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    Big news related to local radio. Link to article

    Some people in the radio business and newspaper business and every other business don’t like to listen. As you talk, they think about the gem they will offer next. They have little interest in what you have to say.

    Taylor Zarzour, the co-host of WFNZ’s The Drive, cares what you have to say. When he talks to you, it’s as if you’re on a deck, a cup of coffee or a glass of beer in your hand, sun shining and humidity low. So adept is he at putting subjects at ease that they tell him things he wouldn’t have thought to ask.

    Monday, unfortunately, will be Zarzour’s final day at WFNZ. Fortunately, he’s staying in town.

    On Jan. 6 he will begin his new show, Bleacher Report with Taylor Zarzour, on Sirius Radio. The show will run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on channel 92 on your satellite dial. He’ll broadcast from a studio at his Charlotte home.

    For those that don’t remember, Taylor was very good to StateFansNation in his days in Raleigh before the UNC media machine and Don Curtis put the screws to him about allowing us to use his show as a platform to dare criticize the Carolina Way. Taylor was a FIRST CLASS guy and loyal employee and would never admit it or remotely criticize his partners…but, we heard the stories from others.

    Zarzour was the first (and only) local radio host to take a stand for what was best for NC State when the first segment he did on his new show in Raleigh was a diatribe about how NC State should fire Lee Fowler. You should check out the entry from the day of the show by clicking here! (Unfortunately, I don’t think the actual audio is still on our server after some of our migrations.)

    Lastly, you can click here for our Taylor Zarzour tag on the blog.


    This is great new for Taylor. I’ve always enjoyed listening to his show and love him for taking on the tough topics here in Raleigh.


    Good for TZ. Congrats and good luck.

    Alpha Wolf

    Another reason I am glad I have SXM.

    College Sports Radio is worth its weight in gold, as is the soccer channel and of course all of the play by play for different sports.


    Enjoyed listening to Zarzour, in spite of his Alabama background. I loved his initial take on his radio show. It was so spot on it wasn’t funny.

    Good luck to Zarzour.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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