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    … either Right or Wrong….

    Might as well get a jumpstart on trashing this piece of sports “journalism” to from esspin…
    and I lose that term loosely….

    Where is Coach Gott ???

    ESPN’s Top Fifty NCAA Basketball Coaches – 2014

    My two cents… everybody associated with this publication.
    Worth noting… Eamonn Brennan signed his name to it…

    Holler Back!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I’m assuming he will be listed tomorrow. No?


    He has Matt Painter in his “just missed” which is quite funny. Bruce Pearl there is funny for the opposite reason. LMAO, Eammon.


    Herb in the “just missed” list. Makes sense to me. He had a horrible record versus the RPI Top-50 at State while cleaning up on the bottom half of the conference. He must not be doing much better at ASU based on NCAA appearances/performance.

    Since he can’t beat the Top-50, he can’t be in the Top 50


    Herb in the “just missed” list. Makes sense to me. He had a horrible record versus the RPI Top-50 at State while cleaning up on the bottom half of the conference. He must not be doing much better at ASU based on NCAA appearances/performance.

    Since he can’t beat the Top-50, he can’t be in the Top 50

    HWSNBN gets the “pity factor” honorable mention, which allows media favoritism without being laughably absurd. And shit, he is at least better than Matt F-cking Painter.

    Anybody that wouldn’t put Bruce Pearl in their Top 50 is an absolute moron.


    Looks like they are going to drag out the top-25

    #24 Bob McKillop of Davidson


    Anybody that wouldn’t put Bruce Pearl in their Top 50 is an absolute moron.

    If Herb is getting the pity factor, then Pearl is being penalized for the sleaze factor.


    We’re already up to #19 and still no Gott…..

    Either he was really snubbed (not even a top 75 coach?) or he is getting into rare air.

    My money is on the latter.

    Here is their top 25 so far.

    No. 25: Jamie Dixon, Pittsburgh

    No. 24: Bob McKillop, Davidson

    No. 23: Greg McDermott, Creighton

    No. 22: Tommy Amaker, Harvard

    No. 21: Larry Brown, SMU

    No. 20: Thad Matta, Ohio State

    No. 19: Jay Wright, Villanova

    This'll all be over by Friday....


    This is absolutely ridiculous, but unfortunately I’m fairly sure that Gott isn’t gonna make the list. Basically ESPN is saying that Gott isn’t in the top 76 (since there is a tie at 50). With only 18 spots left here are the coaches I think will be listed (in no particular order):

    Definitely In:
    1. Mike Krzyzewski – Duke
    2. Tom Izzo – Michigan State
    3. Jim Boeheim – Syracuse
    4. John Calipari – Kentucky
    5. Billy Donoavan – Florida
    6. Rick Pitino – Louisville
    7. Bill Self – Kansas
    8. Sean Miller – Arizona
    9. Bo Ryan – Wisconsin
    10. Gregg Marshall – Wichita State
    11. Kevin Ollie – UConn (based on recent championship alone)
    12. John Beilein – Michigan
    13. Mark Few – Gonzaga
    14. Roy Williams – UNC (uggh)

    Gott’s only fighting chance:
    15. Tony Bennett – Virginia (recent ACC regular season and tournament championship)
    16. Shaka Smart – VCU (because ESPN loves him)
    17. Steve Fischer – San Diego State
    18. Fred Hoiberg – Iowa State

    I hope I’m wrong and Gott can take spot 17 or 18 instead of Fischer or Hoiberg, but I have a bad feeling about this.


    Yeah, Gott ain’t gonna make no hype list from ESPN. Thats my guess


    Yeah, I can’t argue with your reckoning of the top 18. But I don’t see how a guy who’s been to the tourney three times in a row, has a Sweet 16, and consistent top 20 recruiting classes (even by ESPN standards) is not top 75. But I agree that it would be hard to say that Steve Fischer, Hoiberg, Smart, or Bennett weren’t top 75 either. Maybe there is another tie somewhere…

    This'll all be over by Friday....


    “16. Shaka Smart – VCU (because ESPN loves him)” – originally, I had a real smartass passive aggressive comment for this, but I chose to delete it. I think Smart should be in the top 20 because he is extremely smart and a really good coach.

