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    Unless you’ve been very busy today, you’re already aware that Shadrach Thornton was involved in an accident with a pedestrian while driving his moped/
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    jimi eno47

    I stand behind all of the coach’s decisions that he has made concerning Thornton … especially the last one to dismiss him. I also hope that he, Thornton, eventually grows up, but I do wish him well. And finally, F*** UNcheat and all their damn thugs!


    Shad is a very good running back, and I firmly believe his opportunities are not limited in football. I hope that he gets the chance to finish his degree this year, and has that to fall back on. Doeren’s hand was forced here because of Shad’s past. I applaud Doeren for making this decision; it reaffirms my understanding that Doeren stands by his word. I am so pleased that my alma mater’s football coach honored his word; it’s quite a rarity, especially in college sports.


    ^^I didn’t even think the Asterisk was our rival.


    There have been those that have and will state that this action on Shad was hopelessly wrong, and typical of NCSU.

    God Awmighty, hope it is typical. (Come on back, P44)


    How many times has an employee being terminated looked at me and said, “I’m getting fired for that?” The answer is always the same. They are getting fired because the incident being discussed is the final step in a progressive process that has included umpty jillion items.

    I hope Shad makes it in the NFL. I hope he gets his degree. I hope he remembers the feeling he had this afternoon for many years and uses it as motivation.

    john of sparta

    he’s done.


    This is really disappointing. I was so looking for a great season from Shad. And especially the one-two punch of two great running backs. At some point kids have to grow up. Now somebody has to step up now. Too bad it isn’t Shad.


    He’ll make an NFL roster.

    By the way the games are played today, I’d bet he’ll be a better pro than college player.


    Hats off to coach d. This was a decision made with the long game in mind. It would have been very easy for him to laugh this off…as a couple of coaches with flashy jewelry would have… But he’s in this to win and to win right, I find that very encouraging and a stark contrast to the school down the road.

    Make no mistake, we’re a less talented team without him, but this sends a message to all about the expectations of a football player at this school. I don’t think it was a coincidence that the team showed incredible grit vs. Louisville last year when he punished several of “his” guys – I hope we see the same time his year.


    ^Agree with chop. Disagree with foose.


    I completely understand Doeren’s position and that he has to make this decision. I’m having a hard time understanding the terribleness of the situation, though. Maybe there’s more to it. I don’t know a lot about mopeds. Are you allowed to be on the sidewalk? Were all of his faculties present? Unless there’s something more, it just sounds like an accident. If I accidentally hit someone on a moped or bike or something, I’d see if they were OK and if they were, I’d probably keep on going, too. It wouldn’t even cross my mind that I needed to call the police or whatever was supposed to happen. Or maybe there’s no such thing as good mopeds and bad mopeds. But a moped in the hand of a bad person is a bad thing?
    Add “no mopeds” to team rules. We must protect this house. (or bubblewrap all pedestrians in Raleigh)


    It seems to me he wasn’t let go because of the actual incident, but because he fled the scene. It was another poor decision in a pattern of poor decisions, and Doeren was really out of options otherwise at this point.


    The aptly named Luke of the Cock is kinda over the top

    Thornton probably should have been kicked off the team after his last transgression, the unspecified violation of team rules that caused him to be suspended for the first two games of the season. Walk-ons have been booted for far less. But N.C. State spun the same old litany about “lessons learned,” even as Wolfpack coach Dave Doeren knew Thornton’s suspension was looming but not yet announced.

    The gospel according to Luke….I don’t know what you did, but you shoulda been booted for it.

    And according to this link , Thornton’s vehicle was unregistered.


    I liked Shad but kicking him off is the right thing to do. Kid could not keep out of trouble. It’s a shame that much talent and that little smarts.


    Of course I nor any of you have all the information, just hope Coach had enough info showing Shad to be a law violating inconsiderate person. That sounds silly I know but a police officer in my town struck (bumped) a child who was riding his bike here four months ago. The police officer left the scene without reporting, hours later the childs mom called every local news station and the officer was subsequently charged with leaving the scene. Of course, he’s facing termination until an internal investigation was done which consisted of watching a 4:30 second video from a banks security camera that showed the police officer spending nearly five minutes with the kid, helping him out appearing to offer his cell phone to him, then checking out his bicycle before exchanging a high five then leaving. Now yes, the cop did fail to report the accident…which by state law has to involve property damage over $1000 or injury, this case neither, yet still he gets the citation. However considering he did everything humanly right to help the kid he retained his job. Forgetting about past troubles, I hope this situation warranted his dismissal.

    BTW, I conducted the above investigation so I am 100% aware of those facts.


    It does seem like an unlucky incident that perhaps got blown out proportion due to Shad past and status. There is some questions and concerns that probably tied Coach DD hands. I would guess Shad was already on double probation. Was it ever released what team rules Shad violated for the 2 game suspension? The moped incident could have just been the final straw with some smaller problems. One could be Shad was breaking team curfew since the accident happened almost at 10 pm. I’m still curious how they found out it was Shad driving the moped. The guy he hit claims he never told him who he was. He also said he did not know Thorton.

