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    The refusal to accept responsibility and even understand what they have done continues on every level from The Flagship.

    ‘It’ is SO ingrained in their psyche that simply by virtue of their existence they cannot do anything wrong that I don’t think it is humanly possible for most of them to ever understand.


    Despite vast evidence to the contrary, Jets linebacker Quinton Coples thinks North Carolina is getting a bad rap for the long-running academic scandal the school’s own investigator unveiled this week.

    The former Tar Heels standout told The Post on Friday that the controversy — at least 3,100 athletes over 18 years took fake classes to stay eligible — is an unfair stain on an academically prestigious school.

    “[The scandal] just leaves a bad taste in your mouth,” said Coples, who played for North Carolina from 2008-2011. “It’s such a great place, and it’s constantly being interrogated and torn down by bad media.”


    THAT IS THE PROBLEM! Those pompous asses cannot fathom how egregious their actions were.

    Smarter than the average bear


    You wouldn’t expect them to be able to actually read the report.

    Roy’s comments last night are equally ridiculous. You admit mistakes were made, yet you are 100% positive you did things the right way. Got it.


    I’m all for calling out (perceived or otherwise) bias and collusion in the mainstream and local medias, but even they can’t screw up just listing the evidence. They can have their silly opinion pieces about how the sacred cow of basketball should be ok, but evidence is just that – evidence.

    Facts are facts, that’s why I love them so. No amount of mental gymnastics or leaps of logic can escape facts.

    “Stay ignorant, my friends”. Roy Williams – The Most Clueless Man in the World (borrowed from a UK fan’s post on Pack Pride).

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