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    Since most SFN readers have a little more experience and ‘gray hair’ than the readers at other blogs, I thought most of you might ‘enjoy’ a quick stro
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    When you got it you got it. It doesn’t matter what coast you’re coaching on as long as you honor the process. With this extension the ASU fan base can start to see the daylight compartment at the end of the tunnel.


    What amazes me more than anything is that HWSNBN is currently only 51. His 8 years @ ASU + 10 in Raleigh means we were dumb enough to hire him at 33. There are very few people prepared to handle that type of environment at that age, and HWSNBN wasn’t one of them.

    I almost feel sorry for him, but then I remember the daytight compartments, wood chopping, seeds of greatness, running down of former coaches, transfers, injuries, Princeton offense, deflections, beat downs by Duke and UNC (other than when Doh was at the helm), heart breaking ACC tournament finals, blown leads in big games, the Elite 8 choke, running off Wilkins, no point guards, lunatic fringe, yearly letters of support, contract extensions ad nauseum, votes of support by rival coaches and fans, awful end of game management, horrible slow down ball, inflexibility and overall divisiveness. I don’t miss him at all.


    I SWORE that I would NOT post on this topic… I saw it when it popped up. Herbie has had his day in the sun and his brief (fill in the blank) number of minutes in some level of the “spotlight”

    But RyeBread done reminded me of all that MOST of us disliked (and prefer to forget) about Herbie.

    There was SO MUCH anticipation after Les. We loved Les (but not as much as Sid), but he never really made it as a coach in the ACC.

    Then came Herbie. Herbie had the academic smarts for the Admin. His GPA probably did more to get him the job than his coaching ability.

    And we put up with a LOT under him (see Rye’s post for the gory details). Two things stick out in my mind….the ACC Tourney final….against Duke. We had taken out (thanks, Herbie) UMD (who went on to win the NCAA that year and that put the skids under Gary’s “I’ve been to the Mountain” career…and it was all DOWNHILL after that). The MD game was great. We beat them….much to the chagrin of all the MD fans surrounding our seats in Charlotte.

    BUT, we had NO defense against Reddick and Company. When asked about WHY we had no defense or why we did not use a certain D (box & 1), Herbie simply answered….we did NOT practice that….so it was not an option. Herbie, did you practice ANYTHING that was slightly out of the ordinary?

    Then, Herbie was the spokesman for BoJangles. It’s BO time was heard throughout the land. We played a double (maybe triple) OT game and won. During the presser, Tony Haynes asked….”are you tired?”…..and Herbie responded….”Yes, I am exhausted….I need to get a Hoagie as I am famished…?

    Duh, Herbie, did you ever consider dropping a sponsor’s name? Obviously Herbie would not make it as a NASCAR driver (now there’s a picture that would scramble your brain….Herbie in a NASCAR ride…)

    But, good luck to Herbie. I hope he and the Miller kid have a LOT of future skirmishes….


    I’m glad Coach Sniffles did not get another HC position because the number of posts regarding him would increase by ten fold. I don’t begrudge the Hobbit’s contract extension, I just don’t want to be reminded of those days.


    We loved Les (but not as much as Sid)

    Hey, speak for yourself. Both of those guys stunk IMHO.


    Great news for U of A fans if you ask me.


    This post has HWSNBN and Jeff Goodman … it’s almost too much to take as a State fan!


    Herb must have nekkid pictures of somebody.


    Maybe Herb has nekkid pictures of EVERYONE. Could he be the brain trust behind The Fappening?




    If you want to know why herb continues to be employed you need to look no further than names like Sidney lowe, led Robinson, bzdelic, Bob staak, bob Wade, buzz Peterson, and Matt Doherty.

    Herb is competent. He will never knock the cover off the ball, but he will advance the program… To a point.

    Our fanbase’s biggest mistake wss bringing the heat on him instead of our baboon ad. Wanting sendek fired while Fowler was ad is like divorcing your wife because she only has sex with you once a month…when there are no are no women under 200 lbs out there. Fowler showed us what suck was..but hey at least we didn’t sweat selection Sunday


    Herbie is not our coach. I do not care what ASU does with his contract, or with any of their other coach’s contracts.


    The most hilarious comments are from the Arizona fans who are ecstatic at this news. It seems ASU basketball is similar to NCSU football…and Herb is their TOB (Jeb would have NEVER fired this man…not in a million years). Certainly both schools exhibit loser status-quo mentalities but at least now we have a competent AD who is willing to fire coaches if they can’t optimize their teams commensurate with the resources provided.


    This brought back many memories today…some of which I didn’t want to relive.

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