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    Agree w 13OT.
    Playing the game in a near empty building will deprive the Pack of the home court advantage that I think has helped push them over the top in the last two Duke games at PNC.


    CBS national. THAT is why it’s not moving to like Sunday late afternoon.


    If I was within 30 miles of the PNC…

    I’d put the truck in 4WD and leave now…
    sit on the first damn on our side and tell CBS, Swofford and Pat to F off…


    so… ya’ll GOTT to do THIS for me !!!!

    besides… I decided today was a good day to make a Brunswick Stew the right way and I’m two hours into….


    Dr. Debbie should just tell everyone Free Admission, Free HotDogs and open seating and PACK the place….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Surely they will at least run buses for the students??

    I would expect we will get at least 6-7K hearty locals there.


    In the gambling realm it’s well known that home court advantage is worth on average nearly 4 points (3.7 to be precise). With a State/Duke matchup that home court advantage would certainly be amplified.. I’d guess maybe 5 points. We’re definitely the losers in this sitch here before the ball even gets tipped.


    I firmly believe that this wasn’t done in order to screw State and help Duke…but if the roles were reversed (or the Holes were disadvantaged in a big rivalry game)…NO FUCKING WAY. Their getting shafted would be taken into account, rather than being considered a collateral bonus by the Swoffy cabal and “Mayor Pat” etc.


    I live in Apex. I have a 4WD for these instances. My wife (nurse) worked yesterday without incident (in fact at Rex next to the PNC). This is not a cataclysmic event and I will be at the game. I don’t recall seeing so much official panic (I’m not counting the couple of disasterous mid-day ice dustings we’ve had over the past few years – those were a bitch). Either cancel the game or get out of the way!


    Remember, you can vote straight GOP ticket and still fill in the bubble for Roy Cooper. I know lots of conservatives who plan to do just that. It’s not like the legislature will be anything but overwhelmingly GOP anyway.


    I’ve got no beef with Pat, but yeah I know plenty of R’s who have always voted for Roy Cooper in the past. Now watch this GTown/UConn game go to triple OT. I’m grumpy, I need a beer.


    The Wolf Line is running, the students will be there. You guys are way over the top when it comes to screwing State theories and give Coach K too much credit. Same thing happened last year with UNC/Dook game, Coach K didn’t want to drive 10 miles to Hill because the Dome would be full of students and nothing much else. Same will happen at PNC. That should favor us. I’m more shocked Coach K did not request the game NOT be played than go as scheduled with PNC full of students. If this so called conspiracy is true, Dook would pushed to have it postponed as Jefferson will be back to play. Go Pack !


    There is NO WAY in heck that this situation favors us. That should become obvious once the game tips.

    And if you think the Blue’s don’t get special treatment in this league you’ve got your head in the sand. Just no other way to put it.

    I mean seriously.. wasn’t it only 2 or 3 seasons ago Chris Corchiani got tossed from the PNC?


    I thought team player well with exception of – minutes where the movement stopped on offense.

    This year is all about avoiding disaster and embarrassment.

    And thad moss committed today!


    We are starting to see some dileneation in the league standings.

    UNC is the top team. They have played an easy conference schedule and have a bevy of tough games ahead, but from what I have seen they are the league’s most talented and complete team.

    BC is the league’s worse team by a mile. They are simply awful and will be everybody’s “get right” game, even ours on 3/2.

    I can’t make much sense of positions 2-10. Four teams knotted at 5-2. They are going to fight it out the rest of the way. There are some surprises both ways – teams that have underperformed and teams that have impressed. My gut tells me Clemson and VT will fall back, with Cuse, UVa and perhaps Duke moving up if they can ever get Jefferson back. But who knows. Another big surprise appears to be Notre Dame. They are a pretty good team and will likely head to the dance.

    The bottom of the league appears to be GT, FSU, STATE, Wake, and BC. Two of those teams have already beaten us. Better beat GT next.

    Here are your updated league standings:

    UNC 7-0
    Louisville 5-1
    Pitt 5-2
    Notre Dame 5-2
    Miami 5-2
    Clemson 5-2
    VT 4-3
    UVa 4-3
    Duke 4-4
    Cuse 3-5
    FSU 2-5
    GT 1-5
    STATE 1-6
    Wake 1-6
    BC 0-6

    edited BC record


    Oops sorry BC is 0-6,not 1-6. Typo.


    IIRC, The bottom 6 teams have had a losing conference record the last two updates. The big difference between RPI standings and conference standings are VT and Clemson. I expect VT to fall back, but I don’t know what to expect out of Clemson. Three big wins and they were hanging tight in C’ville.

    As with most things, time will tell.


    UVa comes back from a 7 point deficit with 20 seconds to play to stun Wake on a last second three. Wake controlled the game but missed a bunch of free throws down the stretch. Gotta learn how to close.

    FSU beats BC.


    I just looked at the yahoo sports app (highly recommended) and saw that Pitt visits Tiger Town tomorrow (or actually Greenville this year). Another chance for Clemson to show what they’re made of.


    Playing away from Little John seems to be working well for Clemson. I have several Clemson grad friends, none are too confident Coach Brad will continue this run. Very similar comments from them about Brad as we have discussed with Gott.

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