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    Wolfpack Baseball (30-18, 14-12 ACC) bids adieu to Doak Field for another year this weekend as they wrap up the regular season at home by welcoming in
    [See the full post at: Reg Season Finale: Pack9 Hosts #3 Louisville]


    What say we win Game One and get the drama over with early, Pack Nine? Please??


    One would be nice, but two would be nicerer! Keep those bats swinging.

    And thanks for the updates. They’ve connected me with Pack baseball over the last few years.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    Hopefully Anya and Freeman can limit Montrezl in the paint, and the duo of Barber and Lacey can have their way with the Cardinal’s backcourt.

    No wait…wrong sport. I just had a bad trip flashback to March.

    And now I’m sad.


    Win streak snapped at 9, largely due to lack of control from the hill.

    ‘Ville takes game one 4-3.


    12 freebies (8 walks and 4 beanies) sure don’t help.


    ^ Indeed. If the ‘good’ Brian Brown shows tonight we should hopefully have a puncher’s chance at least.


    Pack blanking Cards 3-0 headed to 9th.


    And I jinxed it. ‘Ville with a little something going in the 9th. 2nd and 3rd one away. DeJuneas comes on to try to close it out.

    And a base hit makes it 3-2.



    DeJuneas Ks the next two to end it.

    The win assures Pack of a winning ACC record. Rubber match tomorrow at 1pm.


    Holes lose to UVA-if I have it right the Pack can finish no worse than 6th in the league for the ACCT seeding.



    Listened to the game on WKNC. About midway through the game, when the Heels were behind, Gary Hahn said that he had the “official” info (from the ACC HQ) that IF the PACK wins (as they did) and IF the Heels LOSE (as they did), then we were IN as a 6th….and not part of the play-in or whatever on Tuesday.

    NOW, we still need to pull for FSU, but the Tigs sure seem to have their number.

    So, we dodge the “Les Robinson” series and get to play as the older kids….but it is NOT over yet.

    If you listened to the stats, Lewyville had 5 hits and 2 runs….but they had 5 errors. That was the way it was last night. L’ville’s D SUCKS.

    We kept our poise tonight….and pulled it out.

    Really good game…

    GO PACK. Got to do it tomorrow night…..and carry old Mo into the DPAC and kick some booty….


    ^ Correct. The Pack is assured of no worse than the 6, but a Pack win tomorrow OR a Clemson loss gives us the 5.

    And FSU better get it in gear for themselves as well. A quick glance (so I could be mistaken) tells me that if they lose tomorrow, ND takes the #3 from them.


    RPI up to 33 btw (had dropped to 40 after last night’s loss).


    As an aside, Rodon’s 2nd start didn’t go so well…unless you’re an Oakland fan.

    4.0 IP (pitched into the 5th but failed to retire a batter), gave up 5 runs on 5 hits and 6 BBs, with 5 Ks.
    Currently on the hook for the loss (5-2 Oak in the 6th).


    ChiSox put up a 5 spot in the 7th, Rodon off the hook, will remain 1-0.


    Time for an N&O rant. According to the sports editor, the Cheaters 8th inning, wherein they scored 2 runs, thus avoiding a shut out, was worthy of the section’s headline and above the fold story, including a big a$$ color pic. The Pack’s defeat of number 2 Louisville was noted on page two in the “College Notebook” section that included some tidbits about ECU’s golf team, St Aug’s track and field accomplishments and something about Shaw’s traning staff interning with the Panthers this summer. The Cheaters get in the ACCT as losers only because Wake lost. Big news! The Pack hand L’ville their FIFTH ACC defeat. Crickets.



    ^ My guess is that all they bothered to do was cut and paste some of’s write up.
    Which is fine, I stopped caring what the N&O had to say about things a long time ago and I’m much happier. Sort of like finally ridding oneself of a batshit crazy ex.


    I want to see some fun shit today. Put King Hippo in LF.


    ^ LMAO

    Last night’s gamewinning k…


    Who does #2 work for?


    Who does #2 work for?

    I believe the obvious answer would be either Randy Marsh, or maybe Bono. Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot….

    Even though the Pack9 dropped the series, and FSU couldn’t give a brutha some help to hang onto the 5th seed, the Softball team picked up the slack. Ladies knocked off top seed JMU today to remain unbeaten in the Harrisonburg regional and will now await whomever emerges from the loser’s bracket who must then beat the Pack ladies twice in a row tomorrow on short rest.


    If time and circumstance allows, I’ll probably put up a more (at least slightly) comprehensive ACC Baseball Tournament preview later tonight or tomorrow, but for now just the nitty gritty.

    Pack’s schedule is as follows:

    Wednesday – OFF
    Thursday – vs ND, 11am
    Friday – vs Miami, 7pm
    Saturday – vs UVa/GT winner, 7pm

    Overall Tournament Schedule:
    Tuesday, May 19
    #7 Virginia vs. #10 Georgia Tech, 11 a.m. (RSN)
    #8 North Carolina vs. #9 Virginia Tech, 3 p.m. (RSN)

    Wednesday, May 20
    #4 Florida State vs. #5 Clemson, 11 a.m. (RSN)
    #2 Miami vs. #7 Virginia/ #10 Georgia Tech, 3 p.m. (RSN)
    #1 Louisville vs. #8 North Carolina/#9 Virginia Tech, 7 p.m. (RSN)

    Thursday, May 21
    #3 Notre Dame vs. #6 NC State, 11 a.m. (RSN)
    #5 Clemson vs. #1 Louisville, 3 p.m. (RSN)
    #4 Florida State vs. #8 North Carolina/#9 Virginia Tech, 7 p.m. (RSN)

    Friday, May 22
    #3 Notre Dame vs. #7 Virginia/ #10 Georgia Tech, 11 a.m. (RSN)
    #5 Clemson vs. #8 North Carolina/#9 Virginia Tech, 3 p.m. (RSN)
    #2 Miami vs. #6 NC State, 7 p.m. (RSN)

    Saturday, May 23
    #1 Louisville vs. #4 Florida State, 11 a.m. (RSN)
    #2 Miami vs. #3 Notre Dame, 3 p.m. (RSN)
    #6 NC State vs. #7 Virginia/ #10 Georgia Tech, 7 p.m. (RSN)

    Sunday, May 24
    ACC Championship, 1 p.m. (ESPN2)


    Just wanna say that I took advantage of a US appearance to take a few of the Russia Jr’s out to the ballpark yesterday. Unfortunately didn’t get to see a comeback win, but had a nice time nonetheless. Got a taste of sun like we haven’t in a while and have the red knees and neck to prove it. We all now have a nice spectator’s tan (well, burn at the moment). Glad they got one win at least. Thought they were going to pull out some heroics yesterday, but, alas, they bumbled through the 9th giving up those runs. And I don’t know how it looked if you had better perspective, but I know the red-clad fans (the ones not cheering for Louisville that is) and coaches were a little miffed by the way balls and strikes were called against each team.


    Just wanna say that I took advantage of a US appearance to take a few of the Russia Jr’s out to the ballpark yesterday.

    Come all the way here and don’t bother to tell anybody? Dang man.

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