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    OK… for most of us …

    We didn’t drink the water in Rio…
    TV Baseball is a thing of the past unless you bought a Season Pass..
    The Summer Garden has played out, although some are planting some Fall stuff…
    and the night time temperature was under 70^ in West Rawlee last night for the first time since early last May…

    SO… Football Season kicks off against William & Mary on a Thursday night which saves the Labor Day weekend for better things…
    a two for one, so to speak…

    NOW… it’s time to start talking pigskin… unless you want to go RoundBall which starts in 54 days on October 15th…


    I’m thinking that in both cases, we’ll see significant improvement, albeit in the “two steps forward and one step backwards” kinda way, with a couple of WOW!!! and a couple of “NFW you can be that stupid” moments along the way…

    In other words… Kids will be Kids….
    Holler Back! O Wise Ones….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Don’t know which kickoff you’re talking about, but our Wolfpack kicks off in just 3 days, against William & Mary… Just sayin’


    It’s a ad state of affairs for this website that I can post something blatantly wrong ^ and am not immediately called out. As BOTB says, it’s TEN days to kickoff. Are we all that apathetic that no one is reading/posting here?

    As for my post – sorry, I looked at my calendar wrong. Shoulda known BOTB wouldn’t be wrong about such matters anyway, and was wondering how in the hell Labor Day could be in August this year. 🙂


    I co-op my four seats with another alum-dropped his off in W-S just yesterday…our (normally) 20-person tailgate is gettin’ ready!


    Swap divisions with the cheaters and we finish 3rd in Coastal and they finish 4th in Atlantic.


    9 days to kickoff. Hot damn!

    The dept chart for W&M was released this afternoon. Still no decision on the QB battle. The kicker battle remains open as well.



    dontworryaboutit . . . maybe it’s a timezone thing . . . .


    I’m thinking it will take a couple or three games to “straighten” the depth chart out…
    A few surprises in the works . . . .

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Yep. Getting excited. Interested to see how this year goes.

    Qb is the big question mark. I am hoping McClendon or Boise guy can make the decision easy in a positive way – see Harrison Beck for the other way to determine a starter.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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