    Does nobody else see that Tom Crean being outside the top 50 is a bigger snub than Gottfried being outside the top 75? I mean Gottfried was fired from his previous coaching position (at a football powerhouse) and was a talking head for 2 years. Since his return he has arguably had three average to above average seasons (average success for a “basketball” school). Crean’s career has been a bit up and down, but he erected Indiana from a real dumpster fire left by Davis and Sampson. Some will argue that a chimp in a suit could have done the same thing, but I give the guy credit.


    #18 Steve Fischer.

    It’s looking like Gott is out in the cold on this one. I’m really baffled by it. Some of the names in the top 75(76) have not achieved anything near to what Gott has achieved in the last three years.

    FYI, here are some other fan boards that discuss Gottfried’s exclusion:

    This'll all be over by Friday....


    Another way to look at it (based on RDW’s list above) – Top ACC coaches:

    1. K
    2. Boeheim
    3. Pitino
    4. Ol’R Williams
    5. Bennett
    6. Dixon
    7. Larranaga
    8. B. Williams
    9. Brey
    10. Hamilton

    I recall a discussion earlier this year that wasn’t too far off this… Of course without B. Williams in the discussion.


    I find this entire ranking by ESPN a joke. From their opening paragraph, describing the rankings:

    Which coaches are doing the best job right now?

    We’ve been thinking about that question this offseason, looking for the best way to quantify the answer. Luckily, we’ve got ESPN Forecast. Last week, we asked a panel of nearly 100 ESPN writers, editors, broadcasters and researchers to rate college basketball coaches on all aspects of running a program, on a scale of 1-10. (The crucial distinction here is that the prompt was not career-oriented. This isn’t about legacy. It’s all about the present.) We compiled their scores and ranked the names, and now comes the fun part: The big reveal.

    Yet if you then just peruse the rankings, a lot of it relies on past achievements and perceptions and has little to do with what a coach has done recently. Otherwise how would you explain #45 Mike Brey, a perfect example:

    Brey is a lot like Thompson: Save 2013-14, his teams are almost always good if not great, and almost always fall short of expectations in the tournament.

    It’s just a list for ESPN to drive conversation and page views, which is what ESPN mostly does anyway.

    Of course, given it’s a ranking done by 100 people at ESPN, it’s no wonder this list mostly hinges on reputation. ESPN also fails to explain what they mean by rating a coach on all aspects of running a program, so it’s impossible to determine exactly what criteria went into this list.


    Mark Few is today’s pick. Looks like Gott is a cooked goose as far as this ranking is concerned, not that he cares. He probably wouldn’t be in my top 50 but definitely top 75. Some of those are laughable.


    Let’s do a blind taste test.

    The criteria for ranking include recent success as well as having the right pieces for future success. We’ll take the last three years.

    Coach A

    63 wins
    NCAAs – 1 appearance (1st 4 loss)
    Top 25 recruiting classes, highest class rank – 1(25)

    Coach B
    49 wins
    NCAAs – 1 appearance (Rd of 64 loss)
    Top 25 recruiting – 1(20)

    Coach C
    70 wins
    NCAA – 3 appearances (1 Sweet 16, 1 first four win, 1 rd. of 64 loss)
    Top 25 recruiting – 3(10)

    Two of these coaches are in ranked 30-35 by ESPN and one is unranked. You guess who is who.

    This'll all be over by Friday....


    Roy checks in at number 16 today.


    No. 15: Fred Hoiberg, Iowa State.


    It’s GOTT to be an oversight. I don’t see how we have a legit top 50 perhaps top 25-30 program going to 3 straight NCAA’s, one sweet 16, an ACC POY, but have a below top 75 coach. They either really don’t like GOTT and think we deserve better or just forgot about lil ole NC State. And its funny to see Hoiberg above Deputy Dog. Who the heck is Fred Hoiberg????


    He’s the Big 12 Champion that knocked out Deputy Dog shorthanded, received a handsome extension and is getting looks from the NBA. In other words, he’s hot. And he’s a heck of a coach.

    Bennett checks in at No. 14 today. Going to have an ACC flavor with K, Pitino and Boeheim still on the board.


    The D. Dog is way too low. 7 final fours, 20 straight NCAA’s, 2 titles all the while overseeing the biggest cheating scam in NCAA history. You think it’s easy keeping all them fools quiet?


    No. 13: Shaka Smart, VCU
    No. 12: Jim Boeheim, Cuse


    No. 11: Sean Miller, Zona.

    So we are now down to the top 10. Here’s who must be on that list (in no particular order):



    Ollie comes in at No. 10 today. Small sample size but awfully impressive.

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