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    Let’s all take a moment to marvel at the magnitude of unbridled arrogance here. This, after two decades of institutionalized academic fraud, and after
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    They have officially sold their collective souls to the devil. They have no morals nor scruples in Chapel Hell.


    Marcus Paige broke his hand in practice this week. Guess he’ll have to get someone to write his papers for him.


    Hey, they’ve concluded that nobody is gonna punish them for it. So…why they shit wouldn’t they double down? They have no shame, or self-awareness. It’s not like anything anyone in the outside world could say would ever make them stop loving the scent of their own farts.

    Alpha Wolf

    It used to be said that the state of North Carolina was a sea of humility in between two mountains of conceit (SC and VA.)

    I think it can be said now that Mount Everest is a mere hill compared to the mountain of arrogance and conceit that is the PR department in Chapel Hill.


    And this is nothing new. They have always touted their graduation rates.

    Anyone with common sense would have taken a step back years ago when Hakeem Nicks received a degree from that school in only his 3rd year there.

    Oh wow your school is so great that your moron athletes are graduating in droves. Wonder what the Navy Seal’s “graduation” rate is? Oh nevermind who cares about that….


    Attrition rate for BUDS is 75%-80%. The more you know….

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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