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    Time is flying on me and I am becoming old faster than I would ever have imagined. So, now that I have blinked and my little boy is nine-years old I a
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    One thing about the Aguayo blocked FG. When watching this, it was notable to me that Aguayo wasn’t even warming up before he goes between the sidelines. He is just standing there like any other player on the team. I have never seen a kicker NOT kicking into the net while his offense is driving for a game tying or game winning FG attempt. I mentioned this to my wife and really didn’t expect him to make it, even though Mark Jones kept saying he had never missed a kick in the 4th quarter.

    Now, the FG getting returned for a TD, the block six, wasn’t something I anticipated.


    I had just refreshed my Black Russian and was settling in for an OT….after watching the Dook-VT and was silently betting on FSU. Who wouldn’t. THEN it began.

    Kick was blocked. FSU players looked shell shocked. GT DL was running around chest bumping and high fiving.

    BUT, two or three of the secondary were astute enough to realized that they had an opportunity…..a very LONG (how about 78 yards) Shot at winning. Don’t know WHO picked it up….but he did have two (have not watched the replay or the slo-mo) or so GT blockers… my mind’s memory replays it.

    Then headed towards the sideline and the consternation of the FSU line and the celebration by the GT line was fascinating. It was 3 or 4 against the world….and they did not stop.

    The blocking, what little of it I could see, was clean and there were no yellers. And then, in the proverbial blink of an eye… were OVER….Game OVER… in the canines and urinate on the fire….break out the ‘shine….

    GT played it well. FSU and Jimbo went for the WIN….without a Plan B.

    It SHOULD be noted….as I put in the forum, that if you read the various FSU blogs, they is angry….agitated…..MAD. They have taken Jimbo’s name in vane. There was a rush on Apple Jelly and a contingent was lining up to publicly humiliate him, Deliverance Style, as soon as he stepped off the plane.

    They also cited the UGLY November 2012 loss to NC ST….that obviously STILL sticks in their craw.

    This afternoon I was fixing a lawnmower and my 12 YO GS was helping me. I asked him if he watched the FSU-GT finish. He had seen a little bit, so I gave him the whole picture.

    I also asked if he KNEW who was the LAST ACC Team to beat FSU. He popped back. STATE and you took me (he was 9 YO). Talk about Pack PRIDE. We both still have our ceremonial victory T’s that I bought that night….

    GO PACK…


    This really doesn’t fit here, and it is not worthy of its own thread, but I find stuff like this baffling:

    5 star tight end Chris Clark commits to UNC then de-commits (perfectly understandable). He then commits to Michigan and again de-commits soon thereafter. He eventually signs with UCLA and decides to transfer one game into the season. A few weeks ago he commits to Syracuse, and yesterday he de-committed.

    Why would any other coach offer this kid a scholarship? I don’t care how talented he is. That’s just plain nuts.


    Apparently Syracuse was smart enough…it wasn’t that Clark decommitted from Syracuse, it’s that Syracuse refused his commitment.

    See here: link



    I agree that we really need a “Bizarre Sporting Events” of the day continuing thread….

    FIRST….to your post….I’ll bet that Al Golden would have provided him whatever he wanted….if he could have just caught a few tatters and kept the UoM score from being ZILCH….

    Second….there is a Thread SORT OF on this, but it also deserves the “Why would Bobby Petrino WANT this kid”…not exactly related to Pitino’s little “Nookie for the Recruits & Dads” situation….

    The girl was his cousin….but his name does not look like it came out of the West Virginia branch of the family… it….it is pathetic….but also a statement of our times….

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