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    State trailed by as many as 11 in the second half but fought back for the overtime win in Raleigh to improve to 13-7 (3-4 ACC). Warren hit the game wi
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    I like Anya, but today I couldn’t figure out why Gott stayed with him so long and kept Vandy on the bench. Anybody see something I didn’t with respect to his play today. I thought we got killed even worse on the boards when he was in the game.

    I asked for a lot more Lewis in the second half and he certainly played a big part in turning the game around.

    I’ll take any conference win we can get any way we can get it. This team shows flashes of being able to play solid defense. If we had only rebounded better today our defense would have seemed a lot better than it did.


    OK….this is for a “RULES” and also a very OBSERVANT Poster type of person…

    I have checked the GoPack and ESPN sites and the play by play agrees…

    There were 7 GT fouls committed in the second half. There were TWO fouls committed at the end (2.X seconds on the clock). The TENTH foul was on Golden. Then there was a Timeout. On the Inbounds (State had the ball), Heyward commits the ELEVENTH foul. I THOUGHT the ref used the crossed arm (on the chest) signal. That used to be, prior to the Flagrant Foul language (1 & 2), the signal for an “intentional”. Technically, there is NO intentional foul now…but he did, I think, signal it.

    OK…here is what I do NOT understand. If Golden committed the 10th FOUL, why were there NO free throws awarded to State?

    Then along THAT logic, when the 11th foul was committed, Free Throws were awarded (Turner – Clank & Clank). BUT, it was not a Flagrant as State lost possession.

    Is there some type of exception when the 10th foul is on a Dead Ball (in-bound) situation.

    If I read the rules, it looks like Turner SHOULD have been awarded FT’s twice….

    I hope this is clear and someone can explain it.


    Second Question….was Cat Barber injured or did Gottfried make a field decision (as he pulled out Warren for not playing defense).

    Tyler Lewis was the actual SPARK that got us back in the game….


    “OK…here is what I do NOT understand. If Golden committed the 10th FOUL, why were there NO free throws awarded to State?”

    There are no free throws awarded on a player control foul.


    Didn’t watch second half but I’ve mentioned before that Lewis should get more minutes. Gott has to develop him he needs minutes to adjust to college it will take him longer.

    It took Steve Nash 4 years in pros to make all star team (he was an “old” rookie at 23 to boot). Compare to Derick Rose/John Wall who didn’t bat an eye with athleticism adjustment in NBA.

    The season should be played to develop and KEEP talent. We don’t have luxury to be cavalier and say. “screw kids if they want to whine about playing time let them transfer.” That is beyond lunacy.

    We suck this year and NCAA is a long shot and even if we make it we will lose quickly. We just suck real bad it’s awful to watch. Not Sidney Lowe awful however. Silver lining.


    Gottfried kept Lewis in the game because 1) he was playing smart with confidence 2) we played a zone so he wasn’t a defensive liability 3) Cat was struggling offensively compared to the rest of the team



    except with the ‘suck’ part…..
    our kids don’t ‘suck’…

    Today… was a big step forward. As I posted after the victory against the Twerps…. the sequel to that movie — where the star player can’t play… some unknown(s) step up and a earn a win in a hard fought rivalry game — has two versions. Most of the time, (think Tyler in Charlottesville last season ) the team reverts to it’s old self when the star player returns. But not always, and not this time.

    Today… as far as playing consistent, controlled team ball with all options clicking ( inside, outside, drive to the rim ) our kids picked right up where they left off Monday night.

    Plus… it appears clear from here… that five straight days of practice cemented the X&0s lessons that begun in August. We played good half court offense in a game that did not have a abundance of fast breaks. Our kids, for the first time this season, looked like they all were on the same page and knew exactly what they were trying to do.

    If not for career games by two Tech players — one in each half — the score would have more clearly reflected their overall progress.

    Defensively… we played consistent, solid defense… although amount of time Vandy spent on the bench watching Anya… remains perplexing. Not saying that was the wrong thing, just that it it was perplexing.

    No word on ANTHONY on the bench at the end of the game, the best guess is it was a coaching decision in a close game dictated by matchup considerations, the excellent play of Lewis at the point, notwithstanding.

    More importantly, during that stretch in the early second half where we came back from down eleven to up one, BOTH Tyler and Anthony on the court. That plus the astute substitution patterns of Dez and Freeman, perhaps, is what we should expect to see as the season progresses.

    The overtime was a bonus in more ways than one. Now the kids know they can go hard forty five… a month ago they could not go hard for thirty. More importantly, two straight wins doing things the Coach’s way, instead of CAT on three, four or five and halfhearted defense, builds more Team confidence. With confidence comes succes. Success breeds success.

