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    March 1st. Thank god for basketball — gives us something to do until Spring football practice starts.

    It seems like just yesterday that the we held the circle jerk celebrating basketball practice starting. Now I’m wondering if it will ever end.

    Groundhogs Day. Isn’t that the day that the NC State basketball coaches come out of their office and if they see their shadow we have another month of mediocre basketball?


    You are right about basketball. I started out this season getting excited before each game and really looking forward to them. Now I’m about 25% excitement and 75% dread. Facing Virginia, its more like 99% dread. (I think the fact it’s game day, playing the #2 team in the country, and their is no thread and virtually no discussion of the game speaks volumes about the state of State basketball).

    So yep, I’m 100% excited for spring football.


    Statefansnation is where I go to feel worse about life. I’m excited about what’s happening in Raleigh. We have a pretty good coach, who recruits well, and puts a pretty good product on the floor most nights. Our team is inconsistent because they haven’t played together very long. Even then our younger players, especially the bigs still make fundamental mistakes.

    Just like you all, I see the improvement, but I see the frustrating lapses. Our coaching staff has also identified the lapses and are working to address them.

    Unless Cat, or both twins, or KW leaves I see us having a really strong team next year based off of what I saw from this team this year. Abu and Anya took a little longer to develop but if they had come along quicker we would be a top 10 team this year. I see their potential and we all know what we have in Cat, Lacey, Twins, KW. We GOTT a pretty good thing going. We have had some miscues, some questionable officiating (we are State after all), and we lost some really close games.

    Free throws, defensive improvement, and boxing out are all that’s separating us from contending IMHO. Call me crazy but I think the longer this team plays together they will pick up those nuances. We had a lot of time off… here is to seeing what we bring against the wahoos tonight. GO STATE!!!


    ^ Excuses.

    Inexperience, youth, whatever you want to call it is the norm in big-time college basketball now. Other programs consistently find ways to mold young players into a cohesive team that shows improvement and WINS. In year 4, of the Gott era I’m not interested in a litany of reasons why we’re so close, or the invisible forces holding us back. Results are all that matters.

    Go sell crazy somewhere else.


    While my heart dearly hopes Kappa is right, my crushed soul fears Appack is.

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