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    After last night’s win in Chapel Hill, this website ran a headline and a couple of sentences that flippantly asked if UNC’s 1-3 record since Coach Dea
    [See the full post at: State wins in Chapel Hill! Focus on OUR student athletes]

    Coach Abatemarco

    Very well written. I held my canadian club high last night for a toast at 1130. Congrats coach gottfried and to the student athletes. I do not want to hear any more bitchin about class.

    Die hard state fan from the crystal coast!


    “…that many of the outraged appear to be too young and too inexperienced to understand.”

    So you go from disrespecting Dean Smith to disrespecting our own State fans? Wow, this again is a terrible article.


    Great piece, and in reply to “Coach”….no one’s bitchin about class, but if we are going to talk about it in comparison to what’s been going on over there for many years……..we should at least show some.


    Wow, nice long winded, rambling recovery saying “I guess I’m sort of sorry? But really more sorry you feel that way”.

    I was at the dean done last night with a UNC fan/alum and thank god he hadn’t heard/ read this by the time we went our
    Seperate ways after the game. Will be interesting if I hear about it this morning at work. He’s the type guy who would take the high road over something like this though (obviously something foreign to this crowd).

    The sheer embarrassment and shame I would have had I been confronted with this article would have far exceeded walking out of the dean dome with a 30 point loss. Lay off the narcissism and obsession with UNC. Focus on Wolfpack stuff.

    Stuff like this weakens Wolfpacker perseption amongst others, and perception is reality.

    I alsong with many others are really done with this blog. I hope you guys take steps back to where it used to be.


    “self-important victims”. REALLY? Somewhere, somehow this site lost its compass in the last year or so. The article that was removed was pure trash and should have been removed long before it got to 3 pages. Its things like that that drive the NCSU athletic department crazy. One of the collective of SFN contributors needs to have a open heart to heart talk with Debbie Yow OR Randy Woodson about their perceptions of the fan boards in general. Trust me, there is a large disdain there whether you guys want to admit it or not, and what happened today is prime example of why.

    Maybe I’m off base here but I feel a correction in viewpoints of what is and is not acceptable is long overdue. By the comments I read from many I don’t think I’m in the minority.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Rather than a smarmy reply referencing “the author”, maybe you could allow “the author” to show some class, admit his mistake, and issue an apology? I mean, I can see that the post has been deleted so that we can go in hiding and randomly distribute paper class accusations as always. Until we can react like we expect to win versus top tiered opponents we will always be treated like the cast away team from North Carolina.

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

    — Embarrassed Pack Alum


    Allow me to bring clarity – I am 41, and the joke went over my head. After the explanation, I get it. It wouldn’t have been a firestorm had it been explained a bit and/or not been “headline” material.

    Had it been a clearly whimsical comment in a game thread (like when I noted that Dean DID love defense and low scoring games, and we certainly provided that), it would have fit just fine. Context is everything.

    I think there’s also the notion of the “cooling off” period. In the immediate aftermath of V’s death, I wouldn’t have appreciated talk about the “V curse” or “sold our souls for 1983” (even in jest, even though self-deprecating humor is the lifeblood of our wolven sort)…especially not from anyone wearing blue. Again, context.

    So let’s not have this be the dominant topic of conversation today. I think I can understand where everybody is coming from, and I hope we can just de-escalate and move forward as a community.


    Trollin’ ain’t trolling if you’re obviously trollin’.

    Good post Keymaster, before and after the edit. No need to apologize or explain.

    Who are this “participants”? I’ve been reasonably active here for several years and it’s become predictable to see a bunch of new nics after a slap down State victory in a big game, such as we enjoyed last night. I don’t recognize these posters. Any State fans out there participating in a Cheater blog for purposes of trolling?


    Look, I hate everything about that cesspool over there just like the rest of you do, but at some point we just have to stop acting like the nerd that never gets the girl and start acting like the jock. Just post about how thoroughly we dominated them last night and leave it at that. All the old snark that drips in EVERY UNx thread and has gotten boring to even those of us that used to enjoy it and at some point it starts to scream loser mentality”.


    I almost unsubscribed from SFN when I saw the post immediately following the game last night. I love the content you put in here, though I think it’s a bit heavy on focusing on “the cheats” sometimes, but that was over the top in my opinion. I would have liked to have seen a real apology rather than this rambling post that does not take responsibility for what was clearly a mistake, not a joke. At least for me, I do NOT think it’s ok to use a joke someone uses about themselves. If someone disrespects themselves, that’s their prerogative, but that doesn’t mean I can disrespect them.


    Yes let us give thanks for this win and not lament how we’d get a back handed compliment from the great one.

    Respectfully submitted in this year of our Lord, 2015 AD (after dean)



    McCallum seems to get it so much that he might understand the mindset with which this post was written. He probably notices some little digs, backhanded compliments and the nuance of mentioning things that shouldn’t be mentioned.

    McCallum seems to maybe understand the irony with which some of those points were made.