    Now… our kids have three games this week… all tough ones… What needs to happen to finish the week 2-1 or better is for them to take everything they have done right the last two games and raise that about thirty percent to the next level. Specifically, this translates into simply making about five fewer mistakes on each end of the floor. Sounds simple, but these will be tough games with lot’s of extra “distractions”. That’s 99% mental.

    No sir, our kids don’t suck. They are just kids. And we are watching them grow up in front of eyes.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Lewis’s first three caused a six point swing, off Golden’s miss that could have put them up 14. Great to see him start hitting, he’ll keep more minutes if he can continue that. Some of our freshman played like freshman, which should be expected. Lee sometimes plays out of control but seems to be learning from his mistakes. Turner is starting to be pretty reliable. Overall they dusted off the Sunday’s malaise and pulled out a game they trailed for most of the game, so that’s a good sign. Maybe they could play more of the game with trapping or active zone with all the athletic players we play, unless its just more effective when done sporadically to throw off the opponent.


    Zone worked in our favor for a change … definitely a swing in overall play after the switch to it and a nice call by the staff. We got destroyed on the boards while in it, but there was no denying the zone’s effect on Georgia Tech. Also, much better overall offensive flow in this game … Cat struggled offensively, but overall both he and Lewis did a nice job. Good to see Lewis lead a victory.

    The youth really shows on this team. We have better personnel than Wake Forest and Georgia Tech but could have (probably should have) lost both games – and unfortunately did lose one of them. But, the kids are winning some games and fighting hard together.

    Two straight games where they’re down by 11 points in the second half yet come back and find a way to win. Granted, Maryland and GT are not great teams – but the team deserves kudos.

    I wish we could keep the core of this team together for two more seasons … Hopefully we will, but it’d be nice to bring the majority of this squad back plus Warren next season. No need to talk about it now though, we’ll see what happens in the offseason 🙂


    We’re beginning to look like we might just dodge the first round of the ACCT on Wednesday.


    I’m glad that push off charge was FINALLY called on Golden. He’d done that (and scored) several times without a call.

    Anyone else find it curious that the free throw % and field goal % (55 and 53, respectively) are with in a negligible margin? That’s gotta be better. To me that’s an indicator of other sloppy things too…


    I like Anya, but today I couldn’t figure out why Gott stayed with him so long and kept Vandy on the bench.

    Vandy had 1 rebound in 25 minutes. Anya had 4 boards in 11 minutes of play. I think you got the question backwards. Why did Gott stay with Vandy so long?


    For this game, I’d settle for 4 more made FTs and 5 more rebounds.


    Wanted to highlight a note from Cowdog from the game thread:

    “… aggressive zones, not laid back zones…pressure zones.

    One only needs to look Petino, for instance. State’s got one guy built for M to M in Barber.”

    ^While – in general – I’m very much a proponent of good man-to-man defense over a zone, I’d really like to see that aggressive zone again. The key for the effect the zone had against GT was how active and aggressive it was – that translated to other areas as well. It also helped to spy Miller – though he did obliterate us with offensive boards and a couple of mid-range zone buster jumpers. Overall though, I think you just tip your hat to Miller – aside from him, the zone swung the game along with Lewis’ production and management. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say GT’s fate was sealed once we switched to that zone – it really highlighted their lack of offensive skill players.

    We have good personnel with which to run zones and traps … incidentally, with respect to NC State it helps speed the game flow up for us – which is desperately needed for this team to succeed. There was a game earlier in the season (I can’t recall which) in which we ran a 1-2-2 pressure/trap zone with Warren at the point of it that was very effective. I’m in favor of seeing some more zone. The caveat, of course, is rebounding … again though – hat tip to Miller.

    One more note: we ran ‘man’ for the majority of the OT and Lewis wasn’t too much of a liability from what I saw. I unfortunately don’t have it on dvr, so please let me know if I’m off base here.


    State struggled to beat one of the worst teams in the ACC in Raleigh. Past experience says that new bright spots seen today will not be found when a good team is played.


    Va wolf – I suspect you are right. At present, we look like a 7-11 or 8-10 team. it will be interesting to see how we fare against FSU.

    One thing is certain, we have to shoot really well to have a shot because our opponent will get plenty of 2nd chances.


    Vandy had 1 rebound in 25 minutes. Anya had 4 boards in 11 minutes of play. I think you got the question backwards. Why did Gott stay with Vandy so long?

    Vandenberg: 4 points, 1 rebound, 3 assists, 1 steal, 2 blocks, 0 turnovers
    Anya: 3 points, 4 rebounds, 0 assists, 1 steal, 0 blocks, 2 turnovers

    Furthermore, my impression is that Miller scored more on Anya than on Vandenberg. I know Miller got a left baseline layup by getting past Anya, and he got at least two dunks when Anya was guarding him, one when Anya fronted him and they lobbed over the top and another on a follow dunk.

