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    For those that might need a ‘review’… go here…


    OK! So after we kicked Da’Ville back to Kentucky last night, I’ve got the HOLES/DOOK on…
    Ya’ll know I’m a 100% Tobacco Road guy and can’t help it, so cut me some slack on that….


    Dook’s got their shorts in a wad and Uncle Roy’s feeling pretty good when they all head to locker room at the half…

    Not because he’s up 10pts, but because his HOLES have held DOOK — who’s averaged 85 points a game this season — to just 25 points in 20 minutes…

    So Uncle Roy does what he does… whatever that is, nobody knows…

    Coach Rat, on the other hand, walks into the Dook locker room, looks at his MAC5* kids, and says…

    “I’m not calling any set plays in the second half. Just quit playing with all the pressures of the world. You hit, cut, everybody touch the ball. You see a play, you make a play.”

    In the Second Half… Dook outscores the HOLES 49-29, which means they also played some defense on occasion…

    Everybody’s favorite Dookie, Grayson, called it

    “organized pickup basketball…”

    And nobody other than the baby blue faithful are terribly upset about it….

    “Learn the rules, and then learn how and when to break ’em correctly…”


    Sidenote… M. Bagley, a freshman — not well known for playing Team Ball, had one the greatest Senior Nights in Dook basketball history with 18 points and 15 rebounds in the second half to lead the charge…


    Now… all that strikes to the old bones two ways…

    1. Nobody ever said Coach Rat didn’t know how to coach the game, but for a 70 year old man to adapt to the times and conditions says something… Something one could take in either a positive, a negative or both directions, I’m not sure which way to go….

    Regardless… it seems Coach Rat, even at his age, doesn’t need any of those little blue pills..

    More importantly….

    2. The Ghosts on ALL the Smoking Porches at all the old gyms, especially the old Coaches, all have that “WTF” look… and are saying…

    Tell me we got this right…. He’s getting $7,299,666 a year NOT to call plays????? How the hell can we get in on some of that???

    And the answer is…

    “Only in the UpsideDown of Stranger Things…”


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    If I owned a bridge in Brooklyn I’d invite you to jump off of it.



    Coach K befriended Jimmy V. Albeit it was after he was forced out from Ncsu anyway I can tolerate him.

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