… we could do better but why bother… nobody is reading my paper ??
    3. While nobody’s looking … the DTH get’s postponed… not “cancelled”
    4. I know there’s probably a sh%tstorm coming…but lots of people will see me at my best as I masterfully handle the sh%tstorm…. especially the social media side…
    5. And my name goes up in lights as a young journalist with a bright future…
    6. Two – three weeks later… I show how I can be flexible and compromising, and bring diverse people together by publishing the “love version” of the DTH
    7. I get guys like Mr.Plywood and bill.onthebeach to be guest contributors..
    8. Technician circulation and online clicks triple overnight…
    9. Advertisers follow readers and for the first time in twenty years.. the Technician is actually financially self supporting…
    10. Somebody gives me a real job in June…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Simply put, the reason my excuse sounded like a cop out is because it was. I didn’t feel as though I owed Comparato a detailed explanation, so I didn’t give her one.

    That’s YOUR fault, buddy.

    First of all, my entire staff is not to blame. I made the decision not to run The DTH, and I stand by it. Any further comments or concerns should be directed to me, not my staff.

    Quit your job and let someone else take over. You’ll never have to address the Wolfpack community again. Win-win.

    Failing to produce the DTH is one thing. Standing up for what you believe is one thing. Trolling Wolfpack supporters via the “Teachnothin” is out of bounds. The school paper is NOT your personal Facebook page.

    Good luck with that Pulitzer.

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