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    Looks like the indoor facility is in full construction mode. I dont understand why they put it where they did. There is an awful lot of wooded area they could have cleared without losing the parking.



    we needed to keep the pine trees to stay on Heather Dinich’s list of best stadiums in the ACC. duh.


    Trees are people too.


    Thank God we’re finally spending millions on this. It’s all we’ve been missing to be a powerhouse.


    Agreed. I rode thru Stadium East lot and thought the same…couldn’t believe the parking spaces lost. Even the tree hedge and graveyard is gone. There is plenty of space across the road between horse arena and Bistro Grill….why not there. Going to be alot of people without parking. We park in Stadium East white so gonna be interesting. Poor planning to me but will wait see where and how they accomodate those affected.


    Old news >>

    Will be interesting to see the ripple effect into other lots based on priority. Some spaces will come back after 1 year but a bunch are gone forvever. I think thread on PP also said they were going to add parking space curbs in Trinity. They are also exploring “other parking options”

    Edit: I knew there was more … in the PDF:

    The loss is expected to be around 800 parking spaces
    for the 2014 season (construction) and then a final loss of about
    350 spaces for the 2015 season and beyond (completion).
    *More parking will be lost during the 2014 season, due to the
    amount of space that will be needed for construction staging
    and preparation. This staging and preparation area will be
    converted back to football parking for the 2015 season, after
    the construction is complete.

    And …

    Q: Why was this location chosen?
    A: Many factors were considered, including preservation of three outdoor practice fields, proximity to both the outdoor fields and the Murphy Center, impact to parking, and overall aesthetics. Please see the picture, below, that shows the approximate location of the facility.


    Trees are people too.

    I know that’s a joke, but there is some really interesting research that shows that plants can communicate. I really hope it in time shows a level of intelligence, because I want to watch vegans slowly starve.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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