    Guess bottom line was when is enough enough? Shad seems to have developed a pattern. A pattern that seemed detrimental to him and the team. This warranted dismissal. Its a catch 22 for Coach DD, Shad and the university. I wish Shad the best of luck, hope he graduates and grows from it all.


    A letter from Shad:

    “I would like to start off with an apology; it was never my intention to bring disgrace to this community, university or the staff. I am elated at the opportunities that I’ve had here at the University, and I deeply apologize for the position that I’ve put you in.

    Throughout my time here at NC State I haven’t always made the best decisions, but from those decisions I have learned unteachable lessons. The lessons we learn while getting knocked down are the ones that stick with us when we get back up.

    I can’t express in words the passion that I have for my Pack family; I will be humbly cheering from the stands as the team continues to do the unthinkable. I will continue to train my mind body and soul as I prepare for the 2016 draft.

    I assure you all that the lessons I’ve learned here at NC State will stay with me always. I am a man of faith and I believe that everything happens in God’s plan; it is never my place to question him, but only to accept that which is given. I will do my absolute best to assure that you, future coaches and fans, receive the best Shadrach Thornton possible.

    In closing, I’m apologetic for that which has occurred; I’m thankful for that which I have learned; and I am joyful for whatever God has to come.

    Be Blessed”


    I hope Shadrach learns that his actions affect more than just himself. If he learns that, he will be a better man, husband, teammate, whatever he wants to be, down the road.


    Wuf’, I had the same thoughts about DeCock’s article.

    From the other article you linked to:

    “I understand that he was polite, cooperative and gave the officers a full statement about what happened,” Turner said. “I understand that after the accident he did have a conversation with the victim before leaving the scene.”

    I understand it’s the HISTORY here that is key, and given what we know, it’s probably the right thing to do, but man… I’m not sure what else I would have done if I had been in that same situation. If they guy said he was ‘cool’, I wouldn’t have thought there was anything else I needed to do.

    Driving a moped on the sidewalk, yeah, that’s an issue. But I’m at that same intersection numerous times each week, and given the traffic, what I’ve seen there, and the time of night, yeah, I can understand why Shad was on the sidewalk and not in the road. I’m not excusing it, just saying I can understand it.

    Just wow, what a way to ago. That scooter brought with it 50% of the incidents that got Shad in the wrong headlines. A freak’n scooter. smh


    If he gets serious about certain aspects of his life he’ll make a Pro roster. He will certainly have to pay some more dues to get there, and those are likely to come in a less glamorous situation than D1 saturdays.

    Good-luck Shadrach, learn and move forward.

    It was not a pretty or easy call for DD to have to make on what was from some angles a petty situation, but the right one.


    Too bad. The hand was seemingly forced. I agree with TexPack in that it wasn’t about this incident, but was about all the stuff leading up to it.

    I always liked Shad and think he is a great talent. I think he can make a NFL roster, but it will be a large amount of work.

    In a way this helps us out with the log jam in the backfield. I kind of felt like the staff didn’t think Shad would be here given we recruited so many backs.


    Let’s get righteous about decisions and all that crap but when I think about it, I don’t see what he did that I would have done different. The “crash” that the N&O wrote about occurred at about 9:15. (A college kid is suppose to know all the fine print of the law but the freaking newspaper don’t know a bump from a “crash.”) So I’m riding home on a dark, drizzling night on the sidewalk — don’t want to be a statistic in a hit and run — and I need to be home before curfew.

    I bump some kid I didn’t see and stop to see if he’s OK. He says he is and I head on home. No property damage and no apparent injury. (The 2 fingers needed a bandaid each and you couldn’t see the lip damage from a frontal view.) I don’t want to violate team curfew so I make a bad decision and head on home.

    The officer who “arrested” Shad must be real proud of himself. I wonder how many people he’s let go for far more serious and real law breakings. Wow! He got to ruin a kids senior year of college football for something so minor that most people don’t even know that what he did violated a law.

    Do I think that Doeren did the right thing? Yes. Do I think Shad got “special treatment”? You darn right I do.

    I’m retired and don’t have 2 spare dimes but I’d like to see the truth about this written up and if the police or the N&O are guilty of any wrong doing, sue their ass.


    grey: I started out there. Then I read that the Moped wasn’t titled and was being ridden on the sidewalk. If you do these, you’re playing with fire.

    Now would I have handled the actual accident any differently? Probably not.

    Did the kid or his mom smell some $$$? Probably.

    Is it unfortunate? Yes, for all parties.


    Amen Grey’.

    Nothing happens, nothing, no arrest, no coverage, nothing, if Shad wasn’t an NC State football or basketball player. Period.

    This was local media gleefully throwing red meat in a corrupt morally equivalency game. Same old same old, not too different to Alaa Abdelnaby’s DUI getting buried on page 28D while Shackleford’s speeding ticket was front page news and the lede on the nightly news.

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