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    I LOVE this stuff. We’ve got a group of relatively recent NC State grads in the office that I was telling about Andre The Giant’s drinking exploits just about a month ago. Nobody would believe it coming out of my mouth – as they don’t even know who Andre the Giant really was 🙁


    – He ran up a $40,000 bar tab in England while filming the Princess Bride.
    – He drank 119 beers in a single 6 hour sitting, taking a piss break between each case.
    – It took Andre 2 liters of vodka for him to get a buzz.
    – He drank 16 bottles of wine during a 4 hour bus ride.
    – He drank 40 vodka tonics after a bartender did last call. Andre didn’t want to leave, so the bartender agreed to stay as long as he was drinking. He polished off his 40th vodka tonic at around 5 am.


    I remember Rick Flair (back in prime time ) wandering into the Embers club on Creekside Drive ….
    one night after a Wrasslin’ show over at Dorton Arena… with a half dozen beauties over course …

    IIRC… Rick was no slouch at the bar… either….

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    It’s been a while, but in the late 70’s I remember seeing RFlair in
    a Charlotte bar called The Treehouse. He always had quite an entourage.
    Never did see Andre.


    They used to stay at the then, Holiday Inn. I had a young lady friend that was the barmaid, and on several occaissions tipped with the likes of Flair, and old guys, Haystack Calhoun and Bobo Brazile.

    I never saw Andre, either.


    FWIW, I saw “Double A” and Tully Blanchard tailgating at the Carter when I was a kid (some time in the mid 80s). Don’t remember any chicks with em, maybe there were. Couldn’t find the other horsemen.


    Went one night to Dorton arenas and watched some wrassling. Went to the airport hotel afterwards and partied with Buzz Sawyer and Dick Slaughhter. You young wrassling pups probably don’t remember them. I think they just wanted to bang the chicks we were with but they were shot down. Lol!


    I’ve seen Flair throw a few back in CLT.


    Used to see Rick at the Hilton on Hillsborough at lunch…I was working just down the street and we’d go over for lunch ever week or so. He was always in town when they’d film the TV matches.

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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