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    As the (I think) only White Sox fan on this board, I am STOKEDDDDD that Rodon fell to 3.

    Brady Aiken to the Astros
    Tyler Kolek to the Marlins

    Both top picks are high schoolers. Aiken has a complete repertoire with a plus fastball.

    Kolek is big. 6-5 and 235, with a plus-plus fastball (sits at 94, consistently hits 97, and tops at 101).


    I’ll be a White Sox fan when he makes it to the bigs. Go Carlos Go! Didn’t see Trea Turner’s name listed in the top 10 though.

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    Trea was #13, to the Padres.


    Any idea if I’ll be able to see him in Charlotte (ChiSox AAA)? Brand new stadium uptown.


    ^ He’ll probably end up there before the season is over, but likely not until after the big club does the 40 man roster call ups.

    Brett Austin went in early 4th round (108 overall), also to ChiSox.


    Ok, I’m going to show my baseball ignorance. How does the transition from amateur to pro playing time work. With basketball and football their seasons run basically in parallel so there is no jumping straight from college to the pros (in the same season), but because the MLB season begin and end so much later than the college and HS season, do the kids that were just drafted jump immediately into the pros (by pros I mean the minor league system) or do they wait until the following season/fall ball/spring training?


    DSD, it depends on a lot of factors. Most likely, Carlos will start at AA Birmingham. I just don’t think they’ll even think of putting him at A-ball in Winston-Salem. He will throw there for a short time, then move to AAA Charlotte. Depending on how much time Don Cooper gets with him, how well he transitions to major league workloads, and the pitching situation in the majors; Carlos could come up in a bullpen role by August.

    Another thing to take into account is his agent. Rodon is a Boras signee, which means he commands a higher price than most rookies. In order to (hopefully) drive down his initial price, the Sox will most likely come up with an accelerated timetable.

    Given the patchwork rotation (Sale, Quintana, Danks, Rienzo, Noesi), I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him play out of the bullpen early, and possibly start as soon as September. He will most likely be rotation ready for the long haul by next May, possibly even April. If Carlos pitches like we know he can, he will immediately jump in as the number four starter, and possibly the three given Danks’ inconsistencies.

    I’m going to boldly say that he is the number 3 starter by late summer of 2015, and that he is behind only Chris Sale to start the 2016 season. Having those two, with those sliders, during back-to-back starts is mind-boggling.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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