    Please spare us the moral indignity.

    I, too am offended, however. Putting said post in the closet is disturbing.

    If I get permission, I would very much like to tell you a story from a venerable old coach, and his relationship with DES.
    A coach, btw, who’s jock DES couldn’t begin to carry.


    I’d like to point out that even though I think a lot of what many of you have said is crazy and low and mean and offensive that I don’t demand that you take it down or that you be censored. And, I don’t demand that you apologize to me for your offensive thoughts and comments. It is an interesting approach, isn’t it?

    I could get ‘offended’ dozens of times a day if I chose to be offended – watching TV, listening to the radio, reading websites and interacting with others. I am going to try the approach I am learning from others of constantly proclaiming my offense to the world and demanding that everyone that says things that I don’t agree with take back their words and issue me an apology (even if the comments have NOTHING to do with me).

    Ooops…just heard Howard Stern make a crass joke about religion that isn’t even my own. I need to go tweet how horrible of a person he is and demand that he apologize to me and others for something that has nothing to do with me! The old me would’ve just turned him off.


    I saw the post before it was removed. I saw the humor in it. It was, to me, obviously tongue in cheek. It could also have been left completely unsaid. The question is: is this web site the appropriate place for an acticle like that? If it were posted to a humor site most people wouldn’t bat an eye. Because this web site is associated with our Alma Mater I understand the censorship.

    That said, cripes, people – get a sense of humor!


    Umm, all you got to say about Dean to know what kind of program he ran is 97% graduation rate. Now we all know what that means. I’m sure he was a kind soul to his players, but his program used a different set of rules than almost everyone in the NCAA for DECADES. Great coach, but the Carolina Way was garbage. The truth hurts.


    McCallum – that would be the year 1 (after Dean)


    Too bad we have people in diapers reading this site. I listened to innuendo about “V” running a crooked program for years in the aftermath of his death. These things were said even though there was a full report on our infractions available for all to read, that clearly told a different story. A lot of that has faded with Jimmy V Week and such.

    Dean Smith was an outstanding basketball coach, that is not open for discussion. By all accounts from his players he was a good man as well. In the aftermath of his passing, he has gotten a complete pass for his establishment of a corrupt system that granted his teams a serious competitive advantage for years. The one comment made in parallel to the long running joke about V selling our souls for the ’83 Title was nothing that should have offended anyone who has any knowledge of these two schools and their histories. I found it ironic that this “controversy” fired up just days after the Outrage thread.

    As for the game, it was a classic. Our work on the boards, and BJ Anya’s ownership of the paint on defense were beautiful. Cat Barber looked like a leader; a poised, confident, talented leader. Turner and Lacey made enough plays at the right times to keep the opposition at bay. All this does is give us an opportunity to close the deal and make for a boring, non-suspenseful Selection Sunday. Go Pack! Beat BC


    Ditto Tex. In fact, funny thing I still get “Washburn” comments. Wash flunked out, didn’t he? Would have probably left UNC with a degree, 97% and all.


    One thing that was awesome and classy was when they showed the team walking to the locker room after the win. Whitt and Gott gave each other a huge hug and the looks on their faces were priceless. 30 something years later and Whittenburg is still looking to hug the coach!


    There were many awesome things that happened last night to clarify!


    I stand corrected.

    1 AD.(after dean)



    I’d like to point out that even though I think a lot of what many of you have said is crazy and low and mean and offensive that I don’t demand that you take it down or that you be censored. And, I don’t demand that you apologize to me for your offensive thoughts and comments. It is an interesting approach, isn’t it?



    Welp, all this is a bit disheartening to me … in the sense that we should be celebrating this morning!

    Joke or no, I thought the original article was a bit over the top and waded into ‘poor taste’ territory. But hey, opinions are like assholes … everybody’s got ’em.

    That said, if the author truly had no reservations about what they had written when hitting the ‘Publish’ button, then I wish the original article had stayed up. It’s perfectly fine for one’s enjoyment to be another’s grand offense – and vice versa. It’s also perfectly fine for everyone to express their views and opinions on a subject. That’s called freedom of effing speech.

    We all come across things we don’t like – every stinking day. How awful would the world be for everyone else if it was catered to meet one individual’s ideals of right, wrong, worthy, and unworthy? So, you saw something you didn’t like and were offended – ok, speak your piece and move on. Maybe your words will have an impact on the author or others … but it’s you who crosses a line when you start talking about what can and can’t be allowed.

    If our emotions are never stirred to the extremes at times then we’re not human. Deny people their right to words and art and we truly trap ourselves in our safe little HWSNBN daytight compartments. Someone mentioned how they thought JimmyV would be ashamed – I couldn’t disagree more. ‘Everyday – laugh, think, cry’. If someone else’s words or actions moved you to those emotional states then so be it.

    If you were offended, speak for yourself – like I did. Spare everyone the moral indignation of lumping everyone into one train of thought and belief – yours.

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