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    Horrendous. Kids should be held criminally responsible. They are very lucky the ref wasn’t badly injured. If the coach or coaches were involved he’ll be canned in a matter of seconds, and could also be charged. It’s a game, fellas.


    The comment about the police being out of control has no place on this website. Period.

    I for one am SICK of liberal politics everywhere I go nowadays. My son is a ref and I hope they throw the book at the two lowlifes who biindsided this ref. As for the lowlifes who are killing cops, their numbers far outweigh the number of police who are “out of control”. Blaming the cops for the numbers of shootings posted is like blaming the refs for the assaults against them.

    Enough already, kappa. Take it someplace else!


    Well this is going swimmingly.


    I’m with your 13OT. I typed a real dozie of a response and it got lost. Probably just as well. The fact that an attack (cowardly and probably unprovoked) took place speaks volumes about how our society is deteriorating.

    Reports from Fox News state that an assistant coach is on paid leave. He made a comment about the Jon Jay team being “Cheated”….no other word on what else might have been said. Did the coach order a Code Red (Few Good Men) on the ref? Were these young men so fired up that they could not understand common decency and also the fact that a whole BUNCH of folks would be watching (and there would be videos)?

    One does wonder about the mentality (and perhaps parenting) of the two alleged “perps”. I read further comments in the Fox article and my original “Twitter” (which was NOT a recommendation or verification or any sort of “Validation” of what is posted there….I am more than intelligent to understand that Twitter is about as believable as some of the things that our government does)…..Bottom Line…..it was the REF’s fault…..since he supposedly was racist.

    Some of the “Tweeters” might also be included in the Ref’s future slander suit. All reports about him is that he is 100% “Stand Up” type of guy and other than the usual “Ref done us in bias” (which runs rampant here by a LOT of posters). There have not been any “Karl Hess” incidents in his career. SO, the Race Card might be “just part of the usual MO…”

    As much as I detested KH, (I admit not to being benevolent towards him), I and probably 99.99999% of the posters here would never consider or advocate or arrange for any type of attack….

    Despicable may describe it…..I just can’t come up with a term that is socially acceptable and descriptive to express my initial disgust with the incident…..which was widely reported on Saturday. It was only the NBC (Sunday Night) and CBS (Monday Night) national news that elevated it.

    What WAS surprising and very disappointing was the comment(s) about our LEO. Crime statistics are showing that murder rates in the “Cops Don’t Care” cities are increasing exponentially…..as are other violent acts. WHO are the victims? The communities where the professional agitators and others with a political agenda spew their vile rhetoric.

    Am I fed up……YES…..and that is what is feeding the campaign fires of Trump. Folks have about had it up to their collective whatevers and want some relief….but then the Jim Jones Kool-Aid is then offered here….

    Then, if a few speak their mind, they are called out…..and that is a (fill in the blank) Capitol CRIME…..and they are not “empathetic”.

    This one may disappear and perhaps it should….but I for one (as well as 13 OT and others), are FFU….


    Sure thing… I felt this was bad but right now simple assault on a football field is just that. Yes what they did was wrong but on the scale of 1-10 it’s not throw the book at them as the minority among us have suggested. Im sure there is precedent to draw from.

    I saw a few of my comments pieced together which I did find as interesting as some of the reactions to it. Never thought the words “calm down” or “police are out of control with no fear of punishment” would rile up so many. As far as the stats go, they are what they are and were just brought up as an extreme for comparison to this incident. As far as extremes go a ref getting hit in the sport of football is really bad but not as extreme as other outcomes we see all the time our society.

    I’m all for throwing the book at idiots who take lives. Kids make mistakes in judgment in the heat of the moment playing a violent sport and I’m sure in the good old state of texas they will pay for it. My good friend Mike seemed to IMO overblow the situation that obviously hit home to him. Tis all.

    Funny how some think the only opinion welcomed here is their own.

    Maybe “as you were” or “warm regards” as a salutation will be less instigating


    ^ “Ok, great”


    Funny how some think the only opinion welcomed here is their own.

    Maybe “as you were” or “warm regards” as a salutation will be less instigating

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is your response to not liking others’ opinions of what you had to say, no? Irony?

    You interjected the “police situation”, if I may call it that, into this thread as a comparison. I didn’t think it apt, but it didn’t offend me personally either. That being said, lighthearted though you might have meant it, you can’t expect it to be taken that way by all. Nor can you expect those who disagree and/or are offended to not voice as much.

    Also, that seems to have been the point of the post to which you refer, which pieced together different quotes of yours, a meaning which seems to have escaped your understanding.

    You opened the door, but didn’t like what came thru. Not a big deal, but when you find yourself in a hole, it’s best to stop digging.


    Here’s some more good sportsmanship:

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