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    On Tuesday, the Wolfpack community mourned the loss of one of its own. J. Perry Watson, former director of NC State’s music department and author of t
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    RIP J Perry Watson.

    I couldn’t begin to quantify the amount of sheer joy I’ve totaled over the years singing “The Red & White From State.”


    I like to think that if he had the opportunity he would make “go to class Carolina” the actual lyrics.


    In the late 70s we sang “fred” and Dwight” from State….
    love the song


    I heard it first on my last recruiting trip, under the South goal in Reynolds for a Duke game.

    I couldn’t get the damned thing outta my brain later that night…”Go to hell Caroline…”


    that song has meant more to me in my 36 years than any other song. I know no other lyrics than “go to hell caroline”, my wife helps with keeping the song original with my two and three year olds. You better believe they learn the “correct” words from dad at every football game. GO PACK!!!! DESTROY THE DEACS


    Carolina is getting probation,
    it’s a time of celebration.

    Mr. Watson would have run with the scandal and written something McCartney would be proud of.
    RIP, sir.


    As an alumnus of the NCSU Marching Band (before it became the Power Sound of the South or the Thundering Herd or whatever, I can say that Mr. Watson was a fine individual and true STATE fan.

    He and the other directors took up to the Independence Bowl in JKF Stadium in Philly in 1963. I think that with all the “Bowl Stuff” the “Bowl Community needs a suppository to “relieve the tension and get out all the festering fungus”…and I KNOW that the Independence Bowl would be WHERE it was inserted. It was so Cold that Al Gore would have declared a national disaster.

    Our slide and valve oil FROZE or had ice crystals from the mixture of saliva and the oil. They had to contact the local band directors and find a pharmacy with glyscerin and mix up a special “Low Temp” blend for us to perform. The two bands outnumbered the fans….and the freebies to children from the public housing areas were turned down.

    That was indeed a character building as well as an unforgettable experience. I have hunted Deer in sub zero weather and I have spent a LOT of time in Duluth, MN in the winter when I had a factory up there. I do NOT remember being as cold as I was that night…

    Dr. Watson was always upbeat and positive, no matter how many of we “tromboners” did not have our slides in the horizontal plane or the Susaphoners had their bells rotated incorrectly.

    There is a memorium where you can leave any thoughts….

    I noted that Milton Bliss posted. Those are two names that I have NOT heard in a long time. Dr. Watson, may you RIP…NCSU has much to thank you for.

    GO PACK…


    Adventuroo? You were there in 63 with me? Wow, you are freakin’ old! Like me!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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