    So altogether, I thought Vandenberg had a slightly better game. But he is a 5th year senior and Anya is a freshman. That is to be expected. And the margin was not much between them.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    I do believe I said in the preview that State simply doesn’t match up well with GT in just about every facet and that held true. I also said that it would likely come down to State’s bench playing better.

    GT: 21-50(FG), 3-10(3FG), 14-21(FT), 15+19=34(O+D=RBD), 59(PTS)
    ST: 21-41(FG), 3-9(3FG), 5-11(FT), 3+11=14(O+D=RBD), 50(PTS)

    GT: 7-15(FG), 3-8(3FG), 2-2(FT), 3+3=6(O+D=RBD), 19(PTS)
    ST: 11-19(FG), 2-4(3FG), 6-9(FT), 4+8=12(O+D=RBD), 30(PTS)

    Now that I’m done tooting my own prediction horn here’s the biggest problem this team faces and can be fixed before the next game…DEFENSIVE REBOUNDING!!!!

    Offensive Rebounding Rate:
    Georgia Tech = 45.0%
    NC State = 27.3%

    Second Chance Pts:
    Georgia Tech = 18
    NC State = 12

    You keep allowing at team to rebound half their missed shots then you’re going to struggle to beat anyone. Part of the problem is we have too many “shot blockers” and not enough rebounders. When so many of our “bigs” go to block shots they take themselves out of position to get a defensive rebound. If we had other players step up and fill that rebounding position, box out, then we’d limit probably half the offensive rebounds the other team gets. Problem I see is either no one slides in to fill the void left by the shot blocker or everyone goes to block the shot and no one is left to even attempt to rebound the ball. This can be fixed immediately and it would be really nice if at least one person on the court, during play, would channel their inner Richard Howell and play for the boring rebound and not the highlight reel shot block.

    Of course there’s nothing we can do about our players being shoved in the back and flying across the court while the refs don’t call a foul. 🙂

    Deacon Blues

    Free throws, FREE throws, FREE throws. If we were simply shooting a decent percentage this game never goes to OT.

    Of all these things we may or may not have the personnel/experince to do, we should be able to shoot better than this as a team.

    Must fixed if there are any expectations past the ACCT.


    Its reasonable to hope this team improves. I just don’t feel like we’ve seen consistent improvement on offense or defense, and we’re midway through the season. The ACC is way down. Biggest positives so far: Dez Lee and Kyle Washington bust heir cans every night on both ends of the court, and Turner is reliable shooter, especially when he takes good shots within the flow of the offense.


    I think Turner, Washington, and Anya have all improved over the course of the season. Freeman seems stuck. I think the fact that he just turned 18 is finally catching up with him. The real key will be to see if our defensive consistency can improve. Maybe the zone will give us a way to allow a lot fewer drives to the hole. The free throw performance drives me nuts. If you are going to be a team that goes to the basket a lot and doesn’t shoot threes well, you just have to make 70+% your free throws.

    Turner scored on a couple of “Scott Wood” plays yesterday. That tells me he’s learning how to get open within the parameters of this offense.


    ^ Agreed re: Turner yesterday. Rather than just heaving up any old shot at any old time, for the first time he seemed to have a clue about working to get quality looks.


    I think Deacon Blues (and perhaps others too) hit the nail on the head. This game would not have gone to overtime if our boys could consistently hit free throws. We keep giving up free points. That is a killer along with the poor rebounding. Both of these should be easy to fix. I don’t know how the coaching staff approaches fixing these issues, but I sure do hope they make the kids practice lots of FTs and rebounding drills. It’s very frustrating as a fan to see talented players go to the stripe and clank the ball off the rim when even as a kid, I would stand on my driveway and practice free throws for hours. Is the mentality nowadays too focused on breakaway jams instead of fundamentals?


    Buckets, BSW, KW, and KH should all be excellent free throw shooters. But they’re all awful. It makes NO SENSE.

    Yes, we are not going to finish well if we don’t start playing much better. But these kinda wins are semi-encouraging because: (a) we keep fighting and showing good character; and (b) we aren’t digging such a huge hole that theoretical improved play in late Feb and March will be inconsequential.

    I think it’s VERY important that this squad at least make the NIT, for multiple reasons that are too obvious for me to type out.



    Thanks for your response. It is difficult to see from where we sit, the calls and the signals and the game was moving pretty fast. I later found out it was a charge or a player controlled foul, so on the 10th foul, it did not result in FT’s. Since Heyward did foul (block or intentional…whatever) on the inbound, the bonus FT’s were awarded.

    I appreciate your response and tried to “edit” my post, but the “edit” function has disappeared from the new format.

    Thanks again….

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