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    The Flagship is back in a national paper’s Sunday edition. The New York Times doesn’t allow copy and paste, so you’ll need to click here for the full
    [See the full post at: The NY Times: UNC “at odds” with N&O]


    GREAT FIND. Probably will not change “The Situation”….but as my wife said….the Californian Hotel (Eagles) lyric comes to mind….

    “They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the beast…”

    I really need to dig up my old parody….”Hotel Carolina”…

    Anyway….I did learn a BUNCH of new words and had to look up some.

    What struck me was the Joel Curran remark. I also noted that Joel Curran and Jay Carney share the same initials….more on that later.

    The petite light blue Smurfette, Chancellor Carol Folt, decided to hire TWO folks and “expand” Matt Kupec’s old gig. Joel Curran and David Routh (Not David Lee Roth) were hired to replace Matt Kupec. You remember Matt who tried to pull a slick Willie with Tyler’s mom on the UNC tab and got caught….

    Look at the MATH and the METHODOLOGY here.

    Matt was paid $350K. Not a bad gig where you travel to sporting events and can take along your your own personal hottie for companionship.

    Joel Curran makes $300K. SO, at least Joel makes LESS than Matt did…but after he successfully maneuvers the “Flagship” through these ice berg infested waters, he will get a raise…

    David Routh was also added as Matt’s FULL Time. The Legislature approved a “position upgrade” to add incentives for getting money from the fat cats.

    So, David was hired. I had read a few articles about him….well qualified…

    David, if he knows how to write his own evaluation reports and do his own spreadsheets, can claim the FULL MONTY…or $495K.

    SO, we have fill Matt’s old gig with two guys that make $795K. WHAT A DEAL.

    NOW….back to the conspiracy theory…I have done extensive investigation, much like Dan Kane, and uncovered the “Chicago Project”. You remember, of course, that the Manhattan Project research was done in a concrete bunker under the bleachers of Stagg Field at the University of Chicago and that lead to Little Boy and Fat Boy being dropped on Japan.

    It now seems that the DNC has funded a new research project within the UNC School of Journalism. It is actually known as the UNCSJ “BioUnEthics” Department. They have teamed with geneticists and other scientific types and have a research lab under Kenan. In there, they have successfully develop DROIDS that can serve as PR people (Think Stepford Wives). Their two most recognizable robots are Jay Carney and Joes Curran. They have successfully reprogrammed the brains so that they can bloviate for hours on end….and come up with a sound bite while never exacerbating the situation and also can prevaricate with levels of hyperbole unknown to mankind.

    Gotta love it….don’t expect the NCAA to show up at UNC tomorrow, unless to play golf with Roy….


    Great FIND. Thanks,

    Did you notice the comment by Joel Curran? Remember Joel?

    The Light Blue Smurfette, Carol Folt, hired a “Dynamic Duo” to replace Matt Kupec (Matt, who dallied ONCE too often on the company payroll with Tyler’s mom).

    Matt made $350K.

    Joel only gets $300K as the “PR Mouthpiece” but David Routh who is doing the bulk of Matt’s job will earn, with incentives, $495K. Not a bad deal. Fill and open position with TWO for $795K.

    Now it hit me. JC….where have I seen those initials, other than on Sunday morning at church,….Jay Carney.

    Can it be that the UNC School of Journalism has a NEW department…”BioUnEthics”? Maybe, in the Manhattan Project style (Stagg Field – University of Chicago), during the Butcher’s renovation of Kenan, they built a secret Bunker (patterned after Dick Cheney’s) and they build DROIDS there (think Stepford Wives). These Droids are human, but have no brain….only an implant.

    These implants can bloviate for hours and never exacerbate the situation. They also can reach levels of hyperbole and prevarication hereto unknown to mortals.

    The JC initials was the clue…

    The Great Unpleasantness (TGU – BobLeeSays) is like the lyrics from Hotel California (or my parody about it….Hotel Carolina).

    “And in the Master’s chambers, they stab it with their steely knives, but they can Never kill the Beast….”

    Another day….another chapter. Do NOT expect the NCAA to fly into UNC tomorrow, unless Coach Williams has invited them down for a round of golf…

    Alpha Wolf

    UNC is allergic to the idea of the public finding out the truth about how they operate.

    In other words:


    Wainstein like all the other “investigators” knows who is paying him. So I do not see anything coming from him. However, if they try and prosecute Dr. Nyang’oro, I believe he will spill the beans. It is amazing that the NCAA has remained quite with so much of the information coming from UNC employees. I would like to think that the hammer will fall but I doubt it. If I was FSU, I would file suit considering the punishment they received for the academic fraud pales in light of what the flagship was doing. Hell put TMZ on their trail!


    I’m all for more media outlets picking up this story, but I’m not holding my breath for something tangible to happen. The comments section does have a lot of input from disgruntled alums and parents of alums – those who paid for a *NX education who feel like it’s being devalued with each story. Of course the Kool-Aid drinkers are also in attendance, happily sipping their sugary libation while floating down the river in their inner tubes.

    I still get a chuckle out of the university’s contention that the fraudulent classes scheme was OK because all students had access to them. I believe that’s akin to cutting of your nose to spite your face.


    The NCAA is working on new rules that will loosen some existing regulations and will continue to push the member institutions to self police and self report and only get involved in egregious / major violations (the NCAA hopes there should be less of them).

    This may take a back seat to the “union / employee / how do we compensate” student-athletes issue and be some footnotes but my guess is that they will continue to say UNC is doing all that it can moving forward (but not going backward to unravel and come clean on the origin, academic advising, grade changing, no show class etc and linkage to sports, especially an analysis of the players that remained eligible directly due to African American Studies shenanigans) AND then grandfather UNC into schools with existing issues that are ignored / wiped clean for now as long as they follow the new regulations.

    Only Dan Kane (who can not get any information these days except from a whistleblower, professor with a conscience or via court order) will attempt to answer the tough history questions until the N&O tells him the leads have all dried up and after no new information in some time, it becomes a cold case.

    Then it will finally be Friday and UNC can rejoice with a new line of T Shirts at Walmart proclaiming “We overcame against all odds! And we’re keeping our NCAA Basketball Championships! The Carolina Way! (just lost any credibility there but hey, its my post)

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