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    As some of you know, I am a supporter of the English Premier League Soccer Pack – the Toffees of Everton. Unfortunately, the Blues (as in political colours, there is a reversal in roles in the EPL – the “bad guys” wear red, interestingly enough, the Shite and Manure meet for the Poo Derby Sunday morning) are struggling mid-table, and nobody ever responds to my rallying call anyway.

    To take your minds off the shitshow that it is men’s basketball 2015-16, I give you everybody’s 2nd favourite side, the club I have nicknamed Foxy Footy (and if you squint hard enough, aren’t foxes close enough to wolves anyway?). Yes, Leicester City has shaken up the established order with their own Cinderella run, and were atop the table on Christmas. 5 of the last 6 teams to do so went on to win the League, only the Shite (HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) having failed. Going into 16 January play, they are level with Arsenal on points at the top, but behind on goal differential.

    Like Everton, Leicester wear blue, so you know they are nice.

    Much like the wolven sides that you loved most, they simply outwork the opposition, playing with heart and passion. They certainly don’t have the budget of the “teams that matter” (vomit, just think how much the Holes and Dookies would love to add that phrase to American sports parlance), but they have two great talents in forward Jamie Vardy and midfielder Riyad Mahrez (who might be the most impressive EPL player I’ve seen all season).

    A great chance to get acquainted with your adopted side for the winter/spring? THIS SATURDAY, when they play relegation fodder Aston Villa on NBC at 12:30. Watch pre-game activities on NBCSN at noon so you are spared even A TINY BIT of torture. I will put up a match thread for the non-masochist souls who wish to gather in a healthier, more life-affirming environment.

    Learn more from the links below:




    Actually…today I heard Tim Howard was being courted by the big money.
    Don’t you tell me I don’t fucking listen, damn you. I got the attention span of a ‘Murrican when it comes to futbol, mate.

    But I digress…been doing that a lot tonight.

    So, you’re saying Leicester is kinda like…..


    Oh, those poor bastards. I hope they win this year, bcuz dey be phuqed after that.



    Those are not the type of foxes I was looking for.


    I was expecting maybe a lingerie football team or something, that looked a little like…

    What Does the Fox Say?


    Not to be disagreeable….but ‘foose’s foxes are way more…..


    Obligatory Star Wars…These are not the foxes you’re looking for….quote.

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