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    Still a bad play by Finley there; if he can’t get the ball deep enough there, he has to throw it out of bounds, free play or not. The idea of a free play does not mean you don’t need to take care of the ball.

    No. Sorry man, but that’s just terribly false. A free play means there are NO consequences of a risky throw. Again, a free play means there are NO consequences of a risky throw. NO WAY that an official’s egregious bad call should be put on Finley. If you want to dog on Finley we can discuss how he’s not effective at passing down the field further than 10 yards, which was on full display yesterday.


    The ND defense had Finley way off of his game. Going against an good defense (which all NFL teams have better D than ND) and not being able to complete passes down field was exposed by ND yesterday and will absolutely hurt his draft stock. Let’s put it this way, I don’t want him on my favorite NFL team.

    Don’t get me wrong I still think he’s a good college QB.


    Does yesterday’s game mean…

    We’re not putting the band back together?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    BOTB, we can’t let a tanked, corrupt security detail screw up the opportunity for something really special. I’m still in. Playing the blues right now but I’m still in. I think that officiating crew should be forced to sit down with the team and watch the game films. Time after time the ND dbacks grabbed and pushed and never a yellow flag. I said it before and I’ll say it again, The swofford bowl is crap.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Well, Yogi, if you think it was bad last week prepare to see it again.

    I am of the opinion that the injuries and int for a td were the biggest factors of the game. The pick 6 was a close one.. close enough so that I can chalk it up to a bad break where we could have executed better.

    My disappointment in coaching staff is that we were caught a little flat footed after the bye and were virtually dead from an offensive standpoint when Hines went down. Now, if Notre Dame loses Adams, they may be saying the same thing and we may be looking at gameday and an 8 pm kickoff.

    Again, this doesn’t mean I don’t think the program is heading in the right direction. I just think one of DD’s weaknesses is in game adjustments and making lemonade out of lemons. (This is counter-balanced with his strength in overall preparation which of given the choice of two traits, I would rather have a builder than a magician.)

    gso packbacker

    We know Clemson is licking their chops after watching ND handle us like that on those short and intermediate throws.

    I don’t anticipate the officiating to be different at our place. What we have going for us is a home crowd that is pumped. The other thing we have is knowing that we have find a way to counter that sometime before Saturday.

    Not sure about Nyheim’s condition come Saturday, but I sure as heck hope he can give some quality minutes.


    Gso – I have to admit, as I was watching Notre Dame shut our offense down for most of the game, I was wondering how we’d fare vs the tigers d.


    No. Sorry man, but that’s just terribly false. A free play means there are NO consequences of a risky throw.

    No. Sorry man, but you that’s just terribly false. What is expected to be a free play cannot be known with 100% certainty to be a free play during the actual play. Even if a flag was thrown and seen by the QB, he cannot know with 100% certainty what the call will be. Thus, he must take care of the ball.

    This cannot be argued. We have clear evidence from what happened on the play in question. So your stance here is proven wrong.


    I’m liking playcalling on this drive! Fun times over here!

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