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    Alpha Wolf

    UNC finally released their heavily redacted version of the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations today, and this time, it doesn’t appear that the Tar Heels are
    [See the full post at: The NCAA Hammers UNC With Notice of Allegations]


    About time!


    Trini Lopez sang that if he had a hammer, he’d hammer in the morning, in the evening, all over the land.

    However, this is the NCAA, which has shown that it can be very selective when swinging that hammer. Just ask Smoo fans.

    I’ll have to see a real hammer before I’ll believe that the result will be much more than a slap on the hand.


    Woohoo!!! About @#($* time. And limiting this to the 18 years is generous.

    Given these are academic scandals that undermine the mission of the university, I’m amazed they can stay accredited. I’m also amazed that they can stay in the Association of American Universities. Those are the ones that could really sting.


    I was wondering when you would get a main blog post up! and BOOM goes the dynamite. I tuned into Adam & Joe today to see what they had to say. From what I gather they’re all aboard the pound UNC hard train. God bless em.

    Said the punishment probably won’t be known though until 2016. Love it.

    Wonder how this is going to affect recruiting?


    Academic fraud as impermissible benefits. That is masterfull.

    Ineligible,and so many names redacted. Who knows how many games/titles will be expunged?


    Did the NOA mention 2005 or 2009 specifically? YES!

    • Note that some of the dates of the specific items have been curiously redacted.
    • Allegation #5 is for the years 2002-03 through 2010-11
    • Here is one mention during the 2005 season

    FI118: January 5, 2005 – Email from Crowder to Walden. This includes, but is not limited to, Crowder discussing men’s basketball student-athletes and the courses to which she added them.


    Been through the document once, and will save further comment until later after reading again. Like the Wainstein report, this appears to be a big FU from the NCAA to UNC. TheCOWDOG told us weeks ago that the mood had changed, and this is clear evidence, IMO.

    Two things stand out so far:
    1) As TheCOWDOG said, the NCAA is (for the first time, I think) treating purposeful academic misconduct as an impermissible benefit; this likely has a direct impact on eligibility
    2) The NCAA is using UNC’s own policies against them, relative to the 12-hour maximum independent study hours. Again, impermissible benefit with direct impact on eligibility.

    Need to digest more before I’ll say that I’m as ecstatic as some, but this is already WAY more than I expected.


    Did someone mention hammer time?

    hammer time


    What tickles me most about the intel from those old guys was they said:

    “Walloped!” For some reason, that made me laugh like hell.

    That, and the fact the very first leak was a message of gloom.

    Boys, ESPN is no friend to our TV. Glad to see the NCAA shadow folk stick it to them, too.

    Sweet jumper

    Take those banners down!!


    Jeff Goodman, ESPN Insider
    While the cloud of uncertainty surrounding the severity of penalties that will eventually be levied against North Carolina and its men’s basketball program remains, Tar Heels coach Roy Williams should breathe a bit easier after seeing his name appear just once in the 59-page notice of allegations the school released on Thursday. …
    Stu Brown, an Atlanta-based attorney who specializes in college sports issues, said he was shocked at how broad the report was, especially given the nature and longevity of the investigation.

    “It was the most benign possible given how serious the issue is,” Brown told ESPN after reading the Notice of Allegations. “And there wasn’t a single athletic focus. No coach, no athletic director, no associate athletic director.”

    There were no specific charges tied to any men’s basketball coaches or any coaches of any sport for that matter. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the men’s or women’s basketball program is off the hook and won’t receive significant penalties.

    But it certainly could have looked worse.


    Funny thing about ‘Lack of Institutional Control’, when they had COMPLETE control for 18+ years. I’ll always believe they knew all or most of what was going on and controlled the outcome that was expected. I’m also still pessimistic about how big the ‘hammer’ will be. Probation = nothing, Fines = nothing. Unless heads roll, banners come down, scholarships lost and post-season bans are implemented then it will be a soft hammer…..


    Not seeing “the hammer” here, folks.


    Corrective lenses. Or…an understanding of the word walloped.

    Hey. Not a single person on the face of this planet knows the final chapter, yet.

    But…ya gotta be pretty damn obstinate to not see that somebody did not just get…well…walloped.

    Hell, Bubba didn’t even know they were gonna get “new” sanction treatment.


    Excuse the Yogism on the double negative. Not you…Yogi, the other one.


    To me the fact that under the impermissible benefits umbrella many games were overturned in the last punishment. That one pales in comparison to this one. A LOT of “wins” may go POOF!

    Smarter than the average bear


    Ummm CD, I knew you were talking about the pinstripe Hall of Famer, although I have been known for doublespeak. Casey Stengel taught Yogi everything he knows though. Not many know that little tidbit.

    Smarter than the average bear


    CD, sorry to sidetrack this fun fest at the expense of UNX, but I just recalled my favorite Stengelese…

    You gotta learn that if you don’t get it by midnight, chances are you ain’t gonna get it, and if you do, it ain’t worth it.

    Casey Stengel

    Smarter than the average bear

    Prowling Woofie

    While Williams was only named once, there were several references to Walden, whom Roy has said was the single most important assistant he brought from Kansas… Wonder why that was, Roy ???

    No mention of Fatzmobiles or disappearing parking fines, musical license plates, or other blatant impermissible benefits.

    Looks like the NCAA only went after what they HAD to, not that they did any original investigative work. We all know the compost pile is WAY bigger than this !

    Anybody with half a brain can look at the calendar and tie Saint Dean and Teflon Johnny Swofford to the entire fiasco, but it won’t get officially done.


    It will all be over by Friday!!


    When the “steamroller” starts, who is gonna be safe? Heads are gonna roll and people are gonna squeal like Ned Beaty taking it in the backside in Deliverance..

    The big questions include:

    1. When are the voters of NC gonna demand that politicians and bureaucrats going to come clean and demand that “lying and covering up” criminal behavior is not acceptable.
    2. When will the legislature tell the UnC BOG that “you are not doing your job by sitting on your hands”?
    3. When will the other schools in the ACC say “enough is enough” and demand that
    a: additional penalties apply to UnC
    b: Johnny Swofford be fired and admonished
    4. The “flag over the flagship” is removed and presented to the school who does things “the Right Way” rather than the “Carolina Way”
    5. Dean and Gutheridge get sucked into the Abyss?

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    This republican legislature won’t bother UNCheat, the’re too busy with abortion,voting rights,and guns in everyway!


    As highstick mentioned, I’m more than a little curious about Johnny Swofford’s role in this scheme. I can’t see him keeping his position after all of this. Either he let these things happen or (if he was totally unaware of everything) he was incompetent.


    Not seeing “the hammer” here, folks.


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