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    Houston has hired Bill O’Brien.

    I would expect Penn State to target Greg Schiano first, who was just fired yesterday in Tampa, and then Al Golden.

    A lot of college coaches now coming to the league. His first job will be to draft a QB.

    Alpha Wolf

    It could have a college ball effect both ways as Schiano is supposedly who Penn State want.

    If Johnny Football is available, though, the Texans will almost have to pick him.


    The good news is that the Texans have hired a QB guru and they have the #1 overall pick in the draft. The bad news is Johnny Football and Teddy Bridgewater, neither one of whom is #1 overall worthy, are the best two QB’s in the draft.

    The other thing that is going to happen to the Texans is that the defense, who the RSSS (Rick Smith Sunshine Squad) likes to tout as the #3 defense in the league, is going to get exposed for the toilet paper that they are as soon as the offense quits turning the ball over. The -20 TO differential simply created a bunch of short fields that limited the total yards opposing offenses were able to rack up when scoring their largely uncontested TD’s. We have a first and a second round pick starting at OLB that can’t sack groceries, much less an NFL QB. We have at least 10 crappy DB’s that Smith has drafted. It was those terrible drafts that resulted in spending all of the free agent money on Manning and Joseph which lead to cutting 2/5 of the OL which got the crap beat out of Arian Foster. Ok. I feel better now. Just realize that NC State was the BEST team I was all in for this past football season and maybe you can forgive my rant.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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