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    We are a family owned Raleigh business looking for a few more on-site reps for tomorrow’s NCSU vs UNC tailgate. Know of any outgoing sports fans who want to make 30% on each sale for about three hours tomorrow?

    More info here:


    you have the same ad on a unc blog spot/site??? Go pack??? looks like you want to profit off the holes seeing your pic of the “pro” unsux team. key master, get them off this group off. I can make more original shirts than this anyway


    @PackofMac please feel free to visit our website where yes, we do also have UNC gear for sale. Therefore, I feel we are by no means trying to misrepresent ourselves… and App State… and Alabama… and over 20 other teams. As I mentioned above we are a small, family-owned operation where 20% of our profits go back into community organizations but if you prefer to spend you money at a box store I saw some cartoon wolf shirts available at WalMart recently. Thanks for your concern though.


    I (and probably other mods) have left this up until now, mainly because I did go to your site and looked at your stuff and did not come away with the impression of you misrepresenting yourself.


    NCSU grads or not, don’t come in here and start antagonizing anyone with poorly veiled references, and evenly more poorly veiled sarcasm. You’re new here, you’re advertising here (for free I might add), so show some respect to posters who might have misunderstood (or who just don’t like the fact that you’re shilling to both fanbases) even if you don’t feel they’ve earned such respect from you.

    Consider this a lesson on how to behave toward potential customers (and maybe consider editing/rephrasing your last sentence above before it costs you even more potential sales and bad word of mouth….I’d do it myself, but I consider it your own choice if you want to torpedo tomorrow’s profit margin. Good luck either way.)


    @packofmac and @wufpacker we obviously misjudged the openness of the community here and it’s obviously not the right space for our company to maintain an open, honest and unveiled presence. We thank you both for helping us see that (again, no veiled sarcasm here, we truly mean that- really!). And yes, we probably did respond with a little haste initially but I think anyone would be on the defense following a comment like that of @packofmac, don’t you agree?

    We will find another space to represent ourselves as the local and honest company we are. Also, rest assured we are not sitting pretty counting our “profits” (as referenced above), quite the opposite in fact… we are simply trying to make a living doing something we enjoy and raising our kids hands on… like anyone else strives to do we assume. Go Pack today!! (and again, we truly mean that as alumni who have invested ourselves in this area and more importantly the communities within it)


    @wufpacker when you get the chance, please remove us from the group. Thank you


    Not a chance.

    Thanks for your concern though.


    Thanks, have a great day.


    Actions have consequences.
    You could have fixed the problem, instead you got on your high horse.
    Bad business.


    Well that escalated quickly. Brick killed a guy.


    Meh, I’m always pissing somebody off.


    Meh, Iā€™m always pissing somebody off.

    Bwahahaha, amateur šŸ˜‰

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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