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    “What does aged out even mean?”
    The seats were uncomfortable even for a college student and the facilities were totally subpar. So the choices were to gut and rebuild, raze and start over or move on. On campus parking sucked even in the 1970’s. As a student who lived on campus that was never an issue for me but I promise you today I would not be a regular guest at Reynolds for games.


    You people who want to go back to Reynolds need a time machine and replay the 70’s and 80’s.The PNC is not the cause of a 25 years of bad NCSU bb but bad Atheletic directors which led to bad coaching staffs and their poor recruiting. And remember the reason we are in the PNC is because the NCSU athletic dept and the alumni did not have the financial means to build an arena on their own. Most of the Div 1 programs play in facilities less desirable than the PNC. What we need is coaching staffs that can recruit,game coach and improve the recruits skills not another facility .


    Thanks Chuck.

    I don’t think any of us are wanting to go back to Reynolds… Most on this site believe that ship has sailed. I think most of us would like an arena that felt like a basketball arena for NC state for 75% of our home games.

    I also think most of us believe that on the scale of challenges our basketball program faces right now, the arena thing is pretty low.


    ^ This has been the situation since the move to the hockey palace. Not a terrible arena and for today’s big time college basketball actually one of the better arenas when considering everything in total. Access, parking, the arena itself, the need at the time of building for funding help and the like. An on campus arena (with the proper access, parking and such was always my personal preference but at the time the palace was built that simply could not happen. As chop says if ranking the challenges for the basketball program this would barely make the list.

    Alpha Wolf

    s chop says if ranking the challenges for the basketball program this would barely make the list.

    Yes, we would be pretty mediocre even if we back in Reynolds in all its former glory.


    Doak Field is an example of what happens when NC State tried a “go it alone” approach for facility upgrades. Fact is, we have a notoriously cheap fanbase that likes to scream a lot, but doesn’t back it up with money. If you look at our Wolfpack Club donor pyramid, the vast majority of our donors are in the $50-$500 range, and not nearly enough folks able to write $1 million checks. If we tried to build our own facility on campus, we’d maybe end up with something about the size of Minges Coliseum at ECU, but a little nicer. I don’t even think we’d have the fanbase support to build a modern arena with the seating capacity of Reynolds (12,400). Given that our season ticket revenue from PNC is based on ticket sales several thousand bigger than 12,400, why do we keep having this discussion? When we have a team/program that isn’t the suck, PNC could provide a daunting home court advantage. I was in that arena for one of the Canes Eastern Conference Final games against the Maple Leafs in 2002, and the place was so loud that the sound felt like a blanket enveloping you. Gottfried builds a top 10 program, and you will be amazed how loud PNC becomes.

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)
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