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    Just saw that Elliot Avent did not travel to Louisville because he is recovering from a copperhead bite. Can’t argue it any longer, NC State sports are literally Snakebitten.


    We will need the Cowdog to step in…


    If EA does NOT have a winning record, his new (and he will NOT be able to shake it) nickname will be “Snake”.

    Did anyone get a video or selfie of the snake? It would not surprise me if the Snake Charmer from Chapel Hill (who may still be on Life Support) planted the Copperhead on EA’s property to do him harm.

    Having a Snake Phobia, I have come close a few times and this time of the year, the little reptiles are active. The younger ones are more dangerous in that they do not have the maturity to “measure” (via their heat sensors) the body mass and when they strike, they give it all they got.

    Some to think about it….many of our athletes, in pursuit of feminine companionship, do the same thing…

    EA’s bite is not funny. It is serious…..but he SHOULD recover with little consequences….other than to look where he walks….

    Hope we do well in Louisville sans coach…..


    I would die just from the sheer terror of it, and that’s no exaggeration.


    Gladly, ’78. Truly, I have been eaten by a coyote, and sh:t off a cliff, but never missed a game by dumbery.


    Eaten by a coyote? Oh, that was in the desert wasnt it?


    Hell that was last night.
    Oh wait, sorry….thought you said “peyote”
    Carry on.

    As an aside, due to some late week “forced to be an adult”(NOT a euphemism) on my part, this weekend’s baseball preview is either gonna be really late…as in tomorrow; or really short and terrible. Right now I’m leaning towards short and terrible.


    Now wait a minute, CD…I taken a leak off the side of a mountain(and then fell), but were you “shot off the cliff” or did you take a “shix” off the cliff?

    BTW, I’ve got two front row tickets with Willie Nelson next week…I supposed that close enough that I won’t need “anything”???

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    WTVD’s Mark Armstrong did a follow up interview. Coach did use his NCSU umbrella to dispatch the venomous reptile.

    A shotgun would have been my choice or the time tested garden hoe. One would have thought that EA might have had a bat in the garage….guess not.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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