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    Thanks to the successful debut of the SEC Network as well as the lucrative College Football Playoff, the conference generated an NCAA-record $455.8 million in revenue in 2014-15. The league’s revenue was $309.6 million last year.

    That means the SEC will distribute $31.2 million to each of its 14 schools, a figure that does not include $19 million in bowl revenue.

    The Big Ten held the previous record for NCAA revenue, generating $338.9 million last year.–ncaaf.html

    For the mathematically challenged (or lazy), that’s a 47% increase in one year for the SEC and a 34% increase over the previous B10 record.



    I believe the Big 12 also posted record revenues. Will try to find the link.



    IRVING – The Big 12 posted record revenue distribution and an increase of 14.5 percent from 2014 and still found itself passed by others Friday.

    Earlier in the day, word had leaked that the Southeastern Conference would distribute $31.2 million to its members at $455.8 million total – monster numbers. The Big 12 average full share was $25.6 million. Twelve months earlier, the Big 12 average share was $23 million to $20.9 for the SEC.



    Good thing we doubled down on the Swoffy Cabal, eh? I’m sure adding ND (except in football, where they keep all their own money) resulted in a similar windfall for us, right? RIGHT??

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