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    .. and IF the PASS to CUZ had been IN FRONT of him, instead of AT him, or 1/2 second higher and later….
    so he could have caught the ball at full speed…

    No dribble, no foul, no bad call …. just a MONSTER DUNK… and the WIN.

    and IF you GOTT a buck…
    THAT will get you a cup of coffee…

    Enough about that…
    Our kids played fantastic last night, considering two weeks ago in Chapel Hill in their last BIG game…
    they couldn’t find each other on the floor, much less play decent ball.

    Truth is… they might be better in the long term for the loss…
    If they had won… their feet would not have touched the ground for a couple of weeks from all the attention.

    As it is… they have the Good Taste of this thing now…
    They know what they can do WHEN, not IF, they play together.
    And they are hungry and they all want some more of THIS.

    And dontworryaboutit — Clempson, Pitt…. they’re gonna be a double digit wins.

    And Mr. Dog called the same two weeks ago against the Holes in the RBC.

    This season, We’re getting our dance ticket.
    Next year… Top Twenty with everybody returning.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    F me Freddy. I don’t remember calling it a dd win…but win just the same…yes.

    But for fu..sakes, don’t listen to someone who knows football.

    Interesting that nobody has mentioned why a point guard at mid court, decided to give up the dribble and pass into the teeth of a trap with 40 sec left.

    I only say it ’cause everything else has been mentioned about the last 40 ticks.

    No slam on Lewis …just a casual drive by.

    Owen Good

    For the last time, I am dealing not in what if, but what was. You want to gainsay the team’s performance? Have at it. There are 10 turnovers. There are God knows how many missed shots. Every Syracuse offensive rebound is one that we should have grabbed. Jesus Christ, you’re arguing a theoretical perfect trajectory of a pass to TJ Warren when the one he received was legitimately good enough to salt away the victory. If that’s the standard, then nothing will be good enough.

    North Carolina State objectively won this game.

    North Carolina State earned the victory in this game.

    The circumstances leading to its defeat were wholly engineered by an officiating group that decided, for whatever reasons, to make the absolute worst call at the most critical hour. This is not some voice in the wilderness opinion. Impartial observers who were present cringed at Mike Young’s call and knew its consequences.

    North Carolina State was forced into a repeating series of circumstances in which it would have to re-prove the victory it had earned. This is the hallmark of the atrocious officiating of the Atlantic Coast Conference. No, you goddamn moron, it’s not some Watergate conspiracy complete with bank transfers and Oval Office recordings. It does not have to be. It’s a culture in which rulings in favor of powerful teams on their home court (and Greensboro counts as a home court for North Carolina) are honored and the norm.

    Today Nebraska, an absolute nothing in the Big Ten, went into East Lansing and emerged with a win against the highest ranked team in that league. Ask yourself the last time that was allowed to happen in the Atlantic Coast Conference.


    ^^ @Mr.Dog…IIRC… that post might have said… ‘blow out’ or something equivalent or stronger…

    Understanding your intentions… yes … I softened your original prediction up a bit to give you some room….just in case… :>}

    And you’re right…
    If anybody wants to play the What IF or the What Was game…
    there’s plenty of free cards in the deck…. every night.

    Just remember…. what people may or may not say….
    when they play the “What IF” game or the “What Was” game …
    EVERYBODY says a whole lot more about themselves than they ever do about the ‘What’ or the ‘If’ or the ‘Was’….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Today Nebraska, an absolute nothing in the Big Ten, went into East Lansing and emerged with a win against the highest ranked team in that league. Ask yourself the last time that was allowed to happen in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

    It happens all the time, relatively speaking. The top teams in the conference are the top teams in the conference because they don’t lose very much. Last year Miami won the conference, and were blown out by Wake Forest.


    I find it amusing and telling who always gets screwed in these situations. It NEVER breaks against the chosen ones. Funny huh?


    Also – I thought that both had a great game plan and team played perhaps its best game all year.

    I thought Lewis played a great game. Team did a great job on boards.

    At the half evidently the refs decided to change the way the game was being called.


    Repeating…Orange is the new Blue.

    Doesn’t mean Blue is going away.

    Next year will be confusing for Karl and company when Louisville kicks in. WTF will they do????


    “Challenge to all deniers: Find 1 game where questionable call results in PACK win rather than PACK loss against top team.”

    Richard Howell set one heck of a moving screen to free up Scott Wood for the game winning in shot at Klempson last year.

    The call on TJ wasn’t a no-brainer by any means. If the ref gives continuation I can guarantee you the Syracuse folks would have gone nuts. After watching the replay only, because I was rolling down I-10 during the game, I thought the correct call was made. I don’t have any idea how the rest of the game was officiated. I did see the two TOs on Sports Center and the Lee TO was a just classic case of a guy who isn’t a ball handler getting in a bad spot a screwing up. I haven’t watched the throw away enough to really see what happened. Bottom line is that if we only turn the ball over one in the final 13.7 seconds we win the game. No refs involved. It was there for us to take and we kicked it away.


    Didn’t we get away with that foul late against Miami? Can’t remember the specifics as couldn’t watch much but heard we got away with one.


    We need to adopt a “Philly Attitude” with regards to how our fans treat the refs at our home games….a little brotherly love directed at bad calls may stop some of them…



    Does that mean we get to throw batteries and ice balls at them when they make poor calls?

    If that’s the case then I think